386 Chapter 387

Land of Fire sun shone brightly, Konohagakure has a crowd of people, all kinds of screams are coming and going, and the stable life makes the people in the village show a peaceful smile.

It was now the second half of Konoha thirty two years. In the forest, a golden-yellow boy with short hair and a handsome face threw a cultivation hidden weapon in the forest.

A silhouette appeared silently on the tree behind the teenager.

"It's not that hard to throw."

The sudden sound seemed to make a jump for the teenager. The teenager turned to look. The other party was sixteen-seventeen years old, wearing a uniform of Uchiha Clan, revealing a good temperament.

The eyes were deep and sharp, and 8 sticks of Kou Wu appeared at the same time. The Kou Wu continued to collide back and forth during the flight, while continuously changing the flight trajectory.

Several sounds of bitterness piercing into the wood sounded one after another, and all of the eight bitternesses pierced the bullseye.

The look of shock appeared on the teenager's face and said: "Senior, it's too powerful. I have never seen this method of throwing before. Is it originally made by Senior."

"What can't be considered, Uchiha Clan's excellent Shinōbi basically masters this technology."

The color of envy flashed in the eyes of the teenager, but there was no request for it. Many of this Sect's Exclusive technology is a Clan's unspread secret.

He had heard of Uchiha Clan, the first Clan of Konoha, with a high weight, and he was a child of a civilian family who wanted to learn because of heavenly ascension.

"Want to learn."

A voice appeared in the blond boy's ear, and there was no silhouette of the coming person on the tree. He only felt his head sink, and a big hand was pressed on it.

"Senior, this should be Secret Jutsu of Uchiha Clan, can I learn."

"Haha, this is Secret Jutsu. It's just a little trick that's all. For experts, it can only play a harassing role.

And this little trick, as long as it is expert, after a period of painstaking research, it is easy to understand the principle.

By the way, I don't know what your name is. You should still be reading Shinōbi Academy depending on your age. "

The yellow-haired boy smiled cheerfully, and looked like a little sun, which made people feel uncomfortable.

"Senior, my name is Namikaze Minato, and I am currently in 3rd grade at Shinōbi Academy."

"Yes, having the current strength in the third grade is a genius at Shinōbi Academy."

Rubbed the boy's golden-yellow hair and said: "My name is Uchiha Fugaku, you should have heard of my name."

Namikaze Minato frowns thought for a while, and there was an unbelievable expression on his face: "Previously… Senior is Uchiha Fugaku. I have heard a lot of senior records. Many of our students regard Senior as an idol.

"Oh?" Fugaku was interested, with a trace of said with a slight smile on his face: "didn't expect and someone worships me."

"Of course, Senior's many records in Land of Rain and Land of Moon are widely spread among our civilians."

Fugaku smiled and said: "Want to worship me as a teacher, I will guide you carefully, at least there will be no shortage of resources for cultivation, and there will be no shortage of various Ninjutsu."

Namikaze Minato's face was puzzled and said: "How can Senior take me as a disciple, I'm just a civilian Shinōbi, there are many people who are stronger than me in Shinōbi Academy."

Fugaku smiled and said: "Do you believe in fate, many things in Human World have no purpose in themselves, I just saw your cultivation today on patrol.

I feel that this is fate. Ninja is a cruel world, and people want to live wantonly.

I think you are pleasing to the eye, and it suits my appetite, so I accept you as a disciple. It's that simple. Uchiha Fugaku wants to accept the recipe and never sees me.

If it's a big Clan genius child, maybe I still don't like it. Sometimes the fate is so wonderful. "

Namikaze Minato's eyes were ignorant, and he couldn't understand the meaning of Fugaku, but felt that the other party said very difficult to deal with, which made him a little excited.


Fugaku nodded, with a broad smile on his face, said: "Yes, yes, today I will first teach you the painless throwing methods and skills.

You have time to practice more yourself, although superb tosslessness is not useful in expert battles.

In the battle of Genin, it can play a major role. "

Namikaze Minato nodded said: "sensei, I must study hard."

Fugaku stretched out his hands, 2 hands were empty, and suddenly 8 did not appear in his hands.

Minato showed a surprised look, and he didn't even notice the bitterness. Is this the strength of expert? "

Fugaku watched Minato's admiration and shocked expression, and a sense of accomplishment sprang up in his heart.

When the various tricks of throwing without suffering are explained one after another, while the hands are constantly being demonstrated, a lot of suffering has appeared on the target of all around.

It was not until the afternoon when the sun was slanting west that the various techniques of throwing the hidden weapon were explained.

"The next step is training. I will appear here every Sunday to explain the skills."

Namikaze Minato said with a serious face: "Thanks for the teaching of sensei, Minato will definitely train hard and live up to the teaching of sensei."

"Go home early, it's getting dark."


Seeing the silhouette of Minato disappearing in the forest, Fugaku left the place and traveled in the forest, Sharingan swept through the forest all around.

Back to the handover of Police Guards, during the past six months, Uchiha Tenjō handed over most of the work of Police Guards to him.

Walking out of Police Guards, walking on the streets of Konoha, in the sky starlight is splendid, and Takigawa and Fujimoto follow behind him.

Uchiha Kon was scheduled by Fugaku for the night shift. Apart from Fugaku, the younger generation is the top beam.

"Let's go, invite 2 of you to eat barbecue today." Fugaku said.

Takigawa's face showed a smile: "This is not like you, is there any good thing."

Fujimoto also looked at Fugaku. In his impression, Fugaku had something to talk about every time he invited guests to dinner.

"You think too much, but today I saw a child with a good aptitude, still attending Shinōbi Academy, and I was accepted as a discipline. I have several points of happiness in my heart." Fugaku said calmly.

These things are simply impossible to conceal. I am afraid that today he has taught Namikaze Minato hidden weapon that the information thrown has appeared on the desks of the major Clan in Konoha.

The news spread is just a matter of time, so it is better to talk about it now.

Uchiha Takigawa's look of shock flashed across the passage: "Still attending Shinōbi Academy? Can you see in your eyes, which is the genius child of Clan of Konoha."

Fujimoto was also a little unbelievable: "Fugaku's vision is high. The child he sees is certainly not simple. I am afraid that he is also the chief student at Shinōbi Academy."

Fugaku remembered Namikaze Minato's embarrassed look at the teacher said with a smile: "You think too much, if it is a big Clan child, I still can't look down.

The other party is a child of a civilian family and is still in the third grade of Shinōbi Academy, one or two years before graduation. "

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