Chapter 29 Stronger than Everyone

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Fang Wang was pulled along for quite a distance by Gu Li before he found the right moment to naturally slip from her delicate grasp.

He couldn't help but think to himself, so tender.

Fang Wang felt this deeply, but he wasn't going to be fooled. He was still young and could not afford to let a woman distract him from his cultivation.

Gu Li, walking ahead, clearly noticed and her ears turned red.

Without a word on the way, under Gu Li's guidance, Fang Wang entered a residence that was completely empty.

"This is a mansion purchased by our Gu Family in Haixia City. In every cultivation city within Grand Qi, our Gu Family has property," Gu Li explained.

Fang Wang nodded. He wanted to ask how an ordinary mortal family could transition to a cultivation family, but then he thought that Zhou Xue would certainly know more about this than Gu Li, given that the history of the Gu Family probably didn't span as long as Zhou Xue had been alive.

In this manner, Gu Li led Fang Wang into a grand hall, then closed the doors. She removed her veil and, staring at Fang Wang, asked, "You're White Garment Astonishing Swan, aren't you?"

Fang Wang raised an eyebrow. "White Garment Astonishing Swan vanquished a ninth-level master of the Soul Sculpting Realm. Do you think I have that strength? I started my Spiritual Refinement after you."

"You're really vexing when you talk, but I still think it's you. The Jinghong Divine Sword Art is our Master Yang Yuanzi's unique skill. I have not received this legacy; therefore, it can only be you. As for our senior brothers and sisters, their aptitude and comprehension are mediocre. Otherwise, our third vein wouldn't have ended up second last," Gu Li said while staring into Fang Wang's eyes. Her gaze carried joy, admiration, and a hint of grievance, enough to melt any man's heart.

Fang Wang averted his gaze and changed the subject. "Why are you here? Did the sect give you a mission?"

"With the inheritance of Ji Hao Sect causing such a stir, everyone inside Great Abyss Gate is talking about it. Many disciples have come, so my presence isn't unusual," Gu Li replied, but the curl of her lips showed she wasn't entirely sincere.

Fang Wang called her out. "The Ji Hao Sect's inheritance isn't in Haixia City. Isn't it almost a thousand miles away from here?"

Gu Li snorted quietly, thinking, must I say that I was worried about you?

She also shifted the topic. "Are you here to accept the challenge? Li Honggang is in the Spirit Elixir Realm, having reached the Third Layer. Although it's unlikely he will advance further in his life, he's certainly not someone we could challenge right now..."

She suddenly stopped talking, as she remembered that Li Hongshuang, a ninth-level expert of the Soul Sculpting Realm, had been defeated by Fang Wang.

Both the Gu Family and Li Family were prominent clans, so Gu Li had grown up hearing about Li Hongshuang. Her father had more than once lamented Li Hongshuang's talents, and when she thought of such a figure dying at Fang Wang's hand, she couldn't help but feel a deep admiration.

Considering the deep roots of the Gu Family, she had heard numerous tales of exceptional individuals, even stories of prodigies from beyond Grand Qi, but the impact Fang Wang had on her was even more shocking than those legends.

"The Third Layer of the Spirit Elixir Realm? Are you sure?" Fang Wang asked, raising an eyebrow.

Finding out about Li Honggang's strength was his primary objective in coming to Haixia City; he certainly wasn't going to act recklessly.

Gu Li nodded. "He's been stuck at that level for at least sixty years now. My father says the greatest fortune of his latter life was the birth of Li Hongshuang."

Fang Wang continued. "What do you think, will he set a trap in Haixia City?"

Gu Li shook her head. "He chose Haixia City because its lord, Tang Chengfeng, is a Great Cultivator at the Ninth Level of the Spirit Elixir Realm. With Tang Chengfeng present, Haixia City remains stable, which is why many Loose Cultivators like to trade here. Even when facing cultivators from other dynasties, Tang Chengfeng doesn't back down. Among the lords of the border cities, Tang Chengfeng has one of the firmest temperaments, intolerant to even a speck of dust in his eyes; therefore, Haixia often hosts duels between cultivators."

"Moreover, the current situation has attracted wide attention. If Li Honggang were to enlist other cultivators from the Li Family to assist him, it would discredit the Li Family. The Li Family values its reputation and integrity highly, hence why they expelled Li Hongshuang from their family records in the past. You need not worry that the Li Family will seek revenge on you or your family over this matter. Cultivation families care a great deal about their reputation, at least within the Grand Qi Cultivation Realm."

Hearing this, Fang Wang felt reassured.

With furrowed brows, Gu Li said, "You're not really thinking of accepting the challenge, are you? How confident are you?"

