15 Questioning the System

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It was not surprising that the students were so shocked. What was the purpose of the immortal assessment? Wasn't it to get into a good cultivation college?

And what was the point of entering a cultivation college?

Wasn't it just to become stronger?

However, for ordinary people, what was the fastest way to become stronger?

Joining the night patrollers or the demon slayers was good enough for ordinary people because only these two parties had a large amount of resources.

Therefore, many students' dream was to join one of the two sides, to obtain enough resources and become stronger.

Now, the opportunity to rise to the top was right in front of him.

The monster slayer actually had the intention to recruit him?

This would allow him to skip the immortal examination and cultivation college.

After all, didn't most of the students who graduated from top cultivation colleges join these two forces?

Now, he could directly enter the demon slayer world. Where else could he find such an opportunity?

As soon as the principal's words rang out, all the students present, other than Lin Feng and Qin Yiren, were moved. Even Zhao Delong, who was known as the second genius of the cohort, was moved.

Even Zheng Jidong, who was standing beside Zheng Hongyuan, had not known about this. He looked at his father in surprise.

At this moment, Zheng Hongyuan smiled and spoke again.

"It's not a secret. There's always been special recruitment, but it's not a certainty. It would depend on the results of the test. If you perform well enough, you can be specially recruited!"

Zheng Hongyuan's words were equivalent to an admission.

However, it was hard to say who would be considered good enough.

There were indeed special recruitments for both the demon slayer and the night patrol, but the requirements were really high.

Qin Yiren, a genius, and the daughter of the night patrol division secretary, had not been recruited.

Zheng Jidong could be considered a special recruit for the demon slayers, but he was only in the Body-Strengthening Realm and had strengthened his body eight times.

One could only imagine how harsh the requirements for special recruitment were.

At this moment, many people had even forgotten that they wanted Lin Feng to prove his innocence in public.

What could be more important than being specially recruited?

As the crowd discussed the recruitment, the principal looked at Zhao Delong and Qin Yiren. His intentions were clear. He wanted the two of them to try fighting the red tiger demon.

However, Qin Yiren shook her head.

"Forget about me. I've already broken through to the Qi Gathering Realm, and I'm looking toward becoming part of the night patrol!"

As soon as he said this, the crowd burst into another round of intense discussion.

Qin Yiren was the first prodigy in the school to break through to the Qi Gathering Realm. She was indeed worthy of the school belle title.

Of course, everyone could understand her decision. Qin Yiren's father was the secretary of the night patrol division, so it was reasonable for her to choose the night patrol.

Many people even knew that Qin Yiren had been following the night patrolman to train herself.

Zhao Delong took a deep breath, pulled out his knife, and walked to the cage. He cupped his fists at Zheng Hongyuan respectfully.

"I want to try!"

Zheng Hongyuan nodded his head indifferently.

"If you can't beat him, then speak up!"

With Zheng Hongyuan around, safety was not a problem.

Soon, Zheng Jidong opened the cage and let Zhao Delong in.

Zhao Delong was also a genius. Even if he was not as strong as Qin Yiren, he had still completed six body strengthening exercises.

However, as soon as he entered the cage, a loud explosion was heard. He was actually hit by a fireball, and his entire body hit the edge of the cage, charred black.

Zheng Hongyuan was quick to react, and he pulled Zhao Delong out.

Seeing this play out, the students who had just been excited and even wanted to try after Zhao Delong instantly quieted down.

As expected, the Qi Gathering Realm and the Body-Strengthening Realm were two completely different levels. There was no way to fight it.

No matter how strong Zhao Delong was, he could not even get close to the beast before he was knocked out.

This demonstrated the huge gap between the two realms, which was not easy to cross.

A strange silence filled the air. After seeing Zhao Delong's battle, no one dared to challenge the red tiger demon.

But while everyone was in a daze, Zheng Jidong glanced at Lin Feng and then smiled as he walked into the cage.

Soon, the sounds of battle could be heard again.

Zheng Jidong's figure was like a ghost. Even though the cage was not big, he managed to avoid the red tiger demon's fireball attack.

