42 Expectations to the future.

The helicopter slowly landed on the ground.

After the helicopter stopped, the entrance slowly opened and countless men wearing double-breasted suits came out.

When they walked out, they immediately dispersed to the side and created a wide line.

Under the bright sun, Elias walked out of the helicopter with a young girl around eight beside him. While behind him, five imposing figures—Donato, Galilei, Taurus, Junior, and Alexus followed.

Besides them, there was also Sebastian and Alysa walking along with them quietly.

"Greetings, young master."

At that moment, the countless men on the side greeted and bowed their heads slightly.

Elias glanced at them slightly before nodding. He turned to look at his sister again and ruffled her hair, making it slightly messy.

"Let's go."

Clarissa had a happy and curious expression as she nodded. She followed him as both of them entered the majestic and beautiful villa.

At the back of the group, Alyssa was stupefied by what she was seeing with her own eyes. She looked at her surroundings in a daze.

Seeing her expression, Sebastian chuckled harmlessly.

Hearing his quiet laughter, Alysa snapped out of her daze and suddenly felt embarrassed.

"S-sorry, It's my first time in the city… so I haven't seen anything like this before. I-i just imagined them from the books in our village…"

Sebastian smiled and shook his head.

"Do not mind me, Ms. Alysa. I can understand your shock. Do you want me to give you an introduction to where we are?"

"I'd appreciate that, Sir. Sebastian. I heard from my grandfather there are six cities. I wonder which one we are in now?"

Hearing her words, Sebastian nodded slightly and began to explain.

"As you know, when the Great Catastrophe happened 'it' destroyed and sank countless lands. Not long after that event, the lands that managed to be preserved then merged together into one continent, making most of humanity finally united in one place. Of course, there are still those humans living in the Astrea Continent, but it's just a matter of time."

Sebastian paused at this point, much to Alysa's confusion.

"When most of humanity finally gathered in one place, they began to unite with each other—creating the United Government Alliance and the Five Cities of the Remnant Continent. These five cities are collectively known in the present as the bastions of humanity, where humans are safe from disasters and monsters."

"These cities are called; Trier City of the north, Howling City of the east, Ember City of the west, Frostern City of the south, and finally, the most important, Heaven City at the center of it all."

"Right now, we are at Trier City and at one of the master's residencies in this city."

Sebastian finished his explanation and looked at Alysa meaningfully.

"So that's it… Trier City, I also heard from my grandfather that it's the closest city in our village. It's known for its great art museums and galleries. Among the other cities, it preserved most of humanity's literature and arts."

Alysa muttered to herself, her eyes slightly sparkling as she thought of something.

Sebastian simply smiled as both of them entered the majestic and beautiful villa alongside Donato and the rest in front of them.


Sanchez Villa, Living Room.

Elias seriously looked at Clarissa and Alysa in front of him, his hand tightly clenched as though holding something inside.

Clarissa and Alysa focused intensely.

After a while, Elias shook his hand intensely. Then, he opened it under their intense gaze—revealing countless shiny coins on his palm. 

Clarissa and Alysa were stunned. They blinked and looked at the hand again, now only one remained while the others vanished like they were never there.

They blinked once more. Then, the countless coins appeared on the palm under their gaze once more, as if it was always there.

While they were stunned and in a daze, Elias lightly snapped his fingers and made them snap out of their daze.

Clarissa immediately got up and touched the coins, her eyes in disbelief.

"What the?! How come it became one, two, three…"

"Eight, my little sister."

"Big brother, how did you make it turn into eight?! It was just one before…"

Hearing her words, Elias smiled and chuckled mysteriously.

"That's called magic."

"Then teach me magic, big brother!"

"No can do, a magician can never tell his secret tricks to anyone… or else it's no longer a secret."

"That's… true?"

Seeing Clarissa be convinced, Alysa lightly chuckled before turning her head to Elias and asked with a curious expression.

"I've never thought of you as a magician, Sir. Elias."

"There's more to me than you think."

Elias smiled mysteriously while looking at her directly.

Under direct eye contact, Alysa immediately turned stiff as she averted her eyes with a slight blush on her cheek, much to Elias' slight amusement.

At that moment, Sebastian suddenly went down the stairs and called for him.

"Young Master Elias, Sir. Sanchez is calling for you upstairs."


Elias raised his brows before he nodded. He looked at Clarissa, ruffling her hair before turning to Alysa and nodding.

"Well, it looks like I'm going first, ladies. Take care, if you need anything just call the maids and butlers in the villa, don't be shy."

Alysa gently nodded and waved her hand.

After saying his short farewells, Elias approached Sebastian and went to the upper floor with a plain and expressionless look.


Not long after, they arrived in front of the room of Sancho Sanchez.

Sebastian came forward and lightly knocked.


"Come in."

Before he could finish, a strong voice resounded on the other side of the room.

Hearing the familiar voice, Elias curled his lips slightly and pushed open the door, revealing the person inside the room.


In front of him, a middle-aged man with short white hair and an intimidating presence sat with a bright smile. He was the head of the Sanchez family—Sancho Sanchez.

"Godson Elias! I'm happy to see you finally arrived, I've been waiting for you!"

"I feel the same way, Uncle Sanchez. It's been a while since we met."

Elias approached the man with a smile and gave him a hug, both of them hugging and patting each other's back. After greeting each other, he stood back and looked at his uncle.

"Uncle Sanchez, I've heard you were calling for me?"

"Haha, impatient, are we? That's right. I'm curious about your plans for now. What are you going to do? I might be able to help you."

Sanchez asked directly with a smile.

"I'm planning to attend the Arcane Academy, Uncle Sanchez. I have something I need there. I also want to improve myself. After all, times are changing, aren't they? It would be horrible if I were to be left in the dust by the new trends."

Elias softly smiled.

"That's indeed true, the dungeon appearances are far more severe now than in the last fifty years. The forbidden areas are slowly breaking out too… It's a wise choice to be a student at that academy. Is there more you're not telling me?"

Sanchez looked at him meaningfully. Elias tilted his head, as though unaware and confused before remembering something with an 'oh'.

"Oh, there's that matter about my subordinates. I want them to get outside and take a break for a moment. I'd like you to help them a little, Uncle Sanchez."

"That's not a problem."

Sanchez nodded in approval.

Elias smiled meaningfully as well. After talking about his plans, both of them changed the topic and exchanged some small talk about the past and his sister.

They also talked about some certain matters of the Castellano family, before Elias brushed it off and changed the topic.

After a while, Elias finally stood up and bid farewell.

"I'll go now, Uncle Sanchez. It's been fun talking to you."

"Go, go, sure."

Sanchez nodded and waved his hand in dismissal.

As soon as he stood up, Elias turned his back and left the room without slowing down, leaving Sanchez and Sebastian alone in the place.


Sanchez sat on the chair, looking at the door where Elias left moments prior.

"He's an interesting one. Sebastian, what do you think of the kid? Do you think he can avenge his family in the future?"

Behind him, Sebastian looked at the door for a moment before answering with a bitter smile.

"He's impressive for his age, sir. But that would be difficult to say. I'd say it's very unlikely for him to succeed at all, he's only a kid."

"It seems even you've fallen for his trap."

Sanchez chuckled and shook his head, much to Sebastian's confusion.


Sancho suddenly smiled and looked at the chair where Elias was seated earlier.

"A kid, sixteen years old, the whole family got killed, and sentenced to prison in a month, and now he finally escapes the prison with all supposed resentment and anger with him,"

Sancho leaned his back slightly while his sharp eyes narrowed.

"Now what does he do? He tells his subordinates to stay low and relax, but in truth, he's also instructing them to gather the remnant forces of the family. He thinks about his future and enrolled in the number one academy, but he knows that it's the safest place for him in the world, bar to none. e avoids the topic of his family as if he has no intention at all."

Hearing that, Sebastian suddenly widened his eyes. He didn't think about it that way at all.

"See? Isn't it strange? It's like… there's no anger. No rage. Nothing at all. All of his moves and plans are subtle and considering the bigger picture. He's calmly thinking, planning, and waiting. Silently, he's bidding for time."

Sanchez continued with a smile.

"That's what's terrifying about him, Sebastian. He's far too calm, too cool-headed. While others would immediately go into a rage, he stays calm, bidding for time… and then at the right moment, sometime in the future, he strikes."

Sebastian was speechless.

"Don't you overestimate him too much, sir?"

Sanchez shook his head and looked at the ceiling.

"That's what you think. And that's most likely what the other families think as well. That will be their downfall. To underestimate someone is one of the most fatal mistakes a man could make."

At this point, Sanchez smiled widely.

"I'm excited for the future."

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