Chapter 133 The Talent of the Heavenly Origin, Demon Palace Great King

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Late at night, the sea ebbed and flowed. The Law Ship had special prohibitions that prevented the people on board from feeling the slightest bump.

Fang Wang did not stay in the attic; instead, he sat on the deck, cultivating through Qi Gathering.

The Spiritual Energy of the sea was indeed richer than that of the land. Even the opening of the Dragon Vein by Grand Qi could not compare, no wonder so many cultivators headed southward.

However, the sea was also more dangerous. Gu Li had mentioned in her letter that even with many people and great strength, there would be casualties when they went out to sea.

Fang Wang grew more eager to establish a Daoist place of practice on the sea.

Monopolizing an island rich in Spiritual Energy, devoted to Cultivation, and occasionally taking disciples, also seemed rather interesting.


The distant sea surface suddenly exploded as a mysterious big fish leaped out, then dove into the water and disappeared without a trace.