This time, the gap was directly revealed.

As expected, the genius monster slayer was not a fighter that ordinary students could compare to.

After more than ten minutes, when Zheng Jidong was a little out of strength, he was hit by a fireball from the red tiger demon and came out of the cage.

Even though he was also charred black by the fireball, Zheng Jidong's eyes were extremely bright.

He had braved over 150 moves, well surpassing Zhao Delong.

Zheng Jidong, who had just gotten out of the cage, did not forget Zhao Delong's request. He looked at Lin Feng and spoke.

"Lin Feng, it's your turn now!"

"Of course, if you come clean now and apply to withdraw your contribution points. I think your school won't make things difficult for you!"

In an instant, everyone's gazes once again focused on Lin Feng.

If Zheng Jidong had not mentioned it, many students would have almost forgotten that today's main purpose was to let Lin Feng prove his innocence.

Now, many people were gloating over his misfortune.

Before this, they did not have a good impression of how strong a level eight monster was.

However, just now, whether it was Zhao Delong or Zheng Jidong, these geniuses were all so weak in the hands of a level eight demonic beast. Lin Feng besting a beast like that was strange indeed.

Even Lin Feng's form teacher spoke with a dark expression.

" Lin Feng, if you picked up the fang, you can just say so. You can't exchange it for contribution points. You can only exchange it for money!"

He was protecting Lin Feng and had even thought of an excuse for Lin Feng.

Su Qingqing frowned slightly. Even she was not so confident now.

The difference between the Body-Strengthening Realm and the Qi Gathering Realm was too great. Lin Feng could not have simply picked up a red tiger demon's fang and exchanged that for contribution points, right?

He Fang, the beautiful teacher who had argued with Su Qingqing before, also sneered.

"Picked up? The red tiger demon is a level eight monster. How could it be so easy to pick up?"

Zhao Delong also laughed coldly,

"Senior Zheng Jidong has been dealing with demonic beasts all day long, but he could only withstand 150 moves. Even if Qin Yiren has broken through to the Qi Gathering Realm, I'm afraid that even she wouldn't dare to say that she could easily kill this level eight red tiger demon. Lin Feng, just admit defeat!"

Zheng Jidong and Qin Yiren both nodded in agreement with Zhao Delong's words. It was the truth.

Even though Qin Yiren had broken through to the Qi Gathering Realm, she had only just broken through and had not cultivated any spells. These demonic beasts had strong bodies to begin with, and the red tiger demon even had the innate spell, fireball.

It was not easy to kill a red tiger demon even though she might be at the same level.

Lin Feng laughed as he took in everyone's words. He did not care about Zhao Delong at all. He looked at the principal and spoke.

"Principal, if I can really kill the red tiger demon, will that prove that my contribution points are not a problem?"

As soon as he said this, there was an uproar again.

"Kill? Lin Feng, what are you talking about?"

"This guy really likes shocking people. He wants to kill it?"

"He's so shameless that he dares to say anything just to get the attention of campus belle, Qin Yiren!"

The principal's face darkened and he snorted coldly.

"Our young friend Zheng Jidong said that there's no need to kill him. You only need to withstand a hundred moves!"

But after that, Lin Feng turned and looked at Zheng Hongyuan, the commander of the monster slayers.

"Commander Zheng, I'd like to ask you something. You demon slayers are responsible for maintaining the contribution point system, but judging by today's events, I'm afraid no one will want to hunt demonic beasts anymore!"

As soon as Lin Feng finished speaking, the principal's expression changed drastically. He immediately shouted.

"Lin Feng, how dare you!"

However, Zheng Hongyuan just smiled and waved his hand.

"Don't worry. We, the demon slayers, have strict standards when it comes to starting the review process. We will only investigate if there is doubt, and we will find the evidence ourselves. It will not be like today!"

Only after hearing this did Lin Feng nod his head. "I hope so. If it's really like today, then I think Great Zhou can cancel this so-called contribution point system!"

As the sound of his voice rang out, Lin Feng pulled out his long saber and walked straight to the cage that held the red tiger demon.

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