25 Chapter 25 Twins

Samuel again took a break before he said something that made Liam's entire face that looks calm crumble under his next words. "And...She was pregnant at that time!"


Liam's expressionless face changed and deep shock emerged on his countenance after getting this new information from Samuel.

"Miss Anastasia, after her marriage was arranged with Madeline Lewis's brother was found pregnant by her family, it came as a surprise to them but then they decided to marry her off to Alex Lewis, Madeline's younger brother." Samuel narrated all details and continued.

"Miss Anastasia knew she wouldn't have a good life after marrying in the Lewis family and she also didn't want to marry any other person besides you so she was determined to leave her family and disappeared from their view."

"Because of her sudden leaving the White Family. The White Family did not lose any face; they disowned Miss Anastasia from their Family leaving her on her own." Samuel stopped and looked at Liam.

"How can The White Family do this?" Liam was in disbelief at this information he had received from Samuel.

"At that time Anna went against everyone and helped me to escape from here and saved my life and what she got herself?" he questioned himself, "her family was criticised for her deeds and to save their reputation and preserve the family name they displayed her like some product!"

"If she hadn't saved me and risked her life none of this would have happened," Liam muttered when he suddenly thought of something and asked, "what about her child?"

"Actually she confirmed her pregnancy on her 20th birthday and wanted to surprise you on your date night with her but she didn't expect that something like that would happen and later she didn't have a chance to inform you about this."

"If she told you about you becoming a father then you would have surely been denied from leaving this place and maybe have been kidnapped or something worse died. So, she went against informing you to not refrain you in case anything bad befalls you."

Samuel's words surprised Liam once again. He didn't expect Anna to go to such lengths for him, even hiding the news about their unborn child to not to thwart his escape.

His heart was saddened after listening to this. Surely if he had known about this or had any clue he wouldn't have left her alone without caring for himself or any consequences.

But at last, he can't live in the past again nor can he alter it. He can only regret leaving Anna alone to live between these wolves.

However, he also knows that if Anna again got the chance she would do the same for him again and again; every single time and that's why he loves her very much.

"And what about the child? Did The White Family take the child's custody or what?" Liam asked as he thought.

"No!" Samuel Shook his head in denial and said, "Miss Anastasia left before the child was born so they couldn't take the hold of it. And even so, Miss Anastasia didn't want to give birth here fearing they would do something to your child."

"So, after a few months from your leaving she also left her family without any notice and disappeared," Samuel told him.

"But we found information about mentioning her giving birth at New Life hospital, and we checked to make sure that it was Miss Anastasia and our guess was correct as she was the same patient matching our information."

"She left the hospital in a hurry taking the child with her after Miss gave birth as though she was being chased by someone!" Samuel started his doubts.

Liam listened to Samuel's investigation before asking anxiously; his heart beating violently, "what is the child? I mean, is it a boy or a girl?"

they are... Twins!" Samuel announced with joy looking back at Liam to see his reaction and surely Liam's face turned stiff for a moment before he asked in a stammering voice.

"W-what!!? What did you say? It seems like I heard you wrong!" Liam asked again to make sure, still in disbelief.

"You didn't hear anything wrong, it is as I said; they are twin and baby girls at that!" Samuel corrected Liam's doubts as he answered him again launching a bomb on Liam.

"I have Twins... Daughters?!" Liam's voice was shaky, he couldn't utter any words; he felt like his voice stuck in his throat not letting him speak.

"Yes!" Samuel's mood was good after watching Liam's reaction.

Samuel knows from his journey with Liam that it is hard to find extreme reactions on his face. Because of that incident, there were only a few moments or occasions that made him happy and he wished for Liam to stay like that but it is not possible.

Losing his family made Liam turn cold from inside and there are only a few people who can let that hidden feeling come out.

Samuel is older than Liam in age, like a senior and it is just the position in which Liam is higher but he didn't hate it.

When Liam came and joined their group a few years ago he was treated like a kid. Members were saying that he can't do it this time, telling him to go and have fun rather than holding a gun.

That he won't be able to handle the bloodshed, but Samuel knew that something must have happened that made him like that and he was correct. Later on, he found out about his life story.

Liam and he became good friends after that. Samuel's rank wasn't low at that time, he was one of the prime military ranks holders of the country.

Later with Samuel's teaching and Liam's passion and rage for vengeance turned him into something terrifying making the world shook with his achievements.

He also saved some people by taking them under his care and turning them into a terrifying existence.

He later founded his own power under the name of Blood Legion with Samuel and Four Devils Of Heaven, founding his own personal military army.

[A/N: Four Devils Of Heaven refers to 4 people Liam saved and trained under him. You will find more about this in later chapters.]

So as a parent, Samuel knew Liam will be surprised after learning about her wife's pregnancy and having twin daughters.

He only hopes to find his daughters so that he can see Liam somewhat happy. Colouring his dull life and flowering with life.

"Where?... Where are they?" Liam asked after receiving this initial shocking news.

To be continued...


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