Chapter 1 Rebirth of the Immortal Venerable

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The setting sun dipped below the horizon, and the remnants of twilight cast their glow over Southern Hills City. The city walls stood tall, covered in green moss at their corners. Before the city gates, civilians, merchants, and carriages lined up to enter. Inside, the streets branched out in all directions, with numerous inns, shops, and willow-lined alleys. Children tussled in the side streets while townspeople hawked their wares along the curbs. Some martial artists banged gongs and drums to draw crowds for their performances. Wisps of cooking smoke rose from the courtyards of homes, blurring the dusk.

Sixteen-year-old Fang Wang stepped through the grand entrance of the Fang State Duke's Mansion. Clad in a figure-hugging white robe, he was both handsome and spirited—with the refined appearance of a scholar and the vigor of a young champion. The gatekeepers beamed as they greeted him, and he, unpretentiously, nodded in response.

"The 'Shadowless Step' really is extraordinary—no one can harm me within five steps," he mused with a smile. His 'Inner Strength' had reached the legendary realm of martial myths, and he was a master of the world's leading sword, palm, and foot techniques. He felt invincible.

After all, he was only sixteen!

Sixteen years since his reincarnation, he had reached human pinnacle. He could now truly enjoy life.

As Fang Wang envisioned his future, passing servants greeted him, referring to him as the Thirteenth Young Master.

Fang Wang's grandfather, Fang Meng, was a founding hero of the Grand Qi Dynasty, holding the prominent second-rank title of Duke. His father, Fang Yin, was Fang Meng's youngest son. Fang Wang was the thirteenth in age among the third generation of grandchildren, hence the title Thirteenth Young Master.

In this place reminiscent of an ancient dynasty, the atmosphere within the Fang State Duke's Mansion was harmonious, devoid of the usual cunning and deceit—possibly due to Duke Fang Meng still holding power.

Using the connections and influence of the Duke's Mansion, Fang Wang began collecting unparalleled martial arts from the age of twelve. Four years into his training, he could unleash his inner strength and exert force as mighty as an elephant. However, no one knew of this—they merely saw him as a nobleman from the Fang Residence, longing for the life of a martial artist.

Entering a garden, Fang Wang saw a group of maids clustered together, undoubtedly gossiping about the Fang Residence. His keen hearing allowed him to catch their conversation, even from ten yards away.

"Zhou Xue has gone mad—today she went around telling every young lord that the Fang Residence is about to be exterminated."

"I heard it too, she's got a lot of nerve, paying a visit to all the lords residing here. Now her father has locked her in her room."

"Who would dare to exterminate our Fang Residence? Not even the current emperor would dare!"

"Shh, you can't say things like that."

"Seeing how her adoptive father dotes on her, she'll probably be released in a few days."

Hearing the word "extermination," Fang Wang's heart skipped a beat.

The Fang Residence would be exterminated?

After listening a while longer, weighing his thoughts, he decided to have a look, as he had nothing better to do. Zhou Xue's abnormal behavior must have a reason.

Thus, Fang Wang made his way toward Zhou Xue's courtyard.

His great-uncle, Fang Zhen, had been a soldier in his youth, nearly sacrificing his life on the battlefield. Thankfully, Zhou Xue's father had saved him, though Fang Zhen still ended up with a lifelong disability. After leaving the army, he brought his savior's ashes back to his homeland. By then, Zhou Xue's mother was bedridden and, upon hearing the news, lost all hope and passed away soon after. Fang Zhen had no choice but to bring baby Zhou Xue back to the Fang Residence and raise her as his adopted daughter.

Zhou Xue was reclusive and seldom left her own courtyard. Since childhood, Fang Wang had only seen her a few times, a memory of a shy little girl about his age with delicate features.

Normally well-protected by her adoptive father, Zhou Xue was unlikely to have a mental breakdown. Could there really be a threat of extermination?

A heavy feeling settled in Fang Wang's chest. What kind of power could pose a threat to the Duke's Mansion?

Could it be the emperor's intention?

The Duke's Mansion was huge, occupying a fifth of Southern Hills City's territory, essentially a city within a city. The house servants numbered in the thousands, and sometimes, Fang Wang would see his eldest uncle, Fang Xing, training the servants in martial arts.

Could such a place face extermination?

Fang Wang picked up his pace, cultivating his Inner Strength, focusing his breath with 'Condensation', and stepping silently with the 'Mystifying Step' to overhear from outside Zhou Xue's window.

The room was quiet, but Fang Wang could discern the hurried breathing of Zhou Xue; her emotions were clearly unsettled.

After a moment,

"Ah, to think that I, once an Immortal Venerable, have returned to my youth, yet cannot alter the fate of my family. Is heavens toying with me... If only I had returned a month earlier, it wouldn't have come to this..."

Fang Wang caught Zhou Xue's faint sigh, imperceptible to the ordinary ear.

"Returned to youth?"


"And... Immortal Venerable?"

Fang Wang's heart trembled. Having spent so long in this reincarnated life, he had heard many legends of Immortal Gods but never about rebirth. Zhou Xue spoke with such conviction—could it be true?

He dared not gamble on the possibility. After all, he himself was a reincarnated soul. Encountering another reborn individual was not beyond belief.

The thought of the Fang Residence facing extermination made him feel suffocated. His parents in this life treated him well, as did his uncles. He was fond of the Fang Residence and couldn't bear to see it destroyed.

No further self-talk came from Zhou Xue, and the room lapsed back into stillness. After hesitating, Fang Wang forcibly opened the window and leaped inside.

Zhou Xue showed no sign of alarm, only sitting serenely at a table and looking at him.

She was dressed in a simple blue attire, her makeup delicate, and although her hair was slightly disheveled, she still looked dignified and beautiful, maintaining the grace of a well-bred lady.

They looked at each other, and for a moment, silence filled the room.

"Your skills are extraordinary—I didn't notice you at all. Who are you?" Zhou Xue broke the silence with an inquiry.