20 Demon Mode

While Sanji was unconscious, his captain and his rival were fighting Enel on equal terms.

The current Enel was now more focused than when he first appeared. Observing that his attacks couldn't affect the two, he initially felt frustrated. However, he soon calmed down and concentrated more on the fight.

Whenever Zoro attempted to cut, Enel parried with his golden staff, and whenever Luffy punched, he dodged effortlessly. Enel found himself on the defensive while the Captain of the Straw Hats and his right-hand man bombarded him with a flurry of punches and slashes.

Initially, Enel didn't consider Zoro a threat, believing that there wouldn't be two people in the Straw Hats capable of physically harming him. So, when he allowed Zoro to slash him once, his chest was deeply cut. From then on, he viewed the two as threats, especially Zoro, as he could not only punch but also cut.

"Gum Gum: Bazooka!" Yelled Luffy.

"Three Swords Style: Onigiri!" Yelled Zoro.

With this combination of attacks, Luffy and Zoro finally landed a hit on Enel. With Luffy's speed, he managed to land a hit on Enel, who was momentarily stunned. Seizing the opportunity, Zoro quickly followed up and cut down Enel.

"You mortals work surprisingly well together," said Enel.

Enel started vomiting blood as soon as Luffy struck him. He then began bleeding after Zoro cut another deep wound on his chest.

"However, you are still mere mortals."

As soon as Enel uttered those words, his nonchalant expression returned, and his staff suddenly began sparking.

"200,000,000 volts, Amaru!"

The Enel who was skinny and laid-back was no more. He was replaced by a towering figure composed entirely of crackling electricity. It had a humanoid shape engulfed in lightning bolts, its features obscured by the intense brightness of the electrical energy.

"I am a God," he declared.

He lifted his right arm, and with a jab, bursts of fast lightning shot out and struck the two Straw Hats. The lightning was too powerful to be absorbed by the Baal and too strong not to damage Luffy.

"Argh!" yelled Luffy and Zoro.


Falling after being knocked over by the lightning, only Luffy was able to continue fighting, as Zoro lay panting due to the immense heat and the damage he sustained from the attack. However, Luffy struggled to stand. Despite his difficulty, Luffy forced himself to stand on his feet and prepared for the next round.

Watching Luffy stand up, the rest of the Straw Hats looked on with fear in their eyes, urging Sanji to wake up. However, Enel showed no sympathy and raised his arm once more. With another jab, the same lightning was produced and headed straight for Luffy.

"Die, mortal."

As the lightning was about to strike Luffy, two figures suddenly appeared: one took Luffy, and the other took Zoro. The two figures were Sanji and Gan Fall.

"Sorry, but I can't let you kill my captain," said Sanji as he put a cigarette into his mouth.

Enel looked at Gan Fall and Sanji. His face showed no interest as he raised both arms and opened his palms. Two lightning bolts, smaller than the last attack, were unleashed from his palms.

Seeing the attack, Gan Fall quickly dodged, while Sanji threw Luffy on top of Zoro, who had been laid down by Gan Fall. In an instant, the lightning struck Sanji with a resounding boom that sent shivers down the Straw Hats' spines.

"Sanji!" yelled the Straw Hats.

Everyone fell silent when the loud boom echoed. All that could be heard was the falling of small stones that had been displaced by the lightning. Smoke filled the area where Sanji had been, and every Straw Hat member waited for the smoke to dissipate, hoping that Sanji was okay and still standing strong.

Once the smoke cleared, everyone was shocked by what they saw. Sanji stood still, covered in burn marks and smoking a lit cigarette.

"Thanks. I was just about to ask... for a light..."

"Sanji!" yelled Nami, Chopper, and Usopp.

"Why didn't he just dodge that?!" yelled Nami.

"He couldn't have without risking Luffy getting hurt," explained Robin.

"What?" asked Nami.

"Sanji was carrying Luffy; he wouldn't have dodged that lightning even if he tried, as Luffy was slowing him down."

Everyone looked at Robin, then stared at Sanji's burnt back.

"Stupid mosshead. How the hell did you allow our captain to get hurt? I guess I'll have to waste time while the two of you get ready."

With that said, Sanji threw his cigarette away and launched himself towards Enel, who was now back to his normal form and not taking Sanji seriously, just using his staff to fight Sanji.

While Sanji was fighting Enel, Zoro woke up from the loud roar of Baal. He sat up and saw that Luffy was on top of him, asleep. While that irritated him, he noticed that Sanji was fighting Enel and getting beaten badly. He wanted to get up and help Sanji, but Baal stopped him, saying,

"You're finally up. Don't fight him yet. I will tell you about a transformation that can help us beat that guy. It will make you stronger, faster, and I can help you fight while you're in that state."

After Baal explained the demon cloak, Zoro wanted to try it out as soon as possible. He stood up and walked towards Sanji and Enel. Noticing him, Enel frowned slightly, as one of the people who could hurt him had finally woken up.

"Hey, 'God,' now you're not the only one who can transform," said Zoro, pointing his sword towards Enel.

"Demon Cloak!"

After uttering those words, Zoro's aura completely changed, and everyone, including Enel, sensed it and tensed up.

Zoro's three swords turned black and began glowing a dark green color. His hands also changed with the appearance of claws. His arm, halfway to his elbow, turned completely black like the void, while dark green aura swirled around his colored arm.

Sensing this aura, Luffy suddenly woke up from his sleep and stared at Zoro, who was still facing and pointing his sword towards Enel.

"What are you?" asked Enel, his nonchalant expression replaced with a frown.

"I am the devil."


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