37 Chapter 37 Happiest Person

After some time they arrive at the shelter near Government School.

The asylum is not an orphanage. It is not as complete as an orphanage with complete equipment, personnel and unified education. In reality, The shelter is crowdfunding built by some caring people, to generally accommodate the disabled children who are sick and abandoned.

For The children having some congenital defects, abandon or left alone for whatever reasons.

It was hard for Liam to believe that his daughters would be abandoned here!

But it was a bitter reality.

She was thrown here at the age of three years, and he has been here for three full years. Without the care of her parents, she is weak and helpless. Facing everything unfamiliar around him, how terrified she should be.

Thinking of this, Liam's face has become increasingly ugly, and the anger in his heart cannot be smoothed!

That is his flesh and blood, his blood!

"Brother Liam, this is the location!" Samuel increased the throttle all the way, but it still took nearly two hours to arrive.

This is already on the outskirts of the slum area. This shelter is not too big, only about a few hundred square meters.

The house is an ordinary two-story building with a courtyard. Although it seems very simple, it is very clean.

Before he went in, Liam heard the playing of children in the yard.

Samuel got out of the car and went to the office to go through the adoption procedures.

Liam also stepped in slowly, and at a glance, twenty or so four- to five to six-year-old children were playing in the courtyard. The clothes of these children are very simple and old, and they should all be donated clothes from society.

Walking in the yard, Liam also felt nervous and uneasy at this moment. At the age of Six, She was already the age to remember.

Will your daughter recognize him? After all, he is a strange uncle in front of his daughter.

Will she hate him?

These thoughts kept appearing in his head.

But these are the unknowns...

When Liam walked into the yard, he looked around and searched for his daughter. Suddenly, in the corner of the yard, a quiet-looking girl caught his attention.

A six-year-old girl was wearing a white shirt that was seriously unequal to her small body. She was almost mopping the floor, wearing a ponytail, and even the colours of her shoes were different! She squatted in the corner of the yard with a dirty face like a porcelain doll, looking at a small green worm on the grass, and he was fascinated.

"Little bug, do you have no parents? Why are you alone".

"I don't have parents either. The two of us are very similar. Why don't we make friends? My name is Tia Lewis, what is your name?" The girl was holding her cheek in her little hand, watching the fat little bug-eating the blade of grass, whispering in a low voice.

With just this glance, Liam concluded that this girl was his daughter! Although she is still young, her profile looks like Anna, six points like Anna, four points like him. What's more, there is even the call from the blood!

"Brother Liam, this lady is the principal of this asylum," Samuel also walked over at this moment, followed by a dressed woman.

"Do you want to take in Tia?" After the woman walked over, she asked uncertainty while looking at Liam.

"Yes, just tell him what procedures you want, we will provide it, and I will take her away," Liam said slowly, Tia the name was still given by him.

It's not like he knew about her existence. The name was chosen when both he and Anna were talking about their future. He couldn't help but smile when he thought of this.

"If you are willing to adapt, I will be thankful to you. She is the most sensible here. She usually cares about me. I also regard her as my own daughter. If it weren't for this asylum, I wouldn't be able to hold on. Now, I can't bear her leaving," the woman said with some dismay.

Liam could see that this lady had a good face and a good heart. It seemed that although Tia's life had been a bit bitter in the past two years, fortunately, she had not suffered any serious crimes.

Liam moved, walked up to the girl, and slowly squatted down, suppressing the stormy emotions in his heart, and asked while pointing his finger at the other children who were playing in the yard, "They are having fun, why don't you go?"

"They think I'm annoying," Tia said casually.

"Why?" Liam asked again.

Tia raised her head and glanced at the unfamiliar uncle next to her, her big sullen eyes flashed a trace of vigilance, her little hand was protecting the little caterpillar and she moved aside, and said, "Because I don't let them play dangerous games, they won't listen. So they think I'm annoying."

"But I don't care, I also made new friends, now, look!" She said and continued, "I still have a friend, Dodo, but he was abducted by a dog dealer this morning."

"Who is Dodo?" Liam asked very patiently.

"It's a little black dog with the silver bell I tied him on his neck. It wakes me up every morning," the girl said.

"Then how about we make friends," Liam said with a smile.

The girl was shocked: "Really! Uncle would like to make friends with me?"

"Yes," Liam smiled.

"Okay! Then You are my third friend!" The girl was very happy, she seemed to have an indescribable feeling towards this strange uncle.

Liam slowly got up: "From today, this asylum has been changed to an orphanage. I will pay for all the expenses, construction costs, and employee salaries, including clothing and food for these children, and medical education."

Suddenly hearing Liam's words, the woman was shocked: "Are you...really speaking!"

"Really". Liam nodded his head.

"Thank you so much! I thought this asylum could not run anymore, I met a kindhearted person today!" The woman's excited tears almost flowed out.

"Samuel, can you find the little black dog in two hours?" Liam asked.

"If it hasn't been killed, it won't take two hours." Samuel nodded, and then left the asylum.

As the saying goes, money can make ghosts grind, and finding a little black dog in a vast city may be a needle in a haystack, but for Liam, who has the world's largest search network, it is just a piece of cake. Because of the high-tech equipment of the Blood Legion, it is also a privilege to be able to directly call all networked cameras.

"Uncle, can you help me find Dodo?" Tia's big eyes suddenly lit up.

"Don't worry, the uncle who went out will help you find it back." Liam touched Tia's little head, his eyes full of pampering.

"Uncle, why are you crying?" The girl glanced at the mist in the eyes of the strange uncle and was surprised. With iron bone tenderness, Liam seemed unable to control his emotions when facing his daughter.

"It's nothing! It's just that I also have a daughter who is very similar to you." Liam did not directly say who she was. After all, Tia was too young to accept things she hadn't touched in an instant.

"Then she must be very happy to have you, right?"

To be continued...


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