30 Chapter 30 As Expected

"Oh~ about that!" Eliza replied.

Now that she thinks about it. There was definitely something like that. Maybe because of meeting Liam suddenly out of the blue like this after many years, she didn't realise that before.

Yesterday Lilian asked to go shopping with her as she had to go to the gathering with her friends but after meeting Liam she forgot about that matter.

"Okay, we will go shopping after dinner!" Eliza replied after a few moments and said to Liam. "Liam you also come with us otherwise you will be left alone in the house."

Liam denied it at first but Eliza insisted on taking him with them so eventually, Liam agreed to go with them, which didn't make Lilian any happy but she remained silent so as not to anger Eliza.

Later they returned from shopping late at night and Lilian went to her room, and Eliza took Liam in her room where they talked about different things and passed for late hours before finally getting to sleep.

Later the next morning Eliza woke up early and after taking a bath she made breakfast for everyone.

After a few minutes, Lilian walked out of her room and took a seat at the dining table.

"Elder sister, when are we going?" Lilian asked.

"Wait for some time, after I finish with housework we will go."


Ring~ Ring~

Eliza's mobile started to ring as she took her phone to answer the call. "Hello!"

"Okay, I will be there in a few minutes," Eliza replied and cut the call.

"What happened, elder sister?! You aren't going anywhere, are you?! You promised to accompany me today." Lilian asked when she saw Eliza talking on the phone.

"Sorry, it seems like I can't accompany you as something urgent came up at the company so, I have to go there," Eliza replied when she saw Lilian's face and she turned to Liam. "Why don't you take Liam with you?! Anyway, he will be left alone if there is no one at home."

"Alright! Then it's decided, Liam will go with you!" Eliza got up from the table and left to her room, not giving Lilian any time to refute. Lilian was so angry but she couldn't do anything about it so she accepted her fate.

She looked at Liam and snorted and went to her room to change.

Today her day is destined to be ruined!

But she doesn't know it would be her that should be happy as not many people have the privilege to accompany Shroud.

Many aristocracy and women long for this but she couldn't cherish such an opportunity if it weren't for Eliza, it would be impossible for her to have such an opportunity like this.

"Liam, my friends are waiting for me; so, just keep some distance from me. I don't want them to misunderstand something and embarrass me in front of all of them!." she replied as they walked down the road.

Liam didn't answer her and kept walking. If it wasn't for Eliza he didn't want to do anything with her.

'Humph~ still acting in front of me. Do you think I don't know your true colour?! Elder sister may trust you but I know everything is a pretence. Wait until I reveal your truth.' Lilian thought and became more disgusted with Liam.



"You go ahead! I have something to do. I will join in a few minutes." Liam replied when he saw Samuel calling him so he went in another direction without waiting for a reply.

Lilian didn't say anything to stop him. Anyways it would be good if it didn't come after a few minutes; she wishes him to never return to her life anymore.

Tossing her thoughts about him. She walked towards the hotel which has a 5-star sign at the top of the hotel. There she saw a beautiful girl with brown hair waiting for her at the door of the hotel.

She walked toward her and greeted, "Rosie you look stunning as always!"

"Thank you! You are beautiful yourself and what's with that face?!" Rosie complimented Lilian and asked when she saw her face wasn't looking any good.

"Nothing! It's just my sister who wants to match me with that garbage human. I don't want to think about it and ruin my mood any further." Lilian replied with contempt when she thought about Liam.

"Fufu... Sister Eliza doesn't know how popular you are at university. Any man would be blessed to have you a woman like you as his wife. If I were a man I would have already proposed to you!" Rosie chuckled at her thought and asked. "Anyway, where is that lucky guy?!"

Rosie also studies with Lilian at her university and both are besties. Rosie's family is not quite famous but is still a wealthy and prosperous family. And it can be seen from her every move and gesture that reek of noble temperament and prestige.

So you can think after meeting her that her family had been groomed very well in that regard!

Rosie's personality is cheerful and mischievous. Despite having different personalities both Rosie and Lilian and best friends.

With their temperament and looks, there isn't any lack of pursuers of a man following them here and there.

Many people feast on them while entering and exiting the hotel. Even if you can't have them there isn't any problem with looking at them, right?

Meanwhile, Liam walked far away from the hotel and picked the call.

"Brother Liam, you were right. Madeline already notified large families about your return and they are beginning to move!" Samuel began retelling everything that transpired between the upper-class households when Liam picked up his call.

"Well, it isn't anything that I didn't expect," Liam said.

He already guessed that something like this would happen sooner or later. But he didn't care about them knowing about his return. If it were someone else then they would use the element of surprise while they can but it didn't apply to him. With his position and power, he doesn't fear them even if they know about his return.

"Anything else?!" he asked.

"The Morgan Family are preparing for the funeral of Bram Morgen, They will be holding it after a few days."

Liam smiled and replied, "Within my expectation!"

To be continued...


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