4 Breakthrough the Foundation Establishment Stage So Easily?

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Lu Yifang didn't answer, but his response gave Fang Jinyu the answer.

Only a Core Formation stage cultivator could make the notorious Chen Baxing obediently follow his orders. He even convinced a Foundation Establishment stage alchemist with a high position in the immortal world to give him a promise.

The only Core Formation stage cultivator who needed a chance to enter the Lingdu Secret Realm was Su Yier's master!

Fang Jinyu didn't expect that he was still unable to avoid him after a month of cleaning feces.

Suddenly, Fang Jinyu felt as if he had seen his death.

Fang Jinyu thought, "Did cannon fodder have no human rights?"

"Fuck you!"

However, due to Fang Jinyu's strong will to live, he had an idea in the next second.

Fang Jinyu said, "Five days isn't enough. I need ten days. If I insist on not giving in, you can do nothing to me. Once I've entered the Lingdu Secret Realm, I'll naturally break through the Foundation Establishment stage. It's just a matter of time. At that time, as long as I didn't cause any trouble and did closed-door cultivation all year round, even the great Core Formation stage cultivator couldn't do anything to me."

Core Formation stage cultivators were not allowed to attack Foundation Establishment stage cultivators of the same sect. It was a rule made by the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster of the Tianling Sect.

It was said that a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator of the Tianling Sect had once deeply offended a Core Formation stage cultivator. However, the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator was still alive.

Fang Jinyu was trying to buy himself some time.

"It's impossible…" Lu Shaojun was about to reject him, but Lu Yifang interrupted him and said, "Ten days. Alright, It's a deal. I'll visit you ten days later."

Actually, the Core Formation stage cultivator wanted them to get things done within half a year. They just had to get the chance to enter the Lingdu Secret Realm from Fang Jinyu before the opening.

Since they hoped to leave a good impression on the great Core Formation stage cultivator, they wanted to get things done as soon as possible. Hence, they told Fang Jinyu they didn't have much time left.

Lu Yifang then bid farewell.

"I'm not going to send you off."

Fang Jinyu didn't welcome them, so he naturally responded apathetically.

Lu Shaojun looked angry and seemed to have something to say, but he was pulled away by Lu Yifang.

Seeing the two of them leave, Fang Jinyu suppressed his urge to snitch on them. He then restored the restrictive enchantment and began correcting his cultivation mistakes.

"If I can break through the Foundation Establishment stage without a Foundation Establishment Elixir, then I can easily solve all the dangers…"

After all, the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators were not allowed to enter the Lingdu Secret Realm.

He could use the chance to exchange for the follow-up cultivation technique of the storm raging technique with the Tianling Sect Leader.

The storm raging technique was a high-tier cultivation technique with three attributes: wind, fire, and lightning. If the former Fang Jinyu's parents didn't sacrifice themselves for the sect, the former Fang Jinyu wouldn't be able to obtain the Qi Condensation section of the technique.

The cultivation techniques were only divided into high-tier and low-tier. Most cultivators only cultivated low-tier techniques. Some rogue cultivators who were lucky enough to become a cultivator just knew some basic Qi Condensation chants.

A night had passed, but Fang Jinyu's cultivation base remained the same.

It was natural. After all, Fang Jinyu had reached a bottleneck.

However, after correcting a few of his mistakes, he could clearly feel that the flow of his inner energy was smoother.

Fang Jinyu also understood the correct way to use his identity as a transmigrator.

"The more I do high-tier activities, the more help I'll be able to gain after refining them."

The feedback from cleaning feces could be said to be negligible.

After all, it was just simple labor work.

Fang Jinyu's spellcasting speed increased due to his repeated use of spells.

The only benefit he gained from cleaning feces was the ability to endure the stench. He had refined his ability to endure the stench more than ten times.

However, all the gains from the ability to endure the stench couldn't even compare to the "Understanding +1" he got today.

Hence, Fang Jinyu continued his cultivation the next day.

[Today is another day of cultivating with no gain.]

[Understanding from refinement +1]

Last night, he could only correct a few mistakes in his cultivation due to his lack of insight. However, the specific cultivation method for the storm raging technique manifested in his mind as "Understanding +1" reappeared.

