6 Breaking in Two Years! 2

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In a short amount of time, Qin Chen had leapt from level one of the Yiyuan Realm to level eight, and finally reached the peak of Yiyuan - level nine.

Next, was the Liangyi Realm.

If word of his progression got out, it would definitely shock the world.

In just a month, Qin Chen had gone from mortal to the peak of Yiyuan Realm. Such cultivation speed was rare.

But it was actually expected for Qin Chen, as long as he had sufficient spirit stones. This was because he had the Divine Spirit Source, lots of exotic spirit stones, and the strongest physique - Chaotic Holy Body, paired with the Chaotic Imperial Sutra.

After all, people with that kind of physique could break all sorts of ancient cultivation records, if they wanted to.

And at the early stage, one could break through those cultivation realms by spirit stones alone.

Of course, Qin Chen did not disclose any of that. He knew very well that people would leave an ordinary man alone, but target one who held anything of value.

As soon as other people found out that he had become a peak Yiyuan Realm cultivator, moreover with the Chaotic Holy Body, and had even mastered the Chaotic Imperial Sutra, countless forces would be fighting over him. Even the elderly might be tempted to leap up from their deathbeds to take over his body, just to obtain that Chaotic Holy Body. He had to be cautious.

Fortunately, the system was able to hide his aura. Even when the Holy Lord, elders and other important figures occasionally passed by him, they had not noticed the changes in Qin Chen.

One should note that even though Taiyi Holy Land had declined, its elders were still great cultivators of the Sixiang and Wuxing Realms. The Holy Lord was even a super expert of the Liuhe Realm, far stronger than Qin Chen currently.

Since even they had not discovered anything, Qin Chen felt a lot more at ease.

One day, Qin Chen went to an elder's mountain to clean. He sensed divinity there and decided to check in.

[Congratulations, you have obtained the heaven-grade beginner supernormal knowledge, Heaven Shaking Hand.]

"A heaven-grade beginner supernormal knowledge!" Qin Chen was pleasantly surprised. As cultivation techniques existed in that world, naturally, supernormal knowledge spells existed too. They were divided into heaven, earth, black and yellow grades, with heaven being the highest and yellow the lowest. Those were then further divided into three stages - beginner, intermediate and advanced.

The higher the level of supernormal knowledge, the greater one could exhibit his powers.

He had obtained the supernormal knowledge Heaven Shaking Hand, and it was even a heaven-grade beginner supernormal knowledge. One could imagine how powerful it was.

In the whole of Taiyi Holy Land, there were only a few heaven-grade supernormal knowledges.

When he arrived back, Qin Chen started cultivating Heaven Shaking Hand immediately, as expected.

As a heaven-grade beginner supernormal knowledge, Heaven Shaking Hand was truly infinitely mysterious.

Even with his Chaotic Holy Body and superb talent, it took Qin Chen half a month to barely grasp the basics of Heaven Shaking Hand.

If it were anyone else from the Liangyi or even Sancai Realm, not to mention the Yiyuan Realm, they would not have successfully cultivated it.

That was the amazing thing about the Chaotic Holy Body.


With a thunderous sound, Qin Chen unleashed Heaven Shaking Hand in an empty valley, slapping a cliff beside him. The frightening power generated punched a large cave right into the cliff, which showed his amazing strength.

However, it also exhausted almost all of Qin Chen's divine power.

Because the consumption for that sort of heaven-grade supernormal knowledge was simply massive.

Qin Chen took in the scene before him, as he gasped for breath. He was very satisfied with the power of Heaven Shaking Hand. When used with his peak Yiyuan Realm cultivation, he could kill normal Liangyi Realm cultivators, and even pose a threat to powerful cultivators of the Sancai Realm.

He had essentially earned a life-saving trump card.

For the rest of the time, Qin Chen kept checking in at various places within Taiyi Holy Land.

Due to his rudimentary cultivation, he could only check in at nearby places. Those places were neither important or forbidden, so the rewards were not particularly good either. But he was able to obtain lots of spirit stones, exotic spirit stones, precious medicines, secret techniques, and so on. His harvest was plentiful.

Time passed quietly. Without realizing it, two years had passed since Qin Chen's first check-in.

