Chapter 90: Yin Yang Xuan Ming Zhen Gong, The Appearance of an Immortal Fate

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Facing Fang Wang's inquiry, Zhou Xue answered without opening her eyes, calmly saying, "I just don't want to bother with them. Even if I say I won't marry in this lifetime, they probably won't be at ease. It's better to set an engagement now, anyway. Since both of us need to concentrate on cultivating, this identity won't affect much. Of course, if you're concerned about that junior sister, you can refuse."

Fang Wang pondered for a moment, then said, "I also dread the hassle and don't want to marry or have children. I just wish to cultivate. Let's just set the engagement to get it over with."


Zhou Xue acknowledged with a sound, and seeing that she didn't wish to continue speaking, Fang Wang stopped bothering her and turned to leave.

After leaving the cave dwelling, Fang Wang flew towards the peak of the third vein.