2 Chapter 2 Date night (1/?)

"What? Where did he go? He was just here standing next to me just a few minutes ago, and now he suddenly vanished just like that." Mrs Lewis turns around to look at Liam to scold him for irritating and giving problems to Anna.

As her eyes went wide as she couldn't find him; she turned to look around the house but didn't spot him anywhere, finally understanding Liam gave her phone and ran away from here so as to not face their joint wrath.

As she exclaimed her doubts about Liam, Anna heard her every word and frustratingly gritted her teeth.

"Seems like he ran away." Mrs Lewis replied Anna sighing as a small smile formed on her face at her child's playfulness.

"I am Sorry sweetie, you have to go through all of this but Don't worry, I will tell his father to scold him about his mischief." Mrs Lewis assured Anna.

"No, auntie; you don't have to say sorry on behalf of that idiot. I will take care of him once he comes into my hands." Anna shakes her head in denial before making a fist out of her hand and stomps the ground cutely and replies.

"Haha, you will sure kiddo. And what about your plans with Liam for the evening?" Mrs Lewis giggles at Anna's reaction before asking about their plans for the evening.

"Oh, yeah. We are going on a dinner night in one of the famous restaurants. You don't have to worry about that, he will come for sure if he doesn't then I will drag him from whichever hell hole he is hiding." Anna told Mrs Lewis about their evening plan with quite a bit of monologue.

"He will come, I am sure of it. After all, he is not that kind of child." Mrs Lewis assured Anna and replied before ending her call, "Okay bye sweetie and have a great dinner night. Let's end the call here, after all, you also have to get ready for your dinner tonight."

"Thank you, Auntie. And bye, take care of yourself and send my greeting to uncle." Anna ended the call.


"Thank God, I ran away from there otherwise I was a goner. One is a lioness and another is a tigress. Mom must be searching for me. I need to get ready for dinner before she comes and find me." Liam says out loud to no one in particular as he was breathing heavily after running from his mother.

Arriving in his room Liam directly went to take a shower. Coming out of the shower, standing in front of the wardrobe in deep contemplation.

"Hmn? What should I wear? This one? Or this one?... Nah, let's wear anything boys always look cool in anything anyway." After talking to himself for a few minutes he chooses the dress for a date before shrugging.


"Hey, Jasper, how are you? Did you eat?" Liam turns to look at his dog and asks while scratching Jasper's ear.


"Sorry, buddy today I can't take you on a walk otherwise I won't be able to walk by myself," Liam replied dejectedly after noticing Jasper's enthusiasm.

"But don't worry I will bring something good for you, okay." Liam tries to cheer Jasper's mood.


"Okay, okay. I will bring a double cheese pizza with extra cheese and herbs, happy." Liam smiles watching Jasper's happy reaction as Jasper was wagging his tail in excitement.


Coming down to the basement Liam's eyes wander as different types of sports cars come into his view. Ranging From Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi to Buggati and Mclaren worth millions of dollars if not more.

As he randomly chooses an Audi R8 and walks towards it.

Someone was tiptoeing behind him without him realizing and abruptly jumped in front of Liam taking him by surprise.


"W-what?..." Liam was surprised to see his friend popping out of nowhere in front of him and tried to say something as his speech came to a halt.


"It is holly, baby!" Lennart a.k.a Leo yells enthusiastically after colouring Liam.

[A/N: Holi is an Indian spring festival.]

"God damn it! Leo, what is up with you? Celebrating worldwide festivals from across the world. How is your sense of humour? Today I am not going to spare you!" Liam curses at Leo's childishness and runs after him.

Lennart or as his close friends and family calls him Leo, was an orphan who came from a poor background. He is a very hard working person, doing part-time jobs as well as studying. He got the scholarship