62 Little Jiu Is Missing (4)

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Su Jiu did not want to have any relation whatsoever with the female protagonist's parents. If that happened, it would mean everything might progress according to the novel. No, no, no! I don't want to! I don't want to die so miserably!

Su Jiu became nervous. If they are really the female protagonist's parents, I must leave a bad impression on them so that they would not want to see me again. That should be okay, right?

As she contemplated the problem, the car drove into a villa and reached a garden.

The garden was filled with expensive flowers and trees, and a few gardeners were busy with their work. When Su Jiu raised her head, she could see a three-story European-style villa as grand and magnificent as a castle. It left her speechless.

This family is extraordinarily wealthy.


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