382 Chapter 383

"Come in, we are discussing you, didn't expect you have come."

Danzō followed Homura into the room with only Koharu in it.

Danzō froze for a moment: "The two of you are still talking about things so late."

"Anbu Shinōbi returned from the mission and was robbed and killed in the Land of Fire. This incident is likely to be a provocation by Shinōbi in another country.

The two of us naturally need to discuss it. It is estimated that Hiruzen is still in the intelligence department, but how did you come here? "

"I also got the news, I want to find someone to discuss the countermeasures, I have made people pay attention to the situation of the Ministry of Information, and I will notify you as soon as I confirm my identity."

Danzō had just finished speaking, and a Root Shinōbi appeared outside the courtyard.

"come in."

Root Shinōbi entered the room.

Danzō glanced: "The Ministry of Information has discovered what happened."

"No, Yamanaka Keichi only reported to Hokage-sama. No one else included Shinōbi of Intelligence Section. No one knew what Yamanaka Keichi saw.

Hokage -sama issued a password to prevent anyone from divulging today's affairs. "

Homura and Koharu were puzzled and didn't quite understand what Sāndaime meant, but Danzō's heart kept sinking, and the bad hunch became stronger and stronger.

"Where is Hokage now."

"Checking the construction progress in the village."

"Go back to rest."


"Let's go check it out too, the four of us just took this opportunity to have a good chat and eliminate the misunderstanding of each other." Homura said.

"Yes, it's really time to have a good talk. Let's talk about each other's prejudices." Koharu said.

3 people got up at the same time and walked towards the village.

At this time, the Land of Fire moon is high, and Fugaku continues to travel through the forest. The situation in the village does not know where it has developed.

Now Intelligence Section should have searched the memory of several Anbu, I don't know what Hokage will do.

In Konohagakure, in front of a wooden building just built, Konoha 4 high-rises gathered here.

Uchiha's patrol Shinōbi saw this situation and immediately returned to Police Guards to report the situation.

Several Konoha's High Echelon did not rest at home in the middle of the night, but checked the progress at the construction site in the middle of the night.

"It 's a good night tonight. Do you remember the time when Nìdaime led the 6 of us back from the Land of Lightning more than a decade ago, surrounded by the golden horn?

Nìdaime Hokage was in danger by himself, personally attracting chasing soldiers, and giving us hope of escape. The moonlight that night was very similar to tonight.

More than ten years have passed, and the 6 people in that year are only the current 4 people. I remember that 6 of us were always open and talked.

Especially Danzō and Hiruzen, although the two of you often have conflicts, the two of you have the best relationship.

I really want to go back to the past. At that time, I struggled with Konoha's older generation every day, only to strengthen Konoha and to stabilize the Hokage of Hiruzen. "Koharu said with emotion.

Sāndaime's eyes flashed with nostalgia, and he smiled and said, "How come the sentimentality starts, it's not like you."

"For a long time, the four of us haven't frankly talked about each other's thoughts. Since we gradually took power, this kind of action has basically disappeared.

Every time I met in these years, I talked about various things in the village, various interests of Konoha or individuals.

The reason for this is that it has not communicated with many actions of each other, and finally formed various misunderstandings, which led to the gap between our originally intimate peer relationship. "Homura said.

"Find a place, let's talk about the four of us," Koharu said.

"Let's go, it's the old place, the underground chamber of Hokage Residence, where no one will disturb." Sāndaime said.

Koharu chuckled: "This is really not a place to speak. A few of our Konoha's High Echelon came to inspect the progress of the project in the middle of the night, but they did not scare Police Guards' patrols away.

I don't know what version of the message will be sent tomorrow. "

Sāndaime and Homura almost smiled at the same time, and even Danzō twitched her lips, looking a little reluctant.

The 4 people's joint inspection of the construction projects in the village really scared Police Guards a few people, especially Takikawa and Kon 10000. They came to the Police Guards to inspect. I was afraid that I could see the weak spot on Shadow Clone at a glance.

"The most important thing now is to be calm, and at the same time pay attention to the movements of the 4 people in Hokage. The senior managers in the village are generally not easy to come to Police Guards. We should not scare ourselves." Jin Dao.

Takikawa nodded and said: "Shinōbi, who had just patrolled, saw a team of Anbu carrying 9 Anbu who had been killed on their backs. Do you say that …"

Kim stopped Takigawa 's words: "This is only known to the three of us, and must not be known to the fourth person, otherwise it will be easy to expose Fugaku.

There is no direct evidence for such a thing, and no one can be identified. "

Takigawa is nodded.

Soon a Police Guards member came in again and reported that Hokage 4 people had already gone to Hokage Residence.

2 people relaxed.

"The next time there is such a thing, you can't take any risk. Once an accident occurs, it is likely to be signed to eternal damnation. It is best to find a reason to leave the village properly." Jin Dao.

Takikawa smiled and said: "With Fugaku's personality, you should understand that although Fugaku is kind on the surface, he is very firm in his heart. Once things are recognized, it is difficult to change, and even the issue of revoking Councillor has been raised at the conference.

Especially for this kind of thing, I am afraid that he is ready to be found in his heart, but he does not know what his hole card is. "

"If you can guess, you will not just be Uchiha Takigawa now." Jin Dao.

Takigawa laughed at the same time.

In Konoha Hokage Residence's underground chamber, all around lighting equipment was lit.

Danzō has been very reticent from now to now. A few people have just done it. He took the lead in breaking the silence.

"What did you find in the memory of the dead Anbu Shinōbi, and who were they killed by?"

Homura and Koharu looked at it at the same time.

"You are to ask a question, when already knows the answer, you should know the cause of their death the most."

Sāndaime's just calm fire rose instantly.

Homura and Koharu flashed look of shock on their faces, looking at Danzō in disbelief.

"Danzō, don't you send someone to rob these Anbu." The voice of Koharu's intersection sounded.

Danzō shook the head said: "It's not me. Although I had robbed the village Chūnin before, they were all diehards who hindered the development of Konoha.

And I want to kill 9 Anbu Shinōbi silently and quietly, unless Root makes a big move, although I sent 2 teams to endure, but they are all looking at Root's bases established in other countries. "

"I remember you never reported to me that Root established a sub-base outside of Land of Fire. Even the two of Land of Fire were built by you in secret.

Accommodate war orphans from ninja nations, expand troops, establish bases for training, these all are you. "

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