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I became Haruno Sakura?


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me: reads the title imagines waking up and becoming sakura........... *takes kunai stabs my throat*.................. ......................

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I feel bad for the mc. I hope she doesnt commit suicide because of depression. .


The idea of the story is good actually but the actual story is bad Mc progress is absolute shit, chapters and too short to even scroll properly and the mc doesn’t have any sense whatsoever, like who tf actually does what the mc is doing in the first 6 chapters The story is a solid 1/5 cause that’s the lowest I could give but it could’ve been a probable 2/5 or 3/5 if the first 10 or so chapters were rewritten with sakura memories and not having the mc freak out like a 5 year old and screaming her monologue like a fucking chuni autist


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Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i hate sakura so much image making someone spend years looking for your loved one and not say thank you bro sasuke was willing to kill her but here is 5 stars


Fucking trash... I really hate when everyone aware of the thingsMC's does fucking chill man its not even day you made hokage watch her training and like idiot she is training in top of mountain and that fucking mother sense that little chakra wtf .she looks like omnipotent already if she can't know that in that body is not her daughter with that sense who the **** you are kidding what a trash I skip this chapter for such a garbage first training she does seen by hokage and omnipotent mother what the fick secret are there anyway... And you ****er did a chapter to just say what 3 ninjutsu is 10 chapter pass one day and with 200 word per chapter you have a fave to do patreon who the **** pay for that.


Good concept but just way too poor execution. Her mother basically became some kind of God. She can scare Hokage with just one look. Same Hokage who is called God of shinobi also led his village to victory and Sakura's Mother can somehow scare the shit out of him.


This is just a patreon cashgrab. The chapters are short. like 5 sentences short. All that happened in the first 5 Chapters was "Walking out of the room and asking her mom to train her." Just with lots of crying that she is Sakura. And at the end of the chapter you have a fifth of the chapter patreon advertising.


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useles fanfic useless fanfic useless fanfic useless fanfic useless fanfic useless fanfic useless fanfic useless fanfic useless fanfic useless fanfic


It's not about bias for, or against Sakura. In the end of the day, this novel fails due to lack of attention to detail. The MC adapts so quickly to being born of the opposite gender that it's incredible. Either the MC has always had confusion about his gender, or its just sheer laziness from the author. For a protagonist focused story, characterisation is extremely important. In this novel though? Characterisation is unfortunately absent. I would have to agree with many negative reviews. It's a novel made for mass-production, with so little thought required, that fulfilling any Pat'e'on obligations and/or webnovel obligations would be something that would be relatively easy. Avoid. Don't be pulled into supporting this story simply because you think hatred against Sakura is unjustified.


whats wrong with this shit? its so annoying. is the author had a brain problem? i guess there is.............................................


This is a disservice to Sakura. As a ******** fan of her, I was immediately disappointed with this novel. The genderbent was just unneeded, I hate it when OCS are given too much importance (her mom), and I dislike how dramatic 'Sakura' is. *To everyone seeing this, please go elsewhere, there are so many beautiful fanfictions of Sakura that do her proud.


Story started out interesting, then sakura's mom suddenly turned OP that can scare hokage for some stupid reason, then in a fight mc turns into a privileged pussy. He expects help and almost shits himself cause he did something stupid, he started a fight with cqc when he had no prior experience and when the opponent is close he resorts to range attacks... quality dropped so hard with recent chapter it's sad


The people really are pissed just because the mc is... sakura I guess and because she is actually training to gain her power and not receiving a system and killing Madara with her spit in the first chapter. Those idiots make me lose any hope of webnovel even being more than just a self wish fulfilling fanfic site habited by teenagers who only think with their d*cks and have Essential Tremor because I REALLY don't know how it is possible from SO MANY PEOPLE to don't know how to write in English. And when a good fanfic appears like this one what they do? they criticize for not being another self wishing thrash made by a fatass living in his mother's house.


This is an okay novel.I just do not like it. This is not a hate review but just a personal preference. It would have been okay with me if he just accepted his fate of being a girl. Cause if he don't then I would really hate this novel. This is turning GL. Fingering is not me. Sorry🙅🙅🙅🙅🤦🤦 Should have put that in tags and not "turn to girl" that's just confusing. So I'm dropping this. It was an okay novel, just not for me.


The mc is too carefull and everything can became the reason of slow progress. So useless and didnt different much than real sakura. Forgeting your age can became one of the reason for his/her parent to became suspicious of him? Damn, sometimes i forgot my age and need to ask my parent to remember it lol, would i be killed if i am in the world of ninja?


You know I'm a typical Sakura hater But!! Anybody that write a plot so well and changed her character from the bitch that she is to still a bitch that doesn't need someone else(Naruto) to protect her Well done


Well I am liking it so far, don't know whats up with the 1 star reviews. I guess the Mc is not OP or has a cheat or on a harem route for them.


Hmmm.... Well personally I dont write reviews but i saw everyone hateing on this which is pretty sad cause i loved it! It was rjght up my alley so thanks author keep up the good work!