Chapter 45 Chi Devil Sect

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Exhaling Sword Qi?

Wasn't that the level I attained after forty years of practice?

Having heard Gu Li's words, Fang Wang was certain that his mastery of the Divine Nurturing Sword Qi had already surpassed everyone in the Gu Family, well, everyone who was alive.

"I see, no wonder it's so hard to practice," Fang Wang said, feigning agreement.

Fearing she might have dampened Fang Wang's enthusiasm, Gu Li comforted him, "Don't be disheartened. With your outstanding talent, you have mastered the Sword Control Technique to an unimaginable extent. Given time, your Divine Nurturing Sword Qi will certainly reach a divine level, far surpassing even my grandfather."

"Thanks for the encouragement, Miss Gu. I'll have to practice more and not let you down."

"Hmm, if you do master the Divine Nurturing Sword Qi, remember to tell me about it."

"Oh? Why is that?"

"My father is very much looking forward to your results."