32 This Is How the Authentic Spirit Bloodline Came About

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Qin Haoyue's inner energy was running low, and so was Fang Jinyu's. Although Fang Jinyu was a cultivator who ranked 2 in the Foundation Establishment stage, the myriad transformation technique required much of his inner energy. The moment he used it, his Foundation Establishment stage inner energy would instantly be reduced by two-thirds!

Foundation Establishment stage cultivators could cultivate great divine powers. However, the great divine powers were unpredictable, and it was easy to cause one's inner energy to be insufficient. Hence, it could be a great hindrance to Foundation Establishment stage cultivators.

For example, Qin Haoyue's situation just now. Once he used the spiritual fire, cultivators who ranked below rank 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage would only be defeated and flee.

However, Qin Haoyue could only use the technique once in a short period of time.

The fallen Qin Haoyue naturally had someone to save him. However, since everyone saw Fang Jinyu defeat Qin Haoyue, even if Senior Brother Chen, who ranked 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage, wanted to fake the results, he couldn't do it.

It was because the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster of the Tianling Sect set the rules of competing on Mount Shidao. The last person who dared to fake the results was a cultivator who ranked 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage and was about to break through the Core Formation stage. However, he was punished by mining a million spirit stones, which later delayed his core formation time and caused him to fail.

Fang Jinyu didn't care about people betting on him, but this time, if nothing unexpected happened, many unlucky people would lose.

"Although the myriad transformation technique is powerful, and it can even temporarily control spiritual fire, it requires too much inner energy. If I want to use it as I please, I'm afraid I can wait until I break through the Core Formation stage."

Fang Jinyu frowned slightly. Although he had won against Qin Haoyue, he had only won because he had more inner energy than Qin Haoyue.

The might of the superior-tier spirit tool still made Fang Jinyu's heart palpitate.

"Later, Su Yier will get a few more spirit tools, but they're all middle-tier spirit tools. Although there's a lightning-attribute spirit tool among them, the place Su Yier obtains it is too far away from Tianling Sect. It's not worth it to me." Fang Jinyu wanted to increase his strength. After all, although he didn't cause trouble, Su Yier's admirers were too unreasonable.

Moreover, it was obvious that Qin Haoyue wouldn't give up just like that.

"I wonder if Su Yier's master knows about Qin Haoyue and Su Yier's relationship?" Fang Jinyu's eyes glowed with ferocity.

Later, the Qin family would greatly benefit from the price increase of the Foundation Establishment Elixir. If Fang Jinyu followed his plan, the Qin family would be fine, but Qin Haoyue would definitely be in trouble.

When the Qin family couldn't provide the Foundation Establishment Elixirs to the Tianling Sect, they weren't eligible to make Su Yier's master swallow his anger!

Qin Haoyue must have eaten the forbidden fruit with Su Yier in the Lingdu Secret Realm because the book that appeared shortly had a detailed description of the scene. It even mentioned the location of Su Yier's birthmark.

However, the crucial point was that the book didn't mention how Su Yier's master knew about it.

"It seems I can only wait for Su Yier to leave the Tianling Sect."

Su Yier must have had a falling out with her master when she left Tianling Sect, which meant that her master knew about her relationship with Qin Haoyue.

Fang Jinyu returned to the peak of Mount Lingyao named "Li" and prepared to start refining the Core Spirit Elixir.

After Fang Jinyu had previously cultivated the great divine power of the myriad transformation technique, he noticed there were still seven or eight days left before the battle with Qin Haoyue. Hence, he collected the spirit herbs needed for refining the Core Spirit Elixir.

Perhaps the Core Spirit Elixir was too special, as some of the ingredients had taken Fang Jinyu a lot of effort to collect.

With his previous insights, Fang Jinyu had already grasped the essence of refining the Core Spirit Elixir. The first batch was successful, and he obtained eight Core Spirit Elixirs. It immediately put Fang Jinyu in a good mood.

Meanwhile, a Mount Lingyao disciple reported that two female disciples had come to see him to express their gratitude.

"Thank me?"

Fang Jinyu was surprised, but he was in a good mood, so he went out to take a look. He discovered that it was the two muddled girls he had met previously.

"Disciple Lei Qianqian."

"Disciple Lei Yingying."

"Thank you so much, Martial Uncle Fang!"

Meanwhile, the two young ladies were excitedly expressing their gratitude to Fang Jinyu, and they were just short of kneeling to pay their respects.

"You all have the same surname, Lei?"

When Fang Jinyu heard the two names, for some reason, he suddenly felt a sense of familiarity. It was as if he had a similar impression, but he couldn't recall it. So he brushed the matter aside and asked with a smile, "How many spirit stones did you two win?"

"Martial Uncle Fang, we won twenty spirit stones!" The two girls said excitedly, "Now, we can finally go and buy a Qi and Soul Replenish Elixir!"

Hearing it, Fang Jinyu couldn't help but ask, "A Qi and Soul Replenish Elixir? Isn't that ten spirit stones for one?"

Fang Jinyu had refined quite a few before, so he was very clear about the price.

"But, the senior brother in charge of teaching us said it needed twenty spirit stones…." The two girls were stunned.

Fang Jinyu looked at the two of them and immediately understood the situation.

Fang Jinyu asked, "Did you two come into contact with cultivation before you joined the Tianling Sect? And you're not living in Yuan City?" The former Fang Jinyu had heard of disciples with a higher cultivation base who would take advantage of the lack of information to exploit new disciples.

Some intelligent people wouldn't fall for a trick.

However, some disciples, who lacked experience, would be easily deceived due to the seniority of their senior brothers and sisters.

"Martial Uncle Fang, how did you know? Qianqian and I used to live in the same village! However, there were only us and our grandmother in the village. After our grandmother passed away, the two of us left the village and happened to meet a martial uncle. The martial uncle saw our spiritual roots and brought us back to the Tianling Sect." The two girls were surprised when they heard it. Meanwhile, they couldn't help but tell Fang Jinyu about their origins.

Fang Jinyu looked at the two girls, who didn't seem to be scheming with him, and suddenly fell silent.

It was because Fang Jinyu recalled his memories.

At the same time, he also understood why he felt a sense of familiarity with these two girls, both named Lei.

If one were to rank the unlucky characters in the book, these two would be in the top ten.

The spiritual roots of these two girls were very ordinary. They only had three attributes, but they had the bloodline of an ancient authentic spirit, which was rare in the Nine Desolations. In the future, they would activate their authentic spirit bloodline, display their authentic spirit's great divine powers, and become popular in the Tianling Sect.

After that, these two unlucky girls accidentally stepped into the devil's realm because they went out with the female lead, Su Yier. They were captured by the Devil Supreme of the devil race and were used to refine magic treasures.

Later, the Devil Supreme fell in love with Su Yier, giving her the magic treasures refined by her two junior sisters.

At first, Su Yier didn't know about it, but when she discovered it, she broke up with the Devil Supreme in anger, and the Devil Supreme was in pain and regret.

After that...

After that, the plot cleared Devil Supreme's reputation.

After all, even though the two unlucky girls had lost their lives, the Devil Supreme had lost his love!

Fang Jinyu shook his head as he thought of the following shitty plot. He took out a bottle of elixirs and said, "I have a bottle of Qi and Soul Replenish Elixir, and I don't need them anymore, so I'll give them to you."

Fang Jinyu could only express his helplessness toward the two unlucky girls.

After sending off the two girls, the sky gradually darkened.

The familiar text box appeared again.

[Today is when you're not afraid of power, bravely confront the second generation, and are willing to help others.]

[Refined ancient authentic spirit Kui cattle bloodline +1]

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