I Became a Necromancer Cat

Author: Toruu
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What is I Became a Necromancer Cat

Read I Became a Necromancer Cat novel written by the author Toruu on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, reincarnation, villain, antihero. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In a medieval world of powerful warriors and wizards, there was a class that was banned as a taboo. While the others needed to train themselves physically, or mentally, there was a class that was only strengthened by death and destruction. Because they were so dangerous, practitioners who used this class were hunted and killed by all magicians and warriors across the continent. But there was one individual who, despite the joint effort of the most powerful magicians of the magic council, managed to survive and continue to practice his own magic to strengthen himself, causing more chaos and destruction across the continent. This individual was known as the most powerful Necromancer the world has ever seen, but because of a terrible conspiracy, he died with great resentment, reincarnating in the body of a small black cat in a country he never heard of in the 21st century. With the knowledge and experience he had to become the most powerful Necromancer in the world, had he managed to get back to the top again now in the body of a cat?

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I love novels where the protagonist is not human, so finding this one really made me happy. I hope the author continues to write until Ataz becomes a cat god! mwahaha


Shameless review by the author. This is my first story, but I count on your support and everything I've learned by reading novels so far to make a nice novel!


Writing Quality - The grammar is NOICE and its also edited by Azurtha so its good. Stability of Updates- It literally started i dont know what u want from me. Story Development- At a pace, I am enjoying without it seeming forced along or just events pasted together, its like a river flowing. Character Design- Pretty descriptive. World Background- Start of the story so yeah it's short but will be updated in my next review.. Overall- 8/10


Didn't find this that interesting tbh. Thought from the synopsis that we would have a badass mc in a cat body. What do we get? A dumb as a brick mc that acts arrogantly to everything... It is kinda a joke rly. Like he is meant to be the most powerful necromancer in the world and he has no idea on his situation? He needs to learn from books to re-learn magic and not use his own world-class experience? He try to walk as a human while in a cat body? And when he figures he can't he tries to walk by jumping essentially? He tries taking on a witch before even working on his own situation? Honestly can't stand how stupid he is. I mean like I mentioned before, he was the strongest in the world. How tf is he so fcking stupid? What we get is essentially a former mage is in a cat body who has no idea about magic. Probably like a novice or worse instead of world-class he is portrayed to be. Because of the novice like skills he has no idea what to do but because he has a tiny bit of magic that he can't even use, he acts arrogantly to all the "lowly" commoners... Not rly what I came to read, I guess it is more like a slice of life joke story? For me, this is disappointing because of all the tags etc I expected something else? But yeah, if that is what you're into then give this a go. Gl to author


Hello, editor here for the novel thus far. :) Ataz, like any other cat, is adorably quirky and bent on world domination, but he may actually be capable of pulling it off. Will be succeed? Will he find out why he's become a cat? Will he create an army of fishbones to rise up and take over the mortal realm? I don't know; I'm just an editor. Needles to say though, this story is equal parts adorable feel good story and dark gritty adventure, and Toruu is nailing the details when it comes to seeing the world through the eyes of an evil wizard turned cat. So, here's to seeing many more exciting and / or fluffy chapters, and I'll do my best to support in those efforts.


love necromancer mc keep it up......................................................................................................................................


Ok so im 2 chapters in and im already falling in love with this I came here at first cuz Azurtha and Zhanye both recommend this but im genuinely loving this more than i thought i would Zhanye ik that you’re co writing this but I feel like I’m gonna like this more than LDS


This novel has a great story with amazing ideas. The developing of the story get me stuck to it and anxious. I hope that the author write some more of this.


Not only is the portagonist a ruthless necromancer, but also is in the body of cat! I’m a huge Fan of both genres so personally this is a match made in heaven. Only worry is protagonist gettting a human form in the future, which would really kill the story


I'm really liking this story, If are you in doubt, I recommend you to read. Nothing on it make me feel bad, the MC is powerful and funny, the grammar is good, the peace is nice, the world is well-developed, and the other characters are deep and alive. A very good lecture.


Lookin forward to seeing more from this novel. 😃👍


Mano eu amei demaisss, e o fato d’ela ter escrito em inglês é mais foda ainda. Parabéns, Júlia, amo demais o conteúdo que essa guria dá pro seu público.🥺👉👈❤️ Man, I loved it so much, and the fact that she wrote it in english is even more amazing. Congrats, Júlia, love the content this gal gives her audience.🥺👉👈❤️


I love the story. keep up the great work. I'm still on chapter 1 but I got hooked immediately when reading a couple of paragraphs. I enjoy seeing more novels you create someday.


Reveal spoiler


I usually don't leave reviews but this book deserves it, the plot is amazing so far and the main character actually reacts to new things like the tv in a realistic manner. I can't wait to see how this book progresses in the future.


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Em geral muinto bom lendo de uma certa forma você acaba hipnotizado pela historia não gosto muinto de ler mas tirei meu tempo pra ler este e é realmente muito bom


Interesting. I suppose I will have to withhold judgement until more of this is released. For now, it feels kinda rushed. Who is the main character? We don't know. A flashback or two would be useful.


Reveal spoiler


The book has the tag "evolution", but Ataz did not evolve. Will it come later? Or just a random tag?


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