Chapter 3: Training and Attribute Upgrade

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"Brother, I'm a straightforward person, so don't take offense."

"But with your body, you really need some training."

"Just, don't train randomly, it's better with a professional..."

On the way to the fitness area, Coach Jack kept persuading Chen Sheng by his ear.

What he meant was that Chen Sheng must get a coach, otherwise random training could be dangerous and inefficient.

Chen Sheng just pretended not to hear.

Don't ask, he's just broke.

Seeing that Chen Sheng didn't seem to plan on hiring a personal trainer, Coach Jack's attitude instantly became cold.

He must be one of those people who lose interest after three minutes.

With that in mind, he stopped talking.

The two walked in silence.

Soon, they arrived at the fitness area.


A chubby teenager with yellow hair in sportswear raised his hand enthusiastically when he saw Coach Jack.

Jack, who had been cold-faced, immediately showed a warm smile.

"Ah Wei, you're here early today."

After exchanging pleasantries,

Yellow hair Ah Wei turned his gaze on Chen Sheng.

"This is..."

"Oh, this is a new member, he's training with us today."

Coach Jack looked at Chen Sheng.

"This is Ah Wei, who's been my member for a month."

"He wasn't much better than you at first, but after a month of training, he's already much more lean."

With Coach Jack's introduction, Ah Wei grinned, flexed an arm, and a muscle-like outline appeared under the sportswear.

"Are you sure you don't want to buy a month of private lessons?"

Facing Jack's inquiry, Chen Sheng shook his head firmly.

Not to mention that a month of private lessons cost four thousand, which was ridiculously expensive.

But with Breaking Limits, he didn't need a coach to constantly adjust his training plan. As long as he had some basic exercise knowledge, his physical fitness would keep improving.

He didn't need private lessons at all.

Seeing this,

Coach Jack completely gave up on Chen Sheng.

"Just follow what we're doing."

His expression quickly turned cold.

He didn't care what Chen Sheng's reaction was and directly led yellow hair Ah Wei to the treadmill.

Chen Sheng shrugged, unconcerned, and followed.

"Coach, what's up with him?"

Ah Wei whispered to Jack.

He noticed Jack's attitude was a little off.

"Don't worry about him, people like him will stop coming after at most three times."

Hearing this,

Ah Wei immediately understood.

He had persisted in exercising for more than a month.

For those who came just for a moment of novelty and had no persistence, he also looked down on them.

He didn't focus on Chen Sheng anymore, and discussed today's training plan with Jack.

They arrived at the running area.

"You two warm up for a bit, 40 minutes each."

"I'll be back in a while."

With that, Coach Jack left.

Chen Sheng looked at the all-English treadmill with a baffled expression.

Fortunately, he noticed yellow hair Ah Wei and followed his example, starting the treadmill and adjusting a fixed speed.

After about ten minutes.


Chen Sheng, pale-faced and leaning against the treadmill, gasped for air, while his legs trembled continuously.

He looked utterly exhausted.

Yellow hair Ah Wei looked at him in disbelief.

Did this guy come here to joke around?

He hadn't even run for twenty minutes yet, and he was already like this. How could he possibly get fit.

"Not everyone can run."

"Be careful not to ruin your body with running."

Ah Wei scoffed

But what he didn't notice was,

Chen Sheng, who was resting next to him, quickly regained the color in his face and his breathing became steady just a few minutes later.

Seemed like his stamina was recovering rapidly?

With doubt, Chen Sheng summoned the panel.

[Strength: 0.86]

[Agility: 0.92]

[Constitution: 0.92]

Constitution attribute increased by 0.01.

Could it be that the increase of the Constitution attribute also restores stamina?

Would he become a perpetual motion machine in the future?

Training promotes attribute improvement, improvement promotes stamina recovery, allowing for more training.

And the training effect will not decline, but will become stronger as the attributes improve.

