I, Became a Gravekeeper of the Pyramid of Giza Book

novel - Horror&Thriller

I, Became a Gravekeeper of the Pyramid of Giza

Bale Stafford

Ongoing · 558.3K Views


After transmigrating to this parallel world, Vincent becomes a gravekeeper of the ancient Pyramid of Giza. One day, a team of archaeologists suddenly arrives at the pyramid. They want to excavate the Pyramid of Giza! Vincent is furious, "Did you ask the Pharaoh for permission?" Thus, he accesses the system and summons Sacred Scarabs to kill the archaeologists! Vincent is enraged at their intrusion! Another exploration team that has once challenged other great pyramids takes action. However, they only realize something is off after they enter the pyramid. The Sacred Scarabs are merely child's play. The Pharaoh of the Pyramid of Giza revives and leads millions of mummies out of their tombs! The world finally realizes that the Pyramid of Giza is not a place that they can excavate!

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