91 Chapter 91 Albert's son



The wind outside the funeral hall was getting stronger and stronger with each passing second as the black cloud gathered above the funeral hall.

Finn Morgan's face was unwavering, his eyes fixed on Liam.

"Seven years ago, when my father died, there wasn't anyone to collect his corpse due to the combined pressure of a high-class family."

"It was only because of my aunt, she didn't falter in the face of danger and gave my father the burial he was worthy of."

"One was my father at that time and the other one is you, this time. There are so many people to see you off, it is really very pleasant, don't you think?"

"But It's a pity that your family is not grateful." These words were not for anyone but Bram Morgan who was lying still in the coffin. After Liam said, put the incense on the incense burner in his hand.



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