1 Prologue


"Cursed child! We don't need you here!"

"When you reach the appropriate age, you will leave this estate."

Ever since I was reincarnated and became this child's rune, there's been no stopping these words from going to her.

I hate those words. Do humans in this world have a better understanding? They have already labeled my host as a cursed child, full of wickedness...

The reason?... Was her black hair.

She didn't do anything wrong! Her sin? She was so kind that she didn't question the mistreatment she experienced.

She rescued her sister from bandits, but she was blamed for it. She even tried to explain, but was cut up because of her mother's thickhead. Her father, who was supposed to be smart, squinted his eyes at her as if he was giving her a warning.

Why?! Why? Those humans should die!

But... my host is so tolerant. She doesn't even dare to lift a finger at mosquitoes. Even though she was an incompetent kid, she was still a human... Right?

Even without awakening her rune, she's still your child...

Why is this world so cruel? This isn't the contract I signed up for. This isn't the life I was wishing for.

Ellena possesses black hair and black eyes. That's where it all started.

But it was my fault; if I hadn't inhabited her body, she might have had common hair and awakened.

Her rune, on the other hand, was a system, and it was me who was an anomaly to the world's logic.

I was just observing her from above. Like a third-person-view in games, it was always like that for 15 years. And now, her time has come. She'll be cast out, finally.

She helplessly carried a single backpack. Nobody helped her; I was the only one who was always with her, yet I couldn't help her. But I want to help her... even just once. However, she hadn't fully activated me, making my purpose as a system useless.

While on a walk to the market, hoping to find an opportunity, she was kidnapped.

Really? This life is so full of madness. Heaven?! What did she do to deserve this kind of treatment?

This isn't a new experience, this is just a punishment.

How will you make this kid the savior of the world?!

She was violently tortured. Because no one wanted to buy her, her life as a slave became even worse than her life on that estate.


It's been almost a year, but she still hasn't felt free... I want to cry... But I can't... I just can't endure this anymore. She was caged in this dark room, like prison bars in front of her. She was treated like an animal.

I want to kill them!

Those slave traders! They don't deserve to live!

Ellena, just wait. I will save you. Even though it'll take me a whole lifetime to activate it, I must do my job. I will save you. I promise. I will save you from this suffering, from this world! I WILL KILL THEM ALL FOR YOU.

Another month passed and she was finally delivered. Not as a purchased slave, but as a labor slave used as a disposal for heavy labor. But how will a 16-year-old girl do this? She can't even lift a stone. Her body was so weak even before her birth.

She suffered, and I suffered as well. She was scolded and beaten because she hadn't done her job. She can't do it! Why would you still push her to do this?

Everywhere in this world is cruel. We should clean up this world, no? Ellena?

I am trying to talk with her. But she couldn't hear me. How long will this take? Her face is covered in bruises. Her white skin had darkened and become filthy. Her soiled clothes, hair, and face had become nearly unrecognizable. She doesn't look like a human anymore...

"Why do I deserve this life?"

Yes, Ellena. Question the heavens. Why? You did not even do evil, wicked acts. Why do you deserve this?

"I was only longing for their love. I am also their child."

Yes, Ellena, you are also their child. They do not deserve to be called parents because they have neglected one of their children, who now requires additional assistance.

"Why do they see me as an evil being? I only have black hair."

Yes, Ellena, you only have black hair. But humans are stupid. They are not full of curiosity. They fear new things. This world is trash. They are afraid of things they can't comprehend. This world shall taste your revenge, Ellena.

"Can someone help me? I want to die. "

"No, Ellena, you don't deserve to die. Those who cause you pain should perish. I will kill them. I'll make them suffer even more than they did to you."

"Then, can you make me live?"

"Yes, Ellena, I'll save you."

When I realized she had responded to my remarks, I was cut off for a brief moment. She heard what I said? She answered me!

How? What happened?

'Can someone help me? I want to die.'

Ah. That was it. I finally understand why she wasn't able to fully activate me. Because she didn't need me, her talents were not available, and because she didn't need them, she had me. This... is just...

Before I could speak up, her rune in her right hand glowed. It glowed with the same blue light as the rune. That rune represents me, the system. I am Aaron. I will help you, Ellena.

Ellena... I will help you... I promise.

"Ellena. Do you trust me?"

She looked at her glowing rune while listening to me. She nodded in response.

I am... I can... feel our connection, Ellena. I can finally help you. Ellena... I will save you. I can finally save you!

"Chant the word, status, esteemed host." My system nature has finally been activated. I talked more like a programmed, but I don't care. As long as she has the strength, I don't care. I will just observe her from this place. Even if she can't see me, I don't care.



A/N: I choose common words (but not too common) for readers to easily understand things. If you expected me to have a majestic word choice, forgive me. I'm only a simple writer who only wanted to show some unique ideas in my story.

If you ever get confused and later on question why things have become like that, continue reading. You will learn it soon, especially when it comes to personalities and traits.


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