20 Killing the Faceless Monster in the Qi Gathering Realm, The Shocked Night Patrolman

Hearing the report, the leader of the night patrol team frowned and looked around suspiciously.

"That's strange. Looking at the way the three wanted criminals died, the person who did it should be in the Qi Gathering Realm, but he could kill the faceless monster in seconds?"

The faceless monster was actually equivalent to a human in the Qi Gathering Realm.

However, the monsters were stronger and had more strange tricks up their sleeve. Under normal circumstances, it was difficult for a Qi Gathering Realm cultivator to kill a monster of the same level.

This was also the reason why even the weakest night patrolman had to be in the Foundation Establishment realm to join.

On demon slayer teams, there were even cultivators in the Body-Strengthening Realm. However, to become a night patroller, one had to be at least in the Foundation Establishment Realm.

This was the reason.

However, these events stumped him.

A Qi Gathering Realm cultivator who could kill monsters?

What kind of being was this?

Tonight, a strange monster and three wanted criminals had been killed. The three of them were not the only ones shocked.

Old Master Su Xun was shocked too.

Meanwhile, on the school campus, Old Master Su Xun's eyes suddenly lit up after hearing Su Qingqing's report.

"You really saw it clearly?"

Su Qingqing nodded firmly.

"I saw it clearly. I should be able to confirm that it's indeed a lightning-attribute mutated spiritual root. Otherwise, he would not be able to kill the monster so mercilessly!"

"And judging by the way he attacked, his physical body has been strengthened again. If I'm not wrong, it's been strengthened ten times, and all five elements of spiritual power have been successfully condensed!"

Upon receiving confirmation, Old Master Su Xun suddenly slapped his thigh.

"Good! We can't let the demon slayers get there first. He has a lightning-attribute mutated spiritual root. He's a natural-born night patroller!"

Even if Su Xun was a peak-level expert in the world, Lin Feng still shocked him.

Su Qingqing did not even need to contact the Nightwalker's headquarters. Su Xun made a call.

"Within three days, I want to see someone come to the Fifth Southern District to inspect a student!"

"My Lord, the activation of the inspection process requires..."

Without waiting for the other person to finish, Old Master Su Xun snorted coldly.

"Cut the cr*p. Tell Qin Shang that he won't see any inspection personnel within three days. No, tell Qin Shang to come himself, or he'll bear the consequences!"

Immediately after, Su Xun hung up the phone. He was in a hurry. He could not care less about the bullsh*t protocol.

He had to start the investigation on Lin Feng as soon as possible.

After these few days of observation, he was certain that Lin Feng possessed a lightning-attribute mutated spiritual root.

Moreover, this guy seemed to have a D-grade five-elemental spiritual root, but his cultivation speed was too fast.

In two days, he had completed ten perfect body strengthening exercises and condensed all five elements.

The most terrifying thing was that a mere early-stage Qi Gathering Realm cultivator could actually kill the faceless monster. This marked a true natural-born talent for the night patrollers.

Meanwhile, Lin Feng, who initially thought that he was already very careful, had no idea that people had seen him killing the monster.

Su Qingqing, the terrifying teacher, was already at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm although she was not much older than him. If she wanted to follow Lin Feng, no matter how vigilant he was, he would not be able to detect her.

At this moment, Lin Feng's eyes were closed and he was still sitting cross-legged in cultivation.

At the same time, he was also calming down.

This was the first time he had killed someone. Although he had killed people who deserved to die, he could not help but feel flustered.

Similarly, tonight was also his first time encountering such a mysterious monster.

Now, he was sure that the Five Thunder Technique was indeed a strong weapon against evil. He had been worried and nervous when he first saw the monsters.

Therefore, as soon as he made his move, he used all his strength. Not only did he use all his physical strength, but he also activated the Thunder of Fire and the Cleansing Aquatic Lightning.

It turned out well. With the Five Thunder Technique, the strange monster did not have the power to fight back. It was instantly killed and turned into green smoke.

However, the strange thing was that after he killed the monster, his blade seemed to absorb the green smoke.

To be more precise, the green smoke had been absorbed by the Thunder of Fire and Cleansing Aquatic Lightning.

This revealed another way to become stronger. He could kill monsters and strengthen the Five Thunder Technique in the process.

However, he did not dare to stay in the alley any longer. He quickly returned home.

