35 Chapter 35 Did you blush?

(New Arc will begin from this chapter so be prepared for lots of fighting and romance.)

Liam furrowed his brow when he heard this, "Lilian you go home with your friend, I have something to do so I will leave first!"

Lilian nodded blankly because she didn't know what to say so she could only nod.

Liam left the hotel and entered his car, he could calm himself down after he heard Samuel's report.

"Samuel, is what you said true?!" Liam asked.

"How dare I lie to you!"

"Are you sure it is not a mistake?!" Liam asked again.

"I am Hundred percent sure, the information is correct!" Samuel confirmed.

"Explain in detail." Samuel began to recount the report.

It turned out that Mrs Lewis didn't die!

When Samuel sent his underlings to look for the whereabouts of Ms Anna and her daughter and search if there is any clue regarding this to The White Family, Morgan Family and other 2 Families they come to know that Mrs Lewis didn't actually die and everything was fabricated to not to make the matter worse.

It stands as a reason why Mrs Lewis is alive and why Madeline hasn't killed her already?!

When Liam's mother learned of his father's death, she was devastated and heartbroken. But when she learned about Madeline sending some gangsters after Liam she was completely soaked in cold all over and prayed for him to stay safe.

So, when she found out that Liam was able to run away safely from Madeline's claw she felt relief. Either way, Her Husband is dead and she didn't want Liam to die at a young age because of their mistake.

Mrs Lewis blamed herself for everything; if they hadn't brought Madeline over here to provide her good environment and family her family may have been together like before and none of this would have happened but now nothing can be changed. What's done is done!

Liam's mother knew after people failed to kill Liam they would come for her. Madeline wouldn't leave a thorn in her heart. As to not create any future problems she also sent people to assassinate Mrs Lewis but found out that she already left.

Madeline knows it will create an unnecessary ruckus if Mrs Lewis' disappearance is known to them. So she told her people to bring a disfigured body and replace it with Mrs Lewis' identity and buy it.

Because if Mrs Lewis didn't die the property wouldn't come into her hands. As a spouse, everything will belong to Mrs Lewis as per laws. So she faked Mrs Lewis' death and presented back the death certificate.

After Liam went for training with Samuel. He comes to know about her mother's death; he first didn't believe it but when he found out about the burial he chose to believe even if he didn't want to. And because of this, his hatred for Madeline grew more and more along with his thirst for power.

And now he has unparalleled power. If he wants he can flatten half of the city with a snap of his finger. But what is the use of this power now? He lost the most precious people he once called his Family and vowed to protect but failed.

But after learning his mother didn't die, hope ignited in his heart.

He also knew his mother couldn't die like this but circumstances made him do so. But he was happy that he was proved wrong, after all, how can a woman who had once run billions of dollars of empire just end like this.

"Samuel, did you find where my mother is?!" Liam asked Samuel after calming down his agitated heart.

"Sorry Brother Liam! This subordinate is incompetent and is not able to find out. But don't worry I have sent someone and we will receive good news in a few days." Samuel replied.

"No matter what, you must find my mother!" Liam said to Samuel slowly.

'Mother, no matter where are you; I will find you and bring all of those who have committed a crime by ruining our happy life at your feet!' Liam muttered in his heart and lay down on his seat, his eyes closed.

The storm is coming!


After a few minutes of driving, Liam and Samuel arrive in front of an expensive-looking house. Calling it the house would be an understatement. It was a grand villa in the least.

"Brother Liam, this is one of the best villas available here and there is also a lake behind the villa so you can enjoy the cool breeze. If you don't like it I will look for another one suitable for you." Samuel opened the car door as he said.

Liam nodded his head was about to enter the house when some voice attracted his attention.

"Hurry up! Hurry up! Stay in your position. Miss Zoe is about to enter!" Exclamation sounded and few reporters could be seen around Liam's residence.

Click~ Click~ Click~

Looking at people holding cameras and clicking photos, Liam turned to Samuel in a puzzle look.

"Samuel what is this!?" He asked while frowning.

Samuel smiled embarrassingly and replied, "Brother Liam, it just... Sorry... I forgot to tell you we have a neighbour living beside our house. She is a singer and just finished her debut. I have investigated her. She is a very sweet and good-hearted person and doesn't have any affairs or anything like that. All 'n all she has a good character so you don't have to worry about her affecting us."

"Seems like you know her very well!" Liam smiled, looking at Samuel.

Samuel hung his head, "it's just that my son likes to listen to her songs so I have also listened to her. She sings very well... Nothing else." he said in a mosquito-like voice.

"Get ready! She is here!"

At this time a car entered and a beautiful girl in her mid-twenties walked out of it. She has an oval face with melon seed-like eyes, white skin wearing a black dress. She walked out of the car and smiled at reporters showing her per white teeth. She was more like a pure beauty instead of a sexy one.

She waved her delicate hands at the reporter when she noticed Liam and Samuel standing in front of the villa beside her looking in her direction.

She guessed it must be her new neighbour who came to inquire about the house a few days ago. She came forward and asked them with a sweet smile, "Are you perhaps my new neighbour?!"

"Yes!" Samuel replied abruptly.

Liam was surprised when he saw this.

When Samuel knew what he had done his face turned red.

Now Liam was even more surprised with Samuel's reaction.

To be continued...


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