Thinking like this,

Chen Sheng became even more excited about the future, and couldn't help but smile.


he doesn't plan to continue running but will save the recovered energy for the upcoming training.

Twenty minutes pass quickly.

Coach Jack returns.

Yellow-haired Ah Wei is stepping down from the treadmill with a red face.

On the side, Chen Sheng has regained some color, no longer looking as miserable as before.

Seeing this scene, Coach Jack subconsciously thinks that Chen Sheng has run for a while and then slacked off.

His contempt in his heart becomes heavier.

He directly ignores Chen Sheng and smiles at Ah Wei.

"Let's go, time for strength training."


The two head towards the strength area together.

Chen Sheng silently follows behind.

He doesn't care if the other party looks down on him or not.

He came to work out anyway, not to make friends.

Over the next hour,

Coach Jack helps Ah Wei with various strength training,

Chen Sheng also does the same training on the side.

However, the gap between him and Ah Wei is too big.

Whether it is lifting dumbbells or chest press, the opponent starts with at least 20 kilograms.

As for Chen Sheng,

He can only lift 10kg dumbbells,

and for chest press, he can only lift the bar, unable to add any more weight.

After only two sets of twelve reps, Chen Sheng feels unbearable pain in his joints.

The other training items are the same.

Coach Jack focuses all his attention on Ah Wei.

He completely ignores Chen Sheng.

Chen Sheng, thick-skinned, tries to ask him about the posture several times but gets ignored.

"Young man, your foundation is too weak."

"You should try to eat more to ensure your body has enough nutrition intake, otherwise your body will collapse from the training."

"And for these exercises, make sure the movements are correct, and breathe rhythmically."

At this time, a bald big man seems unable to bear it any longer and comes over to guide Chen Sheng.

This big man is a head taller than Chen Sheng, with bulging muscles all over his body.

"Strong Bro, our gym doesn't allow for private coaching of members."

Seeing someone helping Chen Sheng, Coach Jack quickly says.

However, the identity of this big man seems not simple. When Coach Jack says this, he seems to lack confidence.

Strong Bro glares.

"Not satisfied?"

"If not, ask your boss to come to me!"

"I've been fucking fed up with your attitude for a long time, if you keep on bitching, I'll talk to your boss tomorrow!"

Hearing this,

Coach Jack suddenly becomes quiet.

However, in the angle where Strong Bro can't see, he fiercely glares at Chen Sheng.

As for this, Chen Sheng directly ignores it.

"Brother, don't worry about training, as long as I am in the gym, I will guide you."

"Just call me Strong Bro."

Strong Bro's chest thumps with sound.

"Thank you, Strong Bro."

Chen Sheng smiles and nods.


Under Strong Bro's guidance, Chen Sheng resumes his training and immediately notices a clear difference.

When doing the movements, the soreness is no longer in the joints but in the muscles.

He can clearly feel which muscle is exerting force.

Although he can only use the lightest weight for each exercise and perform two or three sets,

He believes that with a little accumulation, he will get stronger each time.

Half an hour later,

Chen Sheng says goodbye to Strong Bro and leaves the gym.

He opens the panel immediately.

As expected, his strength attribute increased by 0.01.

His arms that were a bit sore are now much better.

Chen Sheng's only worry is whether his muscles will be sore when he gets up the next day.

But that can't be known now.

Everything depends on tomorrow.

Chen Sheng checks the time.

He has been in the gym for more than two hours, and it is now a little past eleven in the morning.

It's just time for lunch.

Recalling Strong Bro's words about ensuring adequate nutrition,

Chen Sheng looks around and quickly targets a beef hot pot restaurant.

He steps forward immediately.

"Four plates of snowflake beef, four plates of dragon, four plates of beef balls..."

Listening to the list of dishes, the waiter hesitates for a moment.

"How many people in your party, sir?"

"Just me. Don't worry. I'll take the leftovers to go."

Hearing this, the waiter doesn't ask more questions and directly takes Chen Sheng's order.