1 Chapter 1


I felt around for it and yet no matter how many times I did I could not find it. It was gone. Kneeling on the wooden floor with my hand still holding onto the place, praying and hoping to some god that it would pop back into my palm like it was being stored in some inventory somewhere.

This had to be some kind of a practical joke because it was not a dream. Looking down at my arm that was littered with red spots from all the pinching to force myself awake, confirmed once again that this was most certainly not a dream. Or was this inception?

"No, no, no. You're getting ahead of yourself Joe, you are just a salesman, you are not that important for inception. Or am I?" I continued to kneel there still holding my empty junk area, waiting for Leonardo DiCaprio and his team to burst through the door at any moment.

"Guess not." I was almost disappointed but I needed to focus on more important things.

I sprang up to my feet, "Then that makes things even worse, I'm not dreaming. I am not dreaming! Calm down Joe, what is the last thing we remember?" I sat back down with my hand still grabbing there, still praying and hoping it would just pop back there.

Hey, if you've had your dick for most of your life and suddenly could not find it you would freak out too. Trying to think back hard at the last thing that happened, I was drawing a blank. I really could not, for the life of me, remember a thing. I began to panic a bit as I forced myself to recollect what happened the previous night.

I know what I did during the day; what I always do with my boring life as a salesman. Spent the First of the day going door to door and facing rejections and condescending comments from customers. Then the second half of the work-day calling up customers. That is my life, at least that was my life. That was good; At least I had not lost myself. I remembered everything about myself. Everything except last night and it was beginning to frustrate me.

"After I closed, what happened?" I couldn't remember a single thing; not even a blur image. I tried so hard but nothing came and to be honest, I was beginning to get a headache. I had a wife and daughter, what's going to happen to them? My parents. Had I just left them alone?

Oh God!

My breathing began to quicken as my vision began to slightly blur. Was I having a panic attack? I needed to calm myself. "Wait, panic attack? I've never had a panic attack."

As long as I remember I had always been level headed. No matter what happened, my mood never changed. That was how I continued to work as a salesman despite head office appointing me the mean street. 'The street that broke you'; That's what the other sales reps called it.

That entire neighborhood was filled with the old folks. They made your life a living hell and did not even bother to even listen to your 'young person thing' you had to offer, yet if you tried to leave, they felt you were being disrespectful.

In the corner of my eye, I saw a tall mirror resting in the corner of the room. Forcibly calming myself down, I walked towards the mirror and, what greeted me terrified me. Staring back at me was a short pink-haired girl of about 11 years of age. A plain face with an unnecessarily large forehead, fair skin with green eyes.

My entire body began to tremble hard. I shook my head constantly but the young girl in the mirror was shaking her head as well. "Stop mimicking me!" I yelled at the mirror hoping she would stop doing as I was, but she just wouldn't stop. I knew that's how mirrors worked but I can dream ok!

Oh no! How could this have happened to me? As an avid fan of anime and manga, how could I not know the face staring back at me? The pink hair. The annoying naïve face, and the forehead, oh god, the forehead.

"The highly voted most useless kunoichi in Naruto history, Haruno Sakura. NOOO!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs before everything went black.

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