Reviews of I Became A Mech Soldier After Waking Up in The Future.


I Became A Mech Soldier After Waking Up in The Future.


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Another shameless 5-stars review from author-san! Please give it a chance! What can you expect from this book: - detail, vivid, and expansive worldbuilding - thrilling and exciting story plot - dynamic inter-characters interaction and proper character development. - Not-so-slow burn romance, hardworking female soldier vs black-belly genius young miss.

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okay! so let's start, uhh..but from where? like everything was in place, the grammar, the writing style...so sophisticated and the world background was written so well. I'm hooked! This is really really an astonishing novel! keep up the great work author... added it to my library, looking forward to more


I have read 100 chapters! In a span of 2 months or so, i manage to come onto the app daily to read the daily chapter updates from the Author. This story is captivating, it touches on all the right places. From strong character development to story climaxes, this novel got me hooked. I am personally not a huge fan of the world the story is set in, but then again I am more isekai fantasy with magic and what nots, whereas this was set in (in my mind) a dystopian movie like Elysium or Mad Max Fury Road. However I am in love with this story so far. I am a sucker for yuri love stories with action and adventure, and writing in decent English works wonders for me. All in all, read it, you wont regret it, it has me on the edge everyday.




I must say that the author did a great impressive work here. I mean I read only about fantasy and contemporary romance not sci-fi. This book really intrigued me especially the synopsis. I had to read it. Highly recommended guys!


This novel is very good, I like how the author builds the world and novel character, the storyline is also good. Recommended to read !! Need more chapter[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


Loved the novel. I don't remember when I read it but I'm sure I did and it left a impression on me, enough to make me see the title and write a comment. but please author, get a better cover, this one looks absolutely awful, get a better artist to draw or get help online? previous one was better.


I am hooked on this novel, ngl. So far I love everything. The world, the setting, the characters... Everything. I cannot stop reading. Thanks for making this!


may I ask if this is a yuu or no? if yeah I would definitely read this one imma leave great review since Im gonna back here to read. he be hehe...


I have to admit that it is very good. from character design to quality , story development its superb. I cant cut a single score so I gave them all 5 star.If you are a fan of yuri and as well as action I definitely recommand it


Wow! I can tell that the author ensures every chapter is thoroughly checked before publishing. Grammar, sentence construction, and punctuation is 110% perfect (if there were errors, it's unnoticeable). I love how detailed each chapter is. Every chapter is interesting so I couldn't get bored. I'm not done reading yet, but I'm loving it so far! Keep up the great work!


Everything about this novel is very good. The writing,grammar,characters,story development are done amazingly well and is a really great sci-fi romance novel. The only small complaint I have is the religion system used in this story makes no sense and is very unrealistic.


Great story...... has me at the edge of my seat the whole time. an the yuri is no joke. I can't wait to see the romance. I wouldn't want to live in tht world personally either. where ppl can go extinct anytime.



Such a nice story and I want to read more and more from this author. I hope you will keep on continuing it like this... waiting for more updates.


I really liked how you as the author make us readers feel disoriented just as the FL does in the first chapter. It's like we are experiencing everything with her. The only danger of this is that there is not enough explanation in the beginning so the reader may get a bit lost as there is just dialogue telling her to get up, and then it's quite chaotic with the vomiting and putting the helmet on and being in pain. You do have a way of compelling readers with your words and it's fast paced and exhilarating with all the action scenes. Keep it up, I'm excited to read more, though this is not a genre I usually read but it seems you have a good grasp of what this genre means and how to craft a good sci-fi romance story.


The world building is really good. It was interesting from chap 1. Overall, a very good job by author. It's a unique story with a unique background. Eager to see where this goes.


I love this novel! it's very well written! I hope the author will have time to finish ......................................................................................


Interesting take on a whole post-zombie/monster world. The MC is mostly calm and collected unless human is at stake than she act kind of reckless to protect them. The love interest (I think she the love interest. to early to tell) is like another calm facade personality ,but is actually hidden fox


New novel by author, the writer of: System Journey to Godhood. The author created a new female MC and very interest to read. The storyline, background, robot and I love romance between to two women. This novel is astonishing and I really recommended reading. Read it, everyone! You are going enjoy it. 👍👍👍