26 Chapter 26 Then Let Me Kiss You Every Day From Now on

The next morning, Victoria woke up only to find that Jin Wei was sleeping while using her as a bolster.

But unlike previous times when she felt irritated and angry, this time she felt no such thing. On the other hand, she felt a sudden sense of warmth in her heart that she never felt after her father disappeared.

Although she doesn't want to admit it, she likes this feeling. So she didn't try to punch Jin Wei like before, but as she tried to get up, Jin Wei also woke up.

"Yawn!!!" With a loud yawn, Jin Wei got up and began to rub his eyes.

"Woke up already, how do you feel now?" Jin Wei inquired with a casual tone, still a bit sleepy.

Victoria just nodded, but then she remembered the red ball she saw inside her. "Umm, I have a question!" Victoria said nervously.

"Ohh, what is it about?" Jin Wei asked back curiously, now not so sleepy anymore.

Victoria thought for a moment then said, "It's about tomorrow, when I entered my soul state. I noticed a different type of energy in my body. It was red, although small but extremely violent, and when I tried to touch it, it almost drained me."

Hearing her words, Jin Wei realized what she was talking about and replied, "It seems you are talking about the blood energy."

Victoria was clueless about it, so she remained silent and let Jin Wei finish his words.

"The blood energy is something that all vampires are born with. This energy helps vampires use their racial abilities and also helps them evolve. Since now you are a Dhampir, you also have this energy." Jin Wei explained casually.

"Hmm, then how can I use it? It almost consumed me the moment I tried to touch it." Victoria asked curiously.

"Well, the moment you drink the blood of some intelligent species, your body automatically uses a part of that blood as your food and converts the other part into blood energy with the help of star energy."

"But there is a way to gain more blood energy than what your body automatically produces and also a way to fully control that energy." Jin Wei said with a smirk.

"Ohh, what is it?" Victoria asked, her interest reaching its peak.

"Well, I can tell you, but you have to let me kiss you every day from now on, in return," Jin Wei said as an evil grin appeared on his face, noticeable even to Victoria.

Victoria quickly got up from the bed and tried to hide her body with both of her hands. But before she could complain, her eyes turned down, and she realized that she wasn't wearing the same uniform that she wore yesterday; she was now wearing a different dress.

Her face instantly turned red in anger and embarrassment as she realized that this must be the work of Jin Wei.

"Y-you... H-how... did my dress change?" Victoria asked with anger all over her face.

Jin Wei just chuckled inside and replied with a teasing tone, "You were too sweaty yesterday, so after I took you back to the room, I had to remove your clothes and clean your body, and then I helped you wear your dress. You should be thankful that you got such a caring husband like me."

"Y-you... Y-you..." Victoria wanted to complain, but she felt very helpless as she couldn't beat him up. She fell on her knees and began to cry, "Sniff!!! Sniff!!!."

"Y-you bastard... Molester... Pervert... Sniff..." Victoria began to curse while crying. Even though she was cursing, Jin Wei felt nothing, as even her curses were cute and not harmful in any way.

But seeing this, Jin Wei felt this was enough, so he hurriedly said, "All right... All right... don't worry, it was just a joke. I asked Lily to help you clean up and change your clothes, but I saw nothing..."

"R-Really???" Victoria asked for reassurance, and Jin Wei just nodded in confirmation.

Victoria just looked at him with disbelief. She thought that Jin Wei saw her everything, and she was no longer pure. But now he said that it was just a joke, only one thought now came to her head, 'He is too hateful.'

"Humph!!! You are nothing but a molester..." Victoria pouted, got up from the ground, and hurriedly went to the bathroom.

Jin Wei just chuckled to himself; he likes teasing this girl; it always helps him clear his head.

After Victoria finished bathing, she got out and began to prepare breakfast. After both finished their breakfast, they left their residence.

Coincidentally, the moment they left the residence, they found Rex and Lily walking side by side, so they quickly got near them and joined them.

"How have you two been, lovebirds?" Jin Wei asked with a teasing tone, making both Rex and Lily embarrassed. Unlike before, when Rex completely denied the accusation, this time he didn't deny it anymore.

"We are fine!!!" Rex answered while Lily just nodded with a gentle smile.

Lily then looked at Victoria and tried to say something using a hand sign. Victoria didn't understand it, so Rex explained, "She is asking if you are all right now. Since you were unconscious yesterday because of training."

Victoria understood and replied with a smile that she rarely shows to anyone, "I am fine now, thanks for your help yesterday."

Lily just smiled and nodded her head. Seeing this, Victoria was now sure that Jin Wei didn't do anything to her, which made her more relieved. They began to talk among themselves, even though Victoria didn't understand the whole thing that Lily was trying to say, but seeing the hand sign she could guess to some extent.

"So Rex, as I told you yesterday, I won't be joining the first class anymore. So do you mind if Lily stays with Victoria during the class?" Jin Wei asked casually, not too bothered even if it gets rejected.

Hearing this, Rex looked at Lily's smiling figure who was having a chat with Victoria. Rex understood that Lily already considered Victoria as her friend, and by the look of it, Victoria thinks the same.

This made Rex very happy, as Lily was an extremely shy girl that doesn't get along with everyone; this was the first time she made a friend. So he was proud of her.

"Well, they are already friends, so it's all right," Rex replied with a slight smile on his face.

"That's perfect," Jin Wei exclaimed in joy and stopped walking as he was already in front of the gym.

"All right, the three of you go to class; I have reached my destination." Jin Wei shouted, and everyone just nodded their head and went on their way.

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