Relaxed, Fang Wang sat down at a table and laughed, "Fifty percent, I'd say. When I face an enemy, it's always a toss-up: either the enemy dies, or I perish."

Gu Li sat down as well and just looked at Fang Wang.

"What? Why do you look at me like that? Do you think I'm arrogant?" Fang Wang asked, raising an eyebrow.


Gu Li raised her hand, resting her right hand on the table, propping up her cheek, as she stared at Fang Wang with a drifting gaze. She let out a sigh and said, "Fang Wang, I suddenly feel that our agreement is going to be hard to fulfill. By the time I reach the Ninth Level of the Soul Sculpting Realm, you will definitely be dominating the Spirit Elixir Realm. The gap between us will only grow wider and wider."

Fang Wang blinked and said earnestly, "Gu Li, do you practice cultivation just to compare yourself with others? Don't you feel a sense of accomplishment with every increase in strength, finding meaning in your existence?"

Hearing this, Gu Li took a deep breath and said with shame, "You're right, I've been stubborn."

"There's no doubt about your talent."


Gu Li felt somewhat better and followed up by asking, "Is it because you compare yourself only to yourself, that you've become so powerful?"

"That's naturally not the case. I compare myself with everyone. I have a born desire to excel. Since I chose the path of cultivation, my goal is to be stronger than everyone else," Fang Wang replied calmly.


Gu Li suddenly felt uncomfortable again. Was he telling me to compare myself with myself because I'm not qualified to do otherwise?


That night, relying on the Invisible Natural Technique, Fang Wang silently arrived at the residence where Li Honggang was staying and affixed a piece of paper to the stone statue outside his front gate.

Early the next morning, a statement spread like wildfire throughout Haixia City.

The White Garment Astonishing Swan has accepted the challenge!

Twenty days later, at noon, he would face the challenge at the southern city gate to bring the cause and effect to an end!

Inside the Li Family residence, Li Honggang sat in a chair, holding a yellow paper in his hand, his eyebrows tightly furrowed, his face dark.

"Are you sure it was posted on the stone statue at the entrance?" Li Honggang asked.

The servant standing before him nodded hastily and said, "I saw it when I went out to clean this morning, sir. It wasn't given to me by anyone else."

"Mm, you may leave."

With Li Honggang's response, the servant, relieved of a great burden, immediately left.

The purple-garbed young man standing aside frowned and said, "Father, he was able to reach the outside of our residence undetected; we must not underestimate his strength. Moreover, my elder brother's talent was so high, ordinary cultivators at the first layer of the Spirit Elixir Realm might not even be his match. Whoever killed elder brother must be a master of the Spirit Elixir Realm, perhaps even stronger than you. Is it really worth the risk?"

Li Honggang glared at him and said sternly, "You think your father challenges him because he is confident of victory? My son has died, your elder brother is gone. No matter how wrongful he was, he was still my son, your brother!"

The purple-garbed young man fell silent, his complexion turning grim.

"I have accepted my fate. Among my children, Hongshuang had the highest potential. If he were alive, there might be a chance for me to defy fate with his help. Now that he is gone, I have no more expectations for the rest of my life, just regrets. Do you understand the agony of a white-haired person sending off one with black hair?" Li Honggang sighed, his expression growing wistful.

The purple-garbed young man hesitated, unable to speak. Ever since Li Hongshuang joined the Green Cicada Valley, their branch of the family had been ostracized in the Li Family, which valued its reputation, deeply rooted in a history spanning over a thousand years. They became a stain on the family because of Li Hongshuang.

Li Honggang's eyes suddenly sharpened, saying, "Moreover, this action of mine is also to bolster the Li Family's reputation. If your father wins, then the authority and power of the Li Family will be beyond doubt. Although I haven't improved my cultivation for many years, my blade has reached its peak. Even if I lose, it will at least show that the Li Family has acted honorably, and my death, earning the respect of the Cultivation World, will also be beneficial for the Li Family to interact with the major righteous sects."

Hearing this, the purple-garbed young man showed a guilty expression and said through clenched teeth, "It's all because your son isn't strong enough, otherwise you wouldn't have to take action!"

"Nonsense, matters like this naturally call for your father to step up. Now go, spread the word as widely as possible. Since the White Garment Astonishing Swan has set twenty days, it means he also wants more spectators. Let's fulfill his wish. Your father wants to see whose sword art is more lethal, his 'Jinghong 32 Swords' or your father's blade with its killing intent!"

By the end of his speech, Li Honggang exuded a powerful confidence.

In his eyes, the shadows of blades faintly emerged.