51 Chapter 51 I Am Inevitable

After his goal is achieved, Mark would eventually not stay any longer.

The humble expression on his face was swept away, then turned around and left. But when he turned around, Mark did not notice that Liam patted him in the shoulder.

Mark unknowingly scratched his slightly itchy neck and smiled.

Looking at Mark who left with a smile on his face, a smirk appeared on Liam's handsome face.

He could get rid of the poison easily.

But Mark did not even notice that Liam put some medicine on his neck when he patted his shoulders.

Liam is a prepared and careful person.

With his level of medical skills, it is not hard to deal with this kind of trivial thing.

Liam knew that the poison is not a simple one, and so refined several antidotes to deal with severe poisoning.

But obviously, Mark did not dare to do anything extreme today.

Because of Mark's identity, it is easy for someone around him to smell the poison.

The medicine Liam put on him isn't particularly poisonous. It can even be used for some patients with severe constipation.

Shit poison!

It was Liam's name for the medicine he created out of the croton plant, senna leaves,…

It only takes a little powder and even without taking the same orally, when it begins to disperse, it can make the stomach function properly, and the intestines clear, to aid in proper digestion and excretion.

It is an essential medicine but it can also have adverse effects. It also makes people fart continuously and have diarrhea.

After Liam's various techniques were carefully refined, Liam looked closely at Mark who was still eating at this time.

'Guru guru…'

Mark's stomach was making weird noises. The people around who were also eating all looked at Mark.

Mark also looked at them and smiled embarrassingly.

"Brother, are you okay? Do you feel sick?" Someone came to him and asked.

"It's okay. I know my body very well." Mark responded but didn't say anything.

The newcomer also nodded when he heard Mark's response. After all, he knew Mark for ages.

Mark said he was okay, and so it must be.

After eating and drinking, many people began taking out their gifts for the chairman.

Although the Banquet is not about drinking, nor did they just come to celebrate the chairman's birthday, at least they should offer something in the name of the celebration.

After all, they are all from decent backgrounds. Many guests prepared valuable gifts.

The chairman also smiled and accepted the gifts one by one.

Seeing the chairman receiving countless gifts, Liam also prepared a gift for the chairman when his aunt told him that they were going to attend her company's chairman's birthday party.

But he won't rush to give her the gift at once. It is not the perfect time yet. It will be too sudden if he gives his gift now.

After all, the elders were still giving their gifts,

If a junior like Liam intervenes, he will seem unrespectful.

At this time, Liam is thinking as to how to give the gift to the chairman in a very impactful way.

While Liam was thinking, Mark got up from where he was seated.

It is a different scenario for him who came in alone while Liam came with his aunt.

So he had to prepare and bring his own gift.

While he was preparing to take out his gift and came over to where the chairman was to hand over his gift, Mark suddenly felt a strong sensation in his anus.

It was like a dam which was about to burst!

When Mark was eating earlier, he felt a strange feeling in his stomach. His stomach grumbled a few times.

But he was clueless.

Liam's shit poison is colourless and tasteless and unless Mark examines it carefully and studies the medicine, he will not be able to recognize it.

So Mark didn't mind what was going on in his stomach at all. He only thought that maybe he had eaten too much.

Then when it came to the gift-giving for the chairman's birthday, Mark came to the chairman with his gift. His friend who previously came and asked Mark if he was okay, also accompanied him to give the gifts alongside Mark.

Mark picked up the gift and smiled at the chairman and said: "I wish the chairman to get…"

"To get..."

Mark Smiled and tried to...

"To get..."


"To get..."


Complete his sentence...

Mark was only halfway through his sentence when he felt something was wrong.

He felt a strong sensation in his anus. It was like a dam which was about to burst!

But since Mark is a trained mercenary, after all, he tightened his anus and straightened his butt.

The thing that was about to come out abruptly was held back.

Then he continued to hold on with a smile on his face: "This is from me on behalf of the Zen family…"

But as soon as he opened his mouth, there came another shock into his anus, and this time, Mark was not able to hold it back.

Puff!…!! !!!

It was like a trumpet was blown.

An extremely loud sound suddenly came from behind Mark.

What happened next is almost comparable to when Liam began playing the piano.

At the moment the fart sounded, everyone fell silent.

Many people watched the chairman as he received his gifts. After hearing the sound of the fart, everyone looked over.

To be continued...


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