3 Four Perfect Body Temperings, Punishment

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Lin Feng's body was charred black, as if he had really been burned by that strange lightning. However, he felt perfectly fine.

Lin Feng opened his eyes with lingering fear. Other than sensing the changes on the surface of his body, he also noticed the changes within his body.

He got up, clenched his fist slightly, and the air crackled. This was the sign of a surge in strength.

Although he did not know how much strength he had now, he had a rough sense of it.

"My power is at least ten times stronger than before?! "

Lin Feng made that guess after a moment of sensing.

Of course, this guess was not accurate. He had not gotten used to this power yet. Even if he was used to it, he would not be able to accurately judge how strong he was unless he went to the school's special testing grounds and tested it.

However, just as Lin Feng clenched his fist, he was shocked to discover that there was a very faint golden light coming from his body. It was not just one beam, but four!

"What is this? The golden light... is the sign of a perfect tempered body? Four times?"

In the next second, Lin Feng was shocked by his own guess.

Lin Feng had a firm grasp of the basic cultivation knowledge he had learned in high school over the past few years.

The first step of cultivation was the Body-Strengthening Realm. From junior high all the way to senior high, most students were tempering their bodies, opening their aperture acupoints, clearing their blocked meridians, and opening up their qi palaces.

However, the experience of strengthening one's body would vary from person to person.

Ordinary people could only feel their bodies becoming stronger.

However, there were records of people who could perfectly strengthen their bodies and temper their bodies in the ancient books. The special indicator was that golden light would appear when they circulated their strength.

This golden light was the symbol of perfect tempering.

However, this was too difficult to achieve. Even a beauty like Qin Yiren had never heard of perfect body tempering.

Of course, strengthening the body was only the foundation of cultivation. Perhaps people like her did not want to pursue perfection.

However, there were records of it in various ancient books.

This was something that even the top geniuses could not accomplish, but it seemed like Lin Feng had done it!

And not just once, but many times?

Lin Feng also knew that Qin Yiren and the other geniuses of the school had also tempered their bodies many times. Some had tempered their bodies five to six times, while others had tempered their bodies at least three to four times.

This was really exclusive to geniuses. Ordinary students did not have enough talent and did not have enough resources to support them.

For example, Qin Yiren, the A-rank genius, Zhao Delong, and the prettiest girl in Lin Feng's class, Dong Qingfang.

These people had a strong family background, no lack of resources, and they were very talented. It was normal for them to be able to strengthen their body multiple times.

However, it took them several years to achieve that.

Right now, Lin Feng seemed to have completed four body-strengthening temperings, and all of them were perfect temperings. This was terrifying. It had only taken a short amount of time!

"What exactly is this Thunder of Fire? Where did it go?"

Lin Feng was extremely puzzled. Naturally, it was already extremely terrifying to complete four perfect body-tempering sessions.

Lin Feng took inventory of his body for a moment. His body had become stronger, and his strength had increased by a lot. His aperture points, meridians, and qi palace had also become wider and stronger.

However, whether it was his meridians or his qi palace, there was no trace of spiritual qi. In other words, he was still in the Body-Strengthening Realm and had not successfully refined his essence into qi. He had yet to enter the Qi Gathering Realm.

And the so-called first of the Five Thunders Technique, the Thunder of Fire, seemed to have disappeared without a trace.

However, at this moment, Lin Feng suddenly felt his heart palpitating.

There seemed to be something in his heart!

He subconsciously lowered his head. Then, his vision blurred, and he seemed to be able to see what was happening inside his body.

"Inner sight?"

That was not all. In the next second, he saw, or perhaps felt, a mark appear on his heart. It was a fiery red lightning symbol that looked like it had been there all along.

"This is the Thunder of Fire?"

"Can it be used?"

In the next second, Lin Feng tried to swing his fist.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After a few consecutive punches, there was a piercing sound, and a faint glow actually appeared on his fist.

"The Thunder of Fire, weakness of all evil. Am I now a good night patroller candidate?"

Lin Feng mocked himself with a joyful expression.

He finally understood.

This Thunder of Fire did not just help him complete four perfect body-strengthening sessions.

It had also left the Thunder of Fire mark on his heart.

Lin Feng made a guess. To reach the Qi Gathering Realm, other than being able to condense the five-elemental spiritual energy he was born with, he might also be able to condense lightning spiritual energy.

Spiritual roots were divided into attributes, and the lightning attribute was one of them.

Lin Feng did not continue to ponder these questions. In any case, with the Thunder of Fire, his strength would only grow stronger and his future would be even more limitless.

Of course, he was still in the Body-Strengthening Realm and could not use spirit power spells like real cultivators after the Qi Gathering Realm. However, with just his fists and the terrifying power of the Thunder of Fire, his combat power would not be weak.

Only when he thought of this did Lin Feng heave a sigh of relief.

In short, this public confession that was akin to becoming a pariah was not in vain even if he became the target of public criticism. The benefits he gained were also unimaginable.

After that, Lin Feng spent the entire day adapting to the changes in his body and understanding the explosive increase in his strength.

He hid in his house. Fortunately, no one really came to disturb him.

However, the public's reaction to his confession continued to fester.

He had been a nobody before, but now everyone knew him the way they knew Qin Yiren, the campus belle.

As for the victim, Qin Yiren, she had also let go of this matter and did not treat his confession seriously. She was also working hard on her cultivation, preparing to step into the Qi Gathering Realm.

The next morning, Lin Feng received a call not long after he woke up.

The head of the school told him to be at school to receive his punishment.

Lin Feng had already foreseen this before he confessed. He was not surprised, but he was also a little nervous. If he was expelled for this, it would not be worth it.

After all, taking part in the immortal examination and entering the major cultivation colleges was the right way to go.

If it was before, he might not have cared, because with his D-grade five-elemental spiritual root, it was basically impossible for him to get into a good university. However, now he was concerned.

He could not change the road ahead, but he could not stop confessing and gaining rewards either. This was a dilemma.

At the school's office, the vice principal, the academic director, his grade's teacher, his form teacher, and all the instructors of Grade 12 Class 4 took turns reprimanding Lin Feng.

In the end, the vice principal personally read out Lin Feng's punishment. He would be given a demerit and placed on probation for a month. Lin Feng could finally heave a sigh of relief.

Immediately after, many teachers and school leaders gave him another round of encouragement, telling Lin Feng to put aside his romantic conquests. Even if he had a D-grade five-elemental spiritual root, he should not give up on himself. He should be brave enough to challenge himself.

In the end, in order to encourage Lin Feng to continue firmly on the path of cultivation, the school arranged for the terrifying teacher, Su Qingqing to give Lin Feng a day of special training. This could be considered another heavy punishment.

After all, Su Qingqing's reputation as the terrifying teacher was not unearned. She was the subject of many boys' fantasies because of her figure and looks, but she had also become the nightmare of all students because of her demonic training style.

After a full two hours, Lin Feng was finally released.

After leaving the office, Lin Feng looked as if he had nothing left to live for, but he still perked up and headed straight for the school's testing grounds.

He wanted to test how much his strength had grown.

The last time he tested himself, he had strength equivalent to lifting 100 kilograms, and his outburst was double that.

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