He was now an 18-year-old youth. He was tall and handsome. His eyes shone brightly like the stars, and his nose bridge was high and sharp. In addition, his Chaotic Holy Body was in harmony with heaven and earth. He had an exceptional disposition, just like an ancient great emperor in his youth.

Of course, when facing the outside world, Qin Chen always hid his true appearance and cultivation.

In the past two years, after consuming the Divine Spirit Source and enough spirit stones to fill an ocean, he had reached the peak of the Sancai Realm.

In an immortal holy land at its peak, not to mention a declining land like Taiyi Holy Land, a Sancai Realm cultivator would already be considered a core disciple.

In general, even if a person was recruited into a holy land to cultivate from young, he or she would only be able to enter the Sancai Realm after the age of 20.

However, Qin Chen was only 18. It had taken him just two years to reach the peak of Sancai Realm. He was definitely a rare animal.

Next, was the Sixiang Realm.

After entering the Sixiang Realm, a person's physical fitness would be upgraded to the next level. In a declining holy land like Taiyi Holy Land, that person would already be qualified to take on the position of ordinary elder.

"After two years of cultivation, I've finally reached the peak of Sancai Realm. I can definitely be called a core disciple in Taiyi Holy Land now. If the holy land finds out, I'm afraid many supreme elders and even the Holy Lord himself might take me in as a direct disciple," Qin Chen muttered to himself. Having cultivated until the peak of the Sancai Realm, he had an exceptional disposition and natural charm.

But his ambition did not end there.

Now that he had accumulated enough, he could enter the Sixiang Realm immediately.

Once he entered the realm, the Chaotic Holy Body - the number one physique in the universe - would show its true, heaven-defying nature for the first time.

However, it was the Dharma-ending Age and cultivation was difficult. As soon as someone broke through the Liuhe Realm, heaven and earth would be triggered, and heavenly tribulations would descend upon the world.

Even more so for Qin Chen, who had the Chaotic Holy Body. He was a rare animal. If he broke through the Sixiang Realm, the appearance of terrifying heavenly tribulations was inevitable.

Qin Chen had long accumulated enough at the Sancai Realm. He also had a large amount of exotic spirit stones, Divine Spirit Source, precious medicine and so on, which he was preparing to use to get through the tribulations.

Of course, he could not break through in Taiyi Holy Land. Otherwise, he would attract great attention.

Qin Chen quietly left Taiyi Holy Land. It had declined after all, so the cultivators guarding the gate were not very strong. They were only in the Liangyi Realm. With the Chaotic Holy Body's ability to cross boundaries and battle immortals, the guards did not even notice his departure.

When he was sufficiently far from Taiyi Holy Land, he started to shed his disguise. He was as handsome as jade. And as he stepped into the air, he looked like a rainbow across the sky.

In the Liangyi Realm, one could start walking in the air. In the Sancai Realm, you could walk more freely and relaxed, just like how mortals saw immortals, flying through clouds and mist with ease.

Qin Chen was 100,000 miles away from Taiyi Holy Land. He chose a wilderness far from human habitation to undergo his tribulation.


Qin Chen began to break through, and step into the Sixiang Realm.

Terrifying heavenly tribulations descended from the sky. One after another, the heavenly tribulations spoken about in legends descended, bombarding Qin Chen.

Qin Chen had the strength of the Chaotic Holy Body. His physique was peerless among those in the same realm. It was even comparable to that of an Wuxing Realm grandmaster. Yet, his skin and flesh split open until his bones became visible, and torrents of golden blood shot into the sky.

However, Qin Chen was prepared. He unleashed Heaven Shaking Hand, Chaotic Vitality Heavenly Dipper, and other incredible supernormal knowledges he had obtained from checking in, all to protect himself against the heavenly tribulations.

Loads and loads of spirit stones gushed out from the system space. He devoured every one of them, converted them into a massive amount of energy, and absorbed the energy into his body for recovery.

Following that, was all kinds of valuable exotic spirit stones.

Finally, the Divine Spirit Source appeared.

After a long time, the ten-sided mountain range below had been bombarded by the terrifying heavenly tribulations into a scorched wasteland. Then, the heavenly tribulations finally dispersed.

Qin Chen was covered in blood. He did not know how many bones and tendons he had broken. He had finally successfully undergone the tribulations, and become a powerful cultivator of the Sixiang Realm.

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