36 Chapter 36 Location

After Liam greeted Zoe he entered the house.

The house was very large with a spacious living room and adjoining kitchen with transparent walls. According to Feng Shui, Liam was happy with the results.

After looking around the house Liam arrived in front of the sofa and sat on it. Drinking a glass of water he asked Samuel, "So, How do you come to like her?!... You know it really surprised me there!"

Liam said and chuckled.

"Brother Liam, don't laugh at me like that!" Samuel said while scratching his head and continued, "My son likes to listen to her songs... and I also like her!" he said with a little embarrassment.

"A dignified general who commands thousands of people. What will they do when they come to know, their captain is chasing after a young girl and housing like a maiden in love!" Liam shook his head in disappointment.

"Don't!... Please, brother Liam! Don't say anything about this to them. Or I wouldn't be able to face them." Samuel said quickly.



Looking at Samuel's embarrassed face Liam laughed loudly. It was quite some time when Samuel saw Liam laughing wholeheartedly. After his father's death, Liam joined him and trained with him but that's when he learned of this. And since he knows Liam, he never had seen him laugh like this without any care.

But this short-lived moment was interrupted by ruining Samuel's phone.

Samuel picked up the call and directly asked, "Did you find any information about Mrs Liam?!"

"Sorry, I wasn't able to find any traces of Mrs Liam, but we have found the location of a young princess!" The man said to Samuel.

Before Samuel could ask any further Liam took the phone from his hand and began to ask several questions simultaneously.


"Where are they!?"

"How have they been!?"

When another party found that it was Liam he quickly saluted him.

"No need for any formalities. Quickly tell me where they are!" Liam interrupted him and directly asked.

"Young princess is studying in a government school and has been living in an orphanage for a few years." He said without leaving any details.

Liam frowned when he heard this and questioned, "What about Anna?!"

"This subordinate beg for his incompetence! We could only find a young princess, but there is not a trace of Miss Anna. We are still searching for her!" The man said and turned silent.

Liam's face turned gloomy after he learned this. He knows Anna very well, and according to him, she wouldn't let her flesh and blood live in that kind of condition so it is likely that something must have happened to her.

Samuel took the phone from Liam and opened it and started to read the information sent by his men.

"Brother Liam! It was found that after the pregnancy Miss Anna left The White Family. And Madeline who was in a rage because she helped you to run away... Pursued her!" Samuel told him before continuing.

"Miss Anna knew it wouldn't be good for her and her children so after she gave birth she took the young princess and assigned her foster parents so that the young princess would receive familial love... She also gave the foster parents a large amount of money to make the young princess's life comfortable, but she didn't know the result would be different from the one she had imagined!"

"After taking custody of the young princess, when she turned 3 years old they left her on the road on a rainy night so they could enjoy the money left behind by Miss Anna." Samuel stooped when he saw Liam's face, frost gradually appeared on his face.

How can someone leave a three-year-old child to die on the road like that? If it was his children he would have severe the head of the person who has thought to do something like this. So he can understand Liam as a parent.

And Liam's children are also his children!

After some time he continued, "the young princess's health was worsening and she caught a very high fever. At that time someone found a young princess and took her to the hospital for treatment. Luckily, she got there in time and doctors were able to save her."

"After that, they inquired about the young princess' foster parents but couldn't find anything so they had to give her to the nearest orphanage centre to live there."


Liam slammed the table in front of him, breaking it in half.

"Fuck! How dare they!?" Liam's expression was cold to the extreme. How can it not be?

He finally found his daughter but learned that she nearly died. How can he not be angry? He wanted to rip apart the person who had done that and make their life living hell. his eyes were terrifyingly red with anger that was brewing in his heart.

After so many, he has finally found his daughter but someone nearly killed her!

How can someone dare to lay a hand on his daughter?!

Samuel was equally angry. As Liam's daughter, he has to treat her with respect and guard her. But after he knew about this he wanted to break their neck who had done this with Brother Liam's daughter.

"Samuel! Start the car!" Liam said solemnly and walked out of the house.

"Yes!" Samuel also allowed behind him.

It's been so many years since he had seen Brother Liam like this. He had seen what had happened every time brother Liam was angry. He was most calm when he was angry but that calm was terrifying as a storm.

Samuel opened the door for Liam. After Liam took a seat, he sat in the driver's seat and started the car.

They left society. The sight of villa's and extravagant neighbourhoods has been replaced by slum areas. Liam clenched his fist tightly when he saw this scene.

He was angry! Angry at himself! Angry at the person who had done this to his daughter! But he still blames himself the most for this. If it wasn't for his own incompetence, this would never have happened.

He wanted to repent for all of that!

Give a good life to her daughter!

Make Anna happy!

To be continued...


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