3 A Bad-Tempered Cultivator and a Brainless Young Man

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[Today is a day of cultivating with no gain.]

[Understanding from refinement +1]

When the day ended and night fell, Fang Jinyu saw the day's achievements as he had wished. However, he had almost moved to tears.

"I thought I didn't feel any improvement in my cultivation because I'm at rank 9 in the Qi Condensation stage and am about to break through the Foundation Establishment stage. However, it turns out that I've reached a bottleneck, and my cultivation base hasn't improved at all."

Fang Jinyu finally understood why the ranked 9 in Qi Condensation stage cultivators were desperate for the Foundation Establishment Elixir.

As long as one had less than four-element spiritual roots, one could break through the Foundation Establishment stage by consuming one Foundation Establishment Elixir.

It was called a sacred medicine that could change one's fate.

Hence, the Foundation Establishment Elixir price was costly, which was 30000 spirit stones per elixir!

Even a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator couldn't afford such a huge amount of spirit stones, not to mention a Qi Condensation stage cultivator. It might take more than a hundred years for a Qi Condensation stage cultivator to save 30000 spirit stones!

Although some Immortal City would provide loans to ranked 9 in Qi Condensation stage cultivators, even if they successfully broke through the Foundation Establishment stage, they had to work for the Immortal City for at least 20 years! If it's not enough, their life would naturally belong to the Immortal City. At that time, they would have to work their fingers to the bone as an enslaved person or a servant… 

Fang Jinyu didn't get the information from the book. He naturally knew it since he had inherited the memories of the former Fang Jinyu.

The Immortal City… It was just a name to increase its reputation since only immortal cultivators lived inside.

Usually, there would be at least one Core Formation stage cultivator in charge of such an Immortal City.

The Lingdu Secret Realm could help the Tianling Sect's disciples to break through the Foundation Establishment stage because the disciples who left the Lingdu Secret Realm could exchange their gains for at least one Foundation Establishment Elixir. If they were lucky enough, they could even exchange for three!

It was a shortcut to getting rich!

Even Foundation Establishment stage cultivators would be envious of it.

Meanwhile, Fang Jinyu suddenly had a wonderful feeling. As his mind became clear, all the details of the storm raging technique, a technique he had been cultivating, and other cultivation details appeared.

After reading through the details in his mind, Fang Jinyu immediately understood his mistakes and why he had reached a bottleneck.

Fang Jinyu was excited by his discovery.

He had a hunch that once he had corrected his mistakes, he might be able to break through the Foundation Establishment stage without a Foundation Establishment Elixir!

Fang Jinyu immediately tried to correct his mistakes in his cultivation excitedly.

However, at this moment, Fang Jinyu realized someone had triggered the restrictive enchantment on his immortal estate.

Hence, he picked up the mirror beside him and cast a spell on it.

After casting a spell, the mirror gradually showed the person's appearance outside the door. It was a low-tier spirit tool named Scouting Mirror. It was used to scout and look into the distance. It was a reward from the sect after the death of the former Fang Jinyu's parents.

A Foundation Establishment stage cultivator could see the foot of the mountain from the middle of the mountain. As for Fang Jinyu, he could only look at the scene outside his immortal estate.

It wasn't a wrong tool. After all, it was a low-tier spirit tool that could exchange hundreds of spirit stones.

However, since it was too useless, it wasn't a good tool either.

Two people appeared in the mirror. One was slightly older and looked to be in his early thirties, while the other was a young man with a somewhat arrogant expression.

Soon, Fang Jinyu realized that both were late-stage Qi Condensation cultivators.

One was at rank 9 in the Qi Condensation stage, while the other was at rank 7 in the Qi Condensation stage.

"Hmm, these two don't look like Chen Baxing…" Fang Jinyu was surprised but still went over to cancel the restrictive enchantment. The restrictive enchantment was just an alarm since even a ranked 3 Qi Condensation stage cultivator could break through it.

Moreover, he was on the Tianling Sect's mountain peak. He believed that the other party wouldn't dare to make a move.

As the door opened, Fang Jinyu walked out. He cupped his fists and asked, "Is there something important that the two of you have come to find me?"

As soon as Fang Jinyu finished speaking, the young man immediately became angry and said, "Huh, you're such an interesting person. Who do you think you are? Do you mean that we can't find you when nothing happens? Besides, why are you so stinky? Did you eat shit?"

"Can you fucking mind your words…"

Fang Jinyu was going to curse at him, but he tried his best to suppress his anger. He turned to look at the man in his early thirties and ignored the young man.

He was only afraid of the neurotic, lovesick Core Formation stage cultivator, but it didn't mean he was scared of everyone.

Meanwhile, the man in his early thirties looked embarrassed. However, he couldn't say anything due to the other party's status. When he saw Fang Jinyu looking at him, he quickly cupped his fists and said, "Brother Fang, I'm Lu Yifang, and he is Lu Shaojun. Senior Brother Chen asked us to come and find you."

Fang Jinyu's expression changed when he heard such an "introduction of an acquaintance."

The Tianling Sect's disciple was working sneakily?

It was true that society was corrupted.

Lu Shaojun couldn't help but laugh when he saw Fang Jinyu change his expression, "Haha! You're afraid, right? Look at you being a coward! As you know, we are sent by Senior Brother Chen Baxing. So hurry up, get out of the way, and let us in!"

Fang Jinyu was speechless and thought, "What the heck?"

"Chen Baxing?"