Fang Jinyu corrected a portion of it overnight, and his inner energy began to flow even smoother. If the flow of his inner energy was like sand flowing in the desert, it was now flowing smoothly like a waterfall.

On the third day, he gained another "Understanding +1."

Fang Jinyu was naturally overjoyed with his achievement. After correcting his mistakes overnight, the inner energy in his body reached the point where he could cast spells as he pleased. Even the technique of casting spells he previously mastered had significantly improved.

If someone like Lu Shaojun attacked him again, Fang Jinyu could kill him with a counterattack. Once he attacked him, even the other cultivators ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage could not save him.

Fang Jinyu was now able to strike like the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator.

Fang Jinyu was now considered a half step to the Foundation Establishment stage!

Unfortunately, he didn't gain what he had previously on the fourth day.

[Today is a day to sublimate your inner self with the Blossom Dew.]

[Refined appearance +1]

Although a bottle of Blossom Dew cost twenty spirit stones, it was not a one-time-use product. He could use it many times, and he could use it for around two years with conservation use.

"What can I do with being handsome?"

Fang Jinyu couldn't help but mock.

Among the refinements, Fang Jinyu didn't hope to see gains in his appearance. Even though he wasn't handsome, he didn't care about his appearance.

After all, he was already a cultivator, so why should he care about his appearance?

He believed that everything should be based on cultivation.

Fortunately, he once again saw the "Understanding +1" that he wished to achieve the most on the next day's cultivation.

Fang Jinyu finally broke through the bottleneck as the Qi Condensation cultivation method appeared in his mind, and his storm raging technique evolved. His inner energy, which had previously stopped improving, showed some changes.

Meanwhile, Fang Jinyu knew that it was his opportunity to break through. He could undoubtedly break through the Foundation Establishment stage if he immediately consumed a Foundation Establishment Elixir!

However, he didn't have a Foundation Establishment Elixir.

As a result, Fang Jinyu could only use spells to improve his inner energy and spiritual energy gradually.

[Today is a day of cultivation with a small gain.]

[Refined inner energy +1]

"I've refined my inner energy?"

Fang Jinyu was stunned. Then, he felt like he had just consumed a superior-tier elixir, and his inner energy surged.

Therefore, he immediately continued to circulate his cultivation technique.

Then, naturally, his inner energy improved. The inner energy helped him shave off his hair and purify his bone marrow.

The process was like being reborn.

After the process, Fang Jinyu had already exceeded his lifespan.

[Foundation Establishment stage, Lifespan: 200 years]

Fang Jinyu couldn't help but smile.

His idea was indeed feasible. He didn't have to rely on the Foundation Establishment Elixir to force a breakthrough. Instead, he could achieve the breakthrough by comprehending all the techniques he had cultivated and correcting the flaws in his cultivation. Afterward, he could accumulate his inner energy and breakthrough naturally!

Fang Jinyu immediately used the storm raging technique to stabilize his body's endless flow of inner energy.

Fang Jinyu didn't need to strengthen his cultivation because the breakthrough didn't require using elixirs.

Fang Jinyu opened his eyes after familiarizing himself with the Foundation Establishment's inner energy. Afterward, he immediately left his immortal estate and headed towards Mount Tianling, where the Tianling Sect Leader was.

Fang Jinyu also had a talisman tool.

It was an immortal tool that was inferior to spirit tools. Although it wasn't a powerful tool, it was easier for Qi Condensation stage cultivators to master it.

Fang Jinyu intended to hand over the chance that had constantly threatened him. Moreover, he was also prepared to file a complaint when meeting the Tianling Sect Leader!

Fang Jinyu would definitely not file a complaint against Su Yier's master. After all, he had no evidence about Su Yier's master threatening his life, and Su Yier's master was a Core Formation stage cultivator. He was going to file a complaint against Chen Baxing, Lu Shaojun, and Lu Yifang!

Fang Jinyu didn't dare to provoke an alchemist. After all, alchemists were famous for their strong connections, especially a Foundation Establishment stage alchemist. They could even ask a Core Formation stage cultivator for help.

However, the Tianling Sect could provoke an alchemist!

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