I Became MC In Eroge Game! So Gotta Catch 'em all?

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What is I Became MC In Eroge Game! So Gotta Catch 'em all?

Read ‘I Became MC In Eroge Game! So Gotta Catch 'em all?’ Online for Free, written by the author Madwriter_2377, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: If I fail to catch the heroines of this shit game, I will die. As of now I, Kevin announce that if I can’t complete the ...


If I fail to catch the heroines of this shit game, I will die. As of now I, Kevin announce that if I can’t complete the quest - [Catch all heroines before graduation] - the responsibility will solely lie to the Gods who trapped me in this game. Nope, it’s not my fault that I left 1 star review in their game or cursed at the Goddess. It was really shit game. How could I control myself? ►[Host, stop babbling and do your work. You haven’t caught a single heroine till now.] ‘Stop annoying me, useless system. Can’t you see I am talking to readers?’ ►[Finish it quickly.] ‘So grumpy. Tsk.' I don’t think this system will allow me to continue this talk. So people you have to read this novel!!

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i am given a positive review on walmarts chocolate slim fast i what have given them a six if there vanilla slim fast did tastes weird so far good product and interesting book miniatura world i will give five stars


Here is the mandatory author review. I just posted this novel. you can comment or post reviews about whichever way you like.


I'm liking it so far 😌 [img=recommend][img=recommend]


Please more chapter I have this very very much likeable And you are the creator so like more upload and speeder upload Sorry my english is Bad xD


Good novel. worth a read. Just slow updates


another novel by a talented author keep it up!!!! 😄😄😄


i have read a couple of chapters seems interesting tho i will wait for chapters to be pile up till they are 40 or so. i will then write a full review.


god it has been so long already .......is this novel dropped?? i was in love with the plot what a pity 🙂💔


god it has been a year ..... just tell us you won't continue this story why are you keeping us hanging ??


a great story but the author is not updating frequently which may affect the story 😕 i loved everything about it currently it's has just a 39 chapters, i hope the author will fix his rare updating habit 🙏


Reveal spoiler


This is awesome novel! Waiting for more chapters!!!


soo lazy and slow update Like this novel better than your other novel but the update made me dump this novel


I have been reading your novels I just completed this to the latest chapter... although this one lacks a little bit world building from my perspective. A great novel to read though. ( I read your villan is on a vication novel and it was great too ) I will definitely recommend it to everyone just give it a go and you'll find yourself only wanting more. ( I want more chapters author :,v ). [img=update][img=strong][img=recommend]


MC seems like a fun guy, and the backstory is amusing. There are funny elements like living in a live stream and playing an eroge game in real life. The grammar could improve, but it's definitely readable as it is now. Good luck author, hope you can release more chapters soon,


wow what a cool nolve everyone must read now now now go read it such wow so amazing come on gogogogo im gona erup with joy rn from reading it [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Very Nice, Big fan of the whole thing, 5 stars all around, only downside is that there isn't more of it right now :(. .......................


this is an interesting novel... although there are some things that seem bad but they are barely there .this novel has .alot of potential...author please update soon 🥺🥺


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