Fang Jinyu showed a pleasant facial expression. He was not afraid of Chen Baxing at all. After all, Chen Baxing was only at rank 9 in the Qi Condensation stage. The book did mention that the fellow would break through the Foundation Establishment stage in the future. However, the female lead, Su Yier, helped him achieve it.

Fang Jinyu snorted, "Huh, you two should go back to where you came from!" Then he turned around and returned to his immortal estate. At the same time, he restored the restrictive enchantment.

However, he had only taken two steps before the restrictive enchantment was shattered.

Fang Jinyu turned his head and saw Lu Shaojun. Meanwhile, Lu Shaojun went furious and scolded, "Who do you think you are?! How dare you speak to me with such an attitude?"

Fang Jinyu asked coldly, "Do you know the consequences of destroying one's restrictive enchantment?"

Lu Shaojun showed a disdainful expression and said, "So what? You're the one who dug your grave!" Afterward, he attacked Fang Jinyu! A wind blade flew out of his hand and slashed at Fang Jinyu!

Fang Jinyu thought, "Where did this stupid shit come from?"

Fang Jinyu was shocked and continued thinking, "There's really someone who dared to attack?"

Then, with a backhand grab, the wind blade dissipated halfway. Then, Fang Jinyu formed another wind blade with the scattered wind energy, and it slashed like a thunderbolt.

Fang Jinyu's wind blade was ten times more powerful than Lu Shaojun's wind blade! Moreover, the speed of the slash was even faster! 

Lu Shaojun was stunned.

He had practiced with his family many times at home, but nobody had ever attacked him as Fang Jinyu did!

"Darn it!"

When Lu Yifang saw the situation, he immediately helped Lu Shaojun. He didn't dare to let Lu Shaojun get hurt. Otherwise, he might get punished by Lu Shaojun's father, a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator!

He immediately activated a talisman. The talisman transformed into a round light shield that obstructed the wind blade.


Although the wind blade dissipated, the luster of the talisman tool also dimmed.

However, the ground was already a mess. The strong wind blew in all directions, leaving marks on the immortal estate's rock walls.

Lu Yifang didn't intend to continue the fight. He just said, "Brother Fang, please forgive him! Junior Brother Lu is the Tianling Sect's new disciple and doesn't know the sect's rules. Please forgive him for not knowing the rules!"

While speaking, Lu Yifang secretly cursed, "If this brat is just a normal disciple, I want to kill him too!"

"I, Lu Yifang, will be a dog if I work with this brat again in the future!"

Meanwhile, Fang Jinyu twitched his eyebrow and felt strange. Lu Shaojun joined the sect when he was ranked 7 in the Qi Condensation stage. It meant that he was special. After all, the Tianling Sect preferred to accept new disciples with weaker cultivation bases yearly. The Tianling Sect liked to take talented mortals the most.

Thus, Fang Jinyu suppressed his anger and asked, "What did Chen Baxing ask you to do?"

Lu Shaojun scolded, "Senior Brother Chen Baxing wants you to hand over the chance to enter the Lingdu Secret Realm! You better hand it to us if you know what's good for you! Don't waste our time!"

Although Fang Jinyu had defeated Lu Shaojun with a single blow, he didn't hold back as long as Lu Yifang was with him.

Fang Jinyu looked at them as if looking at two idiots and asked, "Brother Lu, is he nuts? Are you nuts? Do you know all I need to do is report the situation to the higher-ups, and the three of you will have your cultivation base crippled and be expelled from the sect?" Meanwhile, Fang Jinyu thought, "If I can sell the chance, I've done so!"

"Or else, why will I have to clean up feces for a month to avoid that neurotic, lovestruck Core Formation stage cultivator?"

Lu Yifang answered, "Of course, we know it, and so does Senior Brother Chen. However, Senior Brother Chen asked us to come here to tell you that other people wanted the chance! We're just following orders."

Afterward, Lu Yifang looked at the stupid shit beside him and continued saying with a smile, "Brother Fang, Junior Brother Lu's father is a senior alchemist. If you agree to give up, Senior Brother Chen will take care of the matter, so you don't have to worry about it. Furthermore, Junior Brother Lu's father promises to refine a Foundation Establishment Elixir for you once you gather all the ingredients!"

Only a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator could make the ranked 9 in Qi Condensation stage cultivator address him as Martial Uncle.

Unless one's relationship with someone was good, the seniority of cultivators only depended on their cultivation base, regardless of age.

When Fang Jinyu heard his words, he cursed in his heart, "What the fuck? What a good plan! The brat's father asked me to collect all the ingredients, but he will just give me one elixir after he finishes the refinement?"

"Did he take me for a fool?"

"This brat even treated it as a fucking favor!"

"Even a fool knows that one refinement will produce at least seven or eight elixirs!" 

Meanwhile, Fang Jinyu only wanted to curse everyone. Hence, he coldly sent them off.

However, Lu Yifang spoke again, "Brother Fang, I know we have made things hard for you. Hence, Senior Brother Chen said we could give you five days to consider the matter. Please forgive us for being in such a hurry. The senior wants us to get things done in a month. Now that half a month has passed, we don't have much time left."

Fang Jinyu was startled after hearing Lu Yifang's words. Afterward, he turned to Lu Yifang and asked, "Is he a great cultivator?"

Only the Core Formation stage cultivator could be addressed as a great cultivator.

As soon as Fang Jinyu finished his words, Lu Yifang's immediately looked at him in shock.

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