Chapter 2 Fitness and Purchasing Home Appliances

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The next day, in the morning.

Noisy voices echoed from outside the window.

Chen Sheng squinted his eyes, stretching on the bed.

He lives near the vegetable market, and around this time, the number of people coming to buy and sell vegetables tends to increase.

Since the noise woke him up, Chen Sheng didn't plan to sleep in any longer.

He got straight out of bed and after washing up, prepared to go out.

He planned to go to the urban area to buy some home appliances and grab breakfast on the way.


Chen Sheng didn't plan on taking the moto-taxi again.

Now that he's decided to get in shape, he thought,

Why not run there!

The city's urban area is about nine kilometers away from his home.

Chen Sheng planned to run half the distance and walk the other half.

He changed into some light sportswear and came downstairs.

After doing a bit of stretching, he started running towards the city center.

10 minutes later.


With a pale face and drenched in sweat, Chen Sheng, standing at the entrance of Wutong Village, weakly waved at a moto-taxi driver in the distance.

He had vastly overestimated his physical endurance.

Forget about nine kilometers,

Just a little over one kilometer and he felt entirely drained, with unbearable stomach cramps.

With this level of physical condition, Chen Sheng seriously doubted he could even match a primary school student.

Left with no choice, he had to take a moto-taxi to the urban area.

After a back-and-forth negotiation with the driver, the motorbike set off towards the city with Chen Sheng on board.

On the way,

Bored, Chen Sheng started to inspect his panel again.

Constitution represents stamina, endurance, and the overall resilience level of the body parts.

Agility represents the explosiveness of muscles, nerve response speed, and sensory activeness.

Strength represents Chen Sheng's muscular and skeletal power and his ability to exert force instantly.

The three attributes interact with each other, and they must all be improved in balance to avoid overburdening the body due to too much muscle strength.


All of Chen Sheng's attributes,

are equally weak.

But he believes that with the skill of Breaking Limits, he will become stronger eventually.

10 minutes later.

Chen Sheng arrived in the city smoothly.

He did not rush to buy home appliances but instead visited a well-known local restaurant near the city center.

Noodle porridge is a special dish from Chen Sheng's hometown. It consists of rich soup made from large bones and very thin rice noodles, topped with various ingredients of one's choice, stew sauce, pepper powder, and garnished with spring onions. Served with fried bread sticks, it is extremely delicious.

As it was still early,

Chen Sheng enjoyed his noodle porridge while watching the news playing on the TV overhead.

[Recently, the National Martial Arts Association released the latest martial arts ranks. The rather fantasized ranking names sparked online discussions. Netizens speculated that this might be a sign of the Spiritual Qi Awakening.]

[The Martial Arts Association didn't provide much explanation.]

A piece of news caught his attention.

The TV screen was displaying the latest realm division by the Martial Arts Association.

"For those who have not entered a stage, they are divided into sections, from one to ten sections."

"For those who have entered a stage, from weak to strong, they are divided into the Hidden Element Realm, Clear Understanding Realm, Yao Light Realm.....why is it scrolling so fast? Are they afraid I'll memorize them?"

Before Chen Sheng could finish reading, the news ticker had already ended and moved on to the next piece of news.

Fortunately, he didn't pay much attention to it.

He had seen martial arts in various novels and movies since he was a child.

He once fantasized about becoming a martial arts master or a grand master of Chinese martial arts.

But after years of internet surfing, Chen Sheng has long lost the passion for it.

After all, most martial arts nowadays are mostly for general fitness.

If you want to learn really useful martial arts, it would not be that easy.

Especially considering his age.

After breakfast, Chen Sheng went straight to the shopping center.

After picking out a bunch of home appliances and kitchen utensils totaling 5,000, and setting a delivery time with the sales clerk, Chen Sheng left directly.

"What should I do now....."

Chen Sheng looked around cluelessly after leaving the mall.

Even though he had decided to exercise,

he had no idea where to begin.

Right then,

Chen Sheng noticed a sign not too far away,

and his eyes lit up.

"Hello, welcome to Jason Gym."

The attractive receptionist stood up and greeted him with a sweet smile as soon as Chen Sheng entered the gym.

The welcoming smile could easily tempt one to sign up immediately.

Fortunately, Chen Sheng managed to resist the impulse of pulling out his bank card to pay on the spot.

"Hi, I'd like to get a gym membership."

He stated his purpose directly.


Chen Sheng took a tour around the gym accompanied by the front desk girl.

The fitness area was quite spacious and well-equipped. And each type of machine was available in at least five units. There was no need to worry about waiting in line to use the equipment.

Despite it being morning, there were still quite a number of people already working out in the gym. It was apparent that business was doing well.

After viewing the fitness area, they moved on to the other facilities.

Apart from the fitness area, the gym also provided rooms for yoga, boxing, swimming, and private workouts.

After the tour,

they returned to the reception desk.

"How much is it to get a membership here?"

Considering the luxurious facilities, Chen Sheng suddenly felt a bit apprehensive about the price.

"In our gym, a regular VIP card is 2,000 yuan per year, a permanent card is 10,500, but a VIP guest card is 20,000 a year~"

"Oh, that's okay, not too expensive."

Upon hearing the price,

Chen Sheng nodded nonchalantly, seemingly not bothered by the cost.

His demeanor caught the eye of the front desk girl.

Could it be...she had encountered a big client?

The next second,

Chen Sheng stayed calm and passed his bank card to the front desk girl.

"I'll take one for just a month."


Fortunately, the front desk girl was professional enough to keep her smile from falling off her face.

The process to obtain a card wasn't complex.

Quickly, Chen Sheng received his membership card and wristband.

Chen Sheng went straight to the changing room to put away his personal belongings.

As he walked out, rubbing his hands and gearing up for a workout, someone suddenly approached him.

"Tut, tut, little brother, your physique needs some work."

The man who spoke had a robust physique, standing half a head taller than Chen Sheng, who was 1.8 meters tall.

With a tight tank top on, his chiseled muscles were stacked like rocks all over his body.

As the man looked him up and down, Chen Sheng felt a bit uncomfortable.

"Who are you?"

Chen Sheng raised his eyebrows.

Could this man be a bit more diplomatic?

What's wrong with my physique?

You think we can't spar? I bet I can knock you down in one round!

Begging me for mercy!

Upon seeing Chen Sheng's disgruntled reaction, the muscle-bound man quickly put on a smile.

"Sorry, little brother, no offense."

"I'm Jack, a personal trainer here."

"Our gym offers a free private lesson to each new member."

"I was wondering if you had time today?"

At this,

Chen Sheng finally realized what was going on.

Having no experience with fitness,

he did consider hiring a personal trainer before but his budget would not allow it.

Now that a free lesson was being offered, he could not be more pleased.


Chen Sheng nodded immediately.