1 An Untimely Public Confession

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"Is this really the right time to confess to the school belle?"

Great Zhou, Zhongzhou City, Fifth Southern District, Great Zhou's best high school.

Many high school students gathered in the huge square for the pledge ceremony.

In the crowd, a young man's brows furrowed slightly, his expression frustrated. he was currently muttering to himself.

He had confessed his feelings to the school belle, who was giving a speech onstage behalf of the student body.

However, this was the system's mission.

[ Bound confession target 1: Campus belle, Qin Yiren! ]

[ If your public confession is rejected, the reward will be: Five Thunder Technique! ]

This was his system's mission.

The young man's name was Lin Feng. He had received this system a moment ago, and it came with this mission.

However, this mission was not fatal.

if he really did confess, Lin Feng had no doubt that he would immediately become the target of public criticism and be used as a negative example.

This world was not very peaceful, and strange monsters were spotted frequently. Once night fell, even Zhongzhou City had a curfew.

There were fierce beasts wreaking havoc outside, and the Great Zhou ancestors led the soldiers to fight to the death on the front line.

Therefore, in this era, people's hearts were united like never before. Everyone shared a unified goal: to become a cultivator, so that they would have enough strength to resist, or even expel, internal and external troubles.

This was especially true for the students who were the future hope of the Great Zhou dynasty.

in the morale-boosting rally before the immortal examination, they played a video of Su Qingqing, a genius from the nightwalker academy, a part-time guest instructor, and a famous terrifying instructor. She had been killing monsters since she entered the Foundation Establishment Realm.

This video made many students' blood boil. They wanted to immediately become cultivators and join the night patrollers to kill monsters.

On the stage, Qin Yiren, the student representative and the recognized school belle of the Year Three cohort, was giving an impassioned speech.

"Students, we were born and raised here. This is our common home. Countless ancestors have shed their blood and sacrificed their lives just to create a relatively peaceful environment for us to grow up in!"

"But everyone saw it just now. there's no such thing as a peaceful time, only a burden being carried for us! "

"Shouldn't we cast aside our personal relationships and family affairs and focus so that we can embark on the path of cultivation as soon as possible and take over the heavy burden on the shoulders of our fathers?"

As soon as she finished speaking, all the students' blood boiled again. Their faces flushed red as they shouted.

"Cultivate, cultivate, I want to become stronger, I want to become a cultivator! I want to participate in the battle!"

"Protect our homeland and drive away the beasts and monsters!"

"Abandon your love, pick up your weapons, and take over the heavy burden on your father's shoulders."

On the stage, Qin Yiren's face was flushed red as she clenched her fists.

Her speech had been sincere.

This was how she felt too.

However, just as Qin Yiren finished her speech and the energy was high, Lin Feng gritted his teeth and spoke to himself.

"Go all out! If everything falls apart, then so be it!"

Lin Feng mumbled to himself once more. He encouraged himself and braced himself to jump onto the stage.

When he got to the stage, the crowd did not care. They were still shouting in excitement.

Qin Yiren only glanced at Lin Feng. She nodded at this young man who had just jumped onto the stage and wore a smile of approval.

She had thought that Lin Feng had been influenced by her words and was preparing to come up to express his thoughts.

Even if Lin Feng's performance on stage was not part of the school's schedule, no teacher would stop the students from expressing their thoughts at this moment. After all, the atmosphere was already very spirited.

Very quickly, Lin Feng walked straight to the microphone and cleared his throat.

In the next second, the entire venue quieted down. Everyone suppressed the excitement and calmed down as they waited for the student who had just gone on the stage to give his speech.

He coughed a few times. "Qin Yiren, my name is Lin Feng. I like you!"

As the sound of Lin Feng's voice faded, everyone's eyes instantly widened. They stared at him like they had just seen a ghost.

Everyone had been waiting for his impassioned speech, but in the end, this was all he wanted to say?

To confess in front of everyone, and to Qin Yiren, the publicly acknowledged campus belle?

Qin Yiren? Who wouldn't like her?

However, everyone had just agreed that they should put aside their personal feelings and focus on cultivation to become stronger.

At this time, Lin Feng chose to go up there and confess?

Everyone was dumbstruck, including Qin Yiren who was beside Lin Feng.

Her eyes were also wide open, and her face was full of confusion.

In the next second, anger broke across her face, and the fire in her eyes almost became physical.

Qin Yiren clenched her fists so tightly that her nails dug into her palms.

However, it was different from before. It was not from excitement but from anger.

Lin Feng was actually confessing his feelings to her right now?

After a few breaths, Qin Yiren managed to suppress her anger. Even though she had good self-restraint, she almost went berserk on the spot.

Qin Yiren snorted.

"Lin Feng, please conduct yourself with dignity!"

In the next second, gazes as sharp as swords instantly landed on Lin Feng.

If looks could kill, the current Lin Feng would have been sliced into a thousand pieces and pierced by ten thousand arrows.

"Lin Feng! "

"This b*stard. What an eyesore! You're actually confessing at this time?"

"You're obsessed with your own feelings and you're not thinking about improving yourself? Trash!"

"Lin Feng, I know him. He only has a D-grade spiritual root, yet he dared to confess to the school belle, Qin Yiren, who has an S-grade spiritual root?"

"Everyone's blood is boiling and they're all thinking about cultivation. You want to f*cking confess to the school belle? "

"Confessing your feelings? What would your mother say?"


Lin Feng was instantly drowned in angry curses and mocking voices.

Lin Feng's face flushed red. He wanted to crawl into a hole.

Even if their gazes and words did not kill, Lin Feng still felt as if his soul was about to leave his body. He felt as if there was a dagger at his back.

However, at this moment, the system's notification rang out.

[ First public confession rejected. First technique reward, the Five Thunder Technique: [ Thunder of Fire! ]

[ Adapting to the current world and materializing! ]

[ The next time your public confession is rejected, you will be rewarded with the second technique of the Five Thunder Technique: [ Cleansing Aquatic Lightning Technique! ]

[ Host, please continue to work hard! ]

Lin Feng's scalp turned numb. The system's mission had been completed. He needed to get out of here now.

He immediately fled the scene under everyone's hostile gazes and murderous curses.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng had already disappeared.

However, not only did the excitement of the crowd not stop, but it also became more and more intense.

"Lin Feng, right? Which class are you from? We can't just let this go!"

"This is a disgrace to the school. It's a disgrace to the school belle, Qin Yiren! "

"He disrespected the school and the path of cultivation. I suggest that he be expelled! "

"Right! Expelled! This kind of scum should be used as a negative example and should be disqualified from the immortal examination!"

"B*stard. This is too infuriating. Everyone wants to cultivate and become stronger, but he's still thinking about romance. Why doesn't he take a long hard look at himself..."

The crowd's curses were getting more and more unpleasant, and the students' anger was getting more intense.

In fact, the crowd seemed to want to find Lin Feng and give him a good beating.

Fortunately, the dean stood up. "

"Alright, I've already reported this matter to the school board, and they'll deliver the punishment. Everyone, you're dismissed!"

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