1 Fallen Prince Starts the Game with a Chaotic Holy Body! 1

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"Qin Chen, from today onwards, you are no longer the 17th Prince of the Great Qin Dynasty. You are now stripped of your Great Qin royal status."

"From here on, live with contentment in Taiyi Holy Land. Taiyi Holy Land has promised to let you cultivate while you are there. Even if that does not work out, you will at least be guaranteed safety for life."

"You can't blame the Great Qin Dynasty. You can only blame your mother for daring to plot treason and openly usurp power, causing great chaos in the dynasty."

"As well as yourself - although a prince, the flesh and blood of the great emperor, you're merely a mortal with no talent for cultivation."

"From today onwards, you are no longer a prince of the Great Qin Dynasty. And the dynasty will no longer recognize your status."

"In exempting you from punishment, and sending you to Taiyi Holy Land to cultivate and become its disciple, you are already being treated considerably well."


As Qin Chen stood on a cliff, the words of the dynasty experts who had sent him there kept replaying in his mind. As he gazed at the magnificent mountain range before him, his expression was one of confusion.

The truth was, he was not from that world, but had transmigrated from Earth to that world.

He had just transmigrated moments ago. His soul had entered the body of a 15-year-old young man named Qin Chen, and inherited all the memories of that body.

It was a world that belonged to cultivators. The land before him was called the Canglan Continent. It was vast and boundless, countless times larger than Earth. And had produced numerous top experts - experts with the power to move mountains and seas with the raise of a hand.

It even had ancient great emperors, above the heavens, who overlooked the vast, entire universe. They could devour the sun, moon and stars, and create the heavens and the earth. There was nothing they could not do.

Qin Chen had transmigrated into that kind of world to become the prince of an immortal divine dynasty.

The immortal divine dynasty remained one of the most powerful ancient inheritances left by an ancient great emperor on the Canglan Continent. It ruled over hundreds of millions of miles of territory in the Central Province, and had countless experts at its command.

As someone born into the imperial family of a divine dynasty, Qin Chen should have enjoyed riches and splendor, and become a powerful cultivator with the world at his feet and a bright future.

A pity that just after transmigration, before he could enjoy all that, the Great Qin Dynasty had stripped him of royalty and demoted him to commoner status. Then sent him far away from the Central Province to the southern wilderness, to Taiyi Holy Land, to become its disciple.

All because Qin Chen's mother had planned a rebellion to seize the throne. However, Qin Chen knew that it was the empress who had framed his mother.

Qin Chen's mother and the empress were both from extremely powerful royal factions within the Great Qin Dynasty. They were constantly vying for power. Unfortunately, Qin Chen's mother's faction was not as powerful as the empress'. In the end, she lost the latest battle, was framed and banished to the cold palace, never to be seen again.

The prince Qin Chen was also implicated. He was stripped of his royal status and made a commoner.

Qin Chen had not been imprisoned because he was merely a mortal, with a very low possibility of cultivating.

On account of his status, the emperor of the Great Qin Dynasty, in spite of his coldheartedness, ordered for Qin Chen to be sent to Taiyi Holy Land. Even if Qin Chen could not be an esteemed prince of the divine dynasty, he could at least be protected for life.

However, Qin Chen would never be able to rise to the top again.

Moreover, Taiyi Holy Land was no longer a place of splendor. It had completely declined since the ancient times. It retained the title "Holy Land" in name only.

"Qin Chen," Taiyi Holy Land's Supreme Elder took a look at the 15-year-old boy and examined him. He could sense that although the youth was a prince of the divine dynasty, both his talent and body were ordinary. No wonder he did he not get any recognition from the Great Qin Dynasty.

"Supreme Elder!"

Qin Chen, who had just inherited his identity, understood the situation he was in perfectly. He knew that the Supreme Elder before him was the true leader of Taiyi Holy Land. For the sake of his future, he bowed respectfully without delay.

When he saw that, the Supreme Elder nodded slightly. At least the fallen prince understood the situation. If he still dared to brandish his position as a prince of the Great Qin Dynasty, the Supreme Elder would not hesitate to teach him a lesson. So his expression softened, and he said, "You know that you are now no longer a prince of the Great Qin Dynasty, and cannot reveal that information to anyone. Now that you have entered our Taiyi Holy Land, start from the bottom. From today onwards, report to the handyman yard and start as a handyman disciple."

"This is my token. Show it to the elders of the handyman yard, and they will make arrangements for you. Go!"

After he finished, a token appeared in front of Qin Chen.

Qin Chen was a prince of the divine dynasty, after all. But he was born with a mortal body that was difficult to cultivate. Even as Supreme Elder, he could not make Qin Chen an official disciple. Otherwise, it would cause unhappiness among the other disciples, and bring harm to Qin Chen instead.

A handyman disciple was not bad either. He could live a peaceful life. With the Supreme Elder's token, no one in Taiyi Holy Land would dare to bully Qin Chen.

The Supreme Elder cast a look of pity on Qin Chen, then soared into the sky. He soon disappeared, leaving behind an envious Qin Chen.

After transmigrating to that world, who wouldn't want to become a super expert who could fly through the heavens and move mountains and seas?

But he was aware of his mortal body and slim chances of cultivation. It was simply impossible to reach that kind of level.

Qin Chen knew that handyman disciples were the lowest level disciples in Taiyi Holy Land. They could not even be considered official disciples. But he also understood the Supreme Elder's good intentions.

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