Chapter 92: Peering into Life and Death by Sun Gazing, Advancing to a Senior Disciple

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Apart from the Xuanming Seal, the Yin Yang Xuan Ming Zhen Gong included other spells, and even possessed techniques for seizing the bodies of others—so varied and numerous that it would not be an exaggeration to say that the Yin Yang Xuan Ming Zhen Gong was like an encyclopedia of the Dao of Yin and Yang.

Fang Wang could now peer into the Yang Energy of living beings, and the amount of Yang Energy could indicate the lifespan of that creature.

Take Xiao Zi, for example.

Xiao Zi's Yang Energy signifies that she could live for another eight hundred years.

The Yang Energy of demons differs from that of humans, and is difficult to perceive as it is covered by a rich and cold Yin Qi. But for Fang Wang, who has reached Great Perfection in the Yin Yang Xuan Ming Zhen Gong, discriminating the Yang Energy of demons is still effortless.