He was not even sure about the distribution and behaviors of the strange creatures at night. He had no idea what sort of dangers he would encounter if he stayed outside any longer.

Still, he was considering trying to kill the monsters in the dark.

After killing the three wanted criminals, he also found that they had been carrying a few bottles of spiritual liquid. Although it was just ordinary spiritual liquid condensed by Core Formation Cultivators and though it was a bit low-grade to use for breaking through, it was ideal for cultivation and strengthening spiritual power.

The night passed by quickly.

The next morning, Lin Feng opened his eyes and finished cultivating.

He had also used up all the spiritual liquid he had plundered from the three wanted criminals yesterday, and not a single drop was wasted.

At this moment, the spiritual power of the five elements in his qi palace had become much stronger. It was now almost as vast as a strand of hair.

"I should be able to cast a spell now!"

Lin Feng mumbled to himself.

He had a lot of things to do next.

The first was to try to practice spells, and the second was to change weapons. Ordinary standard weapons were not suitable for Qi Gathering Realm cultivators to cast spells with. He had to switch to a spirit weapon.

Although his strength was extremely terrifying, in a real battle with an expert who used spells, he would not be able to get close at all. He would not be able to display his strength.

Therefore, the practice of spells was very necessary.

Apart from that, he had to hunt demonic beasts and kill strange monsters to increase his strength.

Of course, there was still one more thing to do this afternoon.

The Class 4 gathering was today, so he had to go. Since Qin Yiren was going, he had to go too. This was also the best opportunity for him to confess his love again.

He had already tasted the sweetness of two features from the Five Thunder Technique, and he had to get the remaining three as soon as possible.

After two confessions, he had let go of his worries. It did not matter if his reputation suffered.

Soon, Lin Feng got up and went straight to school.

He wanted to learn how to practice spells.

Spells could be purchased from the trading company. However, Lin Feng only had 120 contribution points, which was only enough to buy one basic spell.

However, he still had to save his contribution points to purchase spiritual weapons.

Hence, Lin Feng could only choose a shortcut. He had to find a teacher who could coach him.

The guest instructors of the school were all Foundation Establishment cultivators and prodigies from the various academies. Naturally, they knew some basic spells.

Not only was it free to learn from a tutor, but he could also get guidance, so why not?

Of course, it was inevitable that he would be exposed. However, he would not be exposed too much if he just practiced one spell.

His biggest secret now was the Five Thunder Technique. It would be fine as long as he did not expose that.

What he did not know was that even if he did not go to Su Qingqing for spell practice, she already knew everything that happened last night.

At the same time, the night patrolman team from last night arrived at the Qin residence.

Qin Yiren, the young lady of the Qin family, frowned when she heard about what happened last night.

"Captain, you're saying that the three wanted criminals were killed by someone in the early stage of the Qi Gathering Realm?"

The captain nodded fiercely.

"That's right, and it was almost an instant kill. He was beheaded in one strike!"

Qin Yiren furrowed her brows.

"The strongest of the three should be in the middle stage of the Qi Gathering Realm!"

"Yes, and they also encountered a monster. A faceless monster was killed, and it was killed in an instant!

Qin Yiren's frown deepened at the captain's words.

Her talent was considered very strong, a top-tier S talent, but she was not confident that she could achieve this.

In fact, in terms of combat strength, she felt that she might not be stronger than Lin Feng, who had killed the red tiger demon yesterday.

But now, it seemed that an even stronger genius had appeared.

Of course, she knew that there were many experts in Zhongzhou City, and there were many more who were stronger than her.

However, almost all of the true geniuses had been won over by the monster slayers and the night patrolmen, so they would not be acting alone.

"Could it be..."

As soon as she said this, she shook her head fiercely. She had originally thought that the expert from last night could be Lin Feng, but upon further thought, she rejected this idea.

Lin Feng was strong, but there was a limit to his strength. He could deal with demonic beasts, but he was still a little lacking when dealing with strange monsters.

Very quickly, Qin Yiren and the night patrolmen went out for training again.

She had also agreed to attend Class 4's gathering in the afternoon.

Initially, she did not really want to go. But after hearing that Dong Qingfang had invited the geniuses of the previous batches, she changed her mind. She wanted to meet them despite knowing that Lin Feng would be there as well.

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