35 Where Is The Logic In This?

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The professional comments from Rock Climbing Enthusiast made many netizens realize John's rock climbing skills.

However, everyone did not forget that this was the nest of the Black-Feathered Eagles.

The ferocious Black-Feathered Eagles could return at any time.

Although John was kind enough to save the Black-Feathered Eagle's baby, how could the beast appreciate it?

Once it discovered the intruder, it would definitely tear John apart.

Many netizens sent out comments, asking John to quickly withdraw.

"Religious leader, listen to my advice and quickly leave. When the Black-Feathered Eagle returns, the situation will worsen."

"I've heard of the legend of the Black-Feathered Eagle. A single Black-Feathered Eagle can even kill a tiger. Even some small magical beasts cannot escape its claws."

"Religious leader, I beg you, please leave quickly. This place is even scarier than a dragon's den or a tiger's den."


John also understood the dangers of this place and needed to leave as soon as possible.

However, looking at the sharp beak of the young Black-Feathered Eagle, he did not dare to push it directly with his hands.

Even if it was just a young Black-Feathered Eagle, its sharp claws and beak could easily scratch John's flesh.

John found a piece of dried wood at the entrance of the cave and wanted to push the baby Black-Feathered Eagle into the cave.


The baby Black-Feathered Eagle screamed. Its beak was like a scimitar, directly pecking off the dried wood that was as thick as a wrist. Wood chips flew everywhere.

John retracted his hand a little too slowly, and the back of his hand was slapped by its wings. It was burning and painful.

John was shocked. This little guy was actually so fierce!

One could imagine how terrifying an adult Black-Feathered Eagle was.

In the live broadcast room, the netizens sucked in a breath of cold air and ridiculed one after another.

"Their title of 'Sky King' is indeed worthy of its reputation."

"It's too terrifying. I feel like I can't even deal with this bird."

"That's right. As long as he takes a bite out of my throat, I'll probably die."

"Scary. To think that I want to raise a Black-Feathered Eagle to play with. I think it's very impressive."

"Arrest him! Is a Black-Feathered Eagle something you can play with? What are you thinking about?"

"Don't say anything else. Religious leader, hurry up and leave this godforsaken place. That's the proper thing to do."


John found a bar-shaped stone and slowly pushed the Black-Feathered Eagle cub into the cave.

He was afraid of hurting the baby, so he was very slow.

The baby Black-Feathered Eagle kept attacking the stone with its claws and beak.

Under the camera, millions of netizens could see clearly that the stone was scratched and left marks.

No matter how hard the Black-Feathered Eagle struggled and attacked, it was still pushed into the depths of the cave by John.

John used the stone to build a little fence at the entrance of the cave. After making sure that the baby would not fall off the cliff, he was ready to leave.

He bent his body, grabbed the safety rope and the old vine, and slowly slipped out of the cave.

At this moment, a sharp whistle sounded in the air. It came from afar and came quickly...

John was shocked and his body turned cold.

He looked up in the air and saw a huge Black-Feathered Eagle breaking through the clouds and rushing toward him.

It came so fast that it was like an arrow piercing through the clouds. It appeared in the scope of the camera in an instant.

Before John could react, the Black-Feathered Eagle had already pounced on him with a gust of wind.

It spread its wings and moved toward John's throat with one claw and his eyes with the other.

This was a classic hunting move of the Black-Feathered Eagle. Even a tiger would be killed with one strike.

John could even see the edge of the sharp claws flashing with a cold light.

Each claw was like a dagger.

John bent down and rolled into the Black-Feathered Eagle's cave.

The Black-Feathered Eagle's claws scratched the rocks at the cave entrance. With a crash, the rocks were shattered and rocks flew everywhere.

It missed his attack and spread his several-meter-long wings. With a whirl, it pounced on John again.

The Black-Feathered Eagle cried loudly. Its voice was filled with anger.

The Black-Feathered Eagle came too quickly and missed. When it attacked John for the second time, the millions of netizens finally reacted.

In the live broadcast room, there was an uproar.

"F*ck, what's that? The... the Black-Feathered Eagle is back?"

"It's over, it's over. The Black-Feathered Eagle must have misunderstood and thought that the religious leader wanted to hunt his babies. How can he reason with it?"

"How is the religious leader? I saw the Black-Feathered Eagle attack him. It's over now."

"Damn, seeing such a terrifying scene so early in the morning, even the sky looks dark."

I Love Carrots said, "Where's my hubby? How is he? Help!"


Amidst the voices of the netizens, the Black-Feathered Eagle had already swooped down toward the entrance of the cave.

This time, John was already prepared.

He threw a rock, which gave the Black-Feathered Eagle a fright and it quickly dodged.

However, in the next second, the Black-Feathered Eagle pounced again.

However, this time, it was obviously afraid. It did not dare to pounce anymore. It was just a probing attack.

John had a good idea. He took two rocks in his hands. As long as the Black-Feathered Eagle pounced, he would throw the rocks out.

In the live broadcast room, millions of netizens saw that John was temporarily fine. They all let out a sigh of relief and the comments flew wildly.

"Luckily the religious leader is safe. F*ck, I knew it. What's the point of talking to animals?"

"What should the religious leader do now? Should we call for help?"

"The religious leader actually managed to escape from the claws of the Black-Feathered Eagle! If it were me, I would be done for in just one exchange."

"Who's nearby? Hurry up and call the emergency number. If this continues, the religious leader will be dead."


John did not look at the live broadcast room. His eyes were staring at the Black-Feathered Eagle's chestnut-brown eyes, constantly emitting kindness.

He had the Monster Encyclopedia.

Let alone a small Black-Feathered Eagle, even if it was a real dragon, he could try to tame it.

This was also one of the reasons why John dared to go down the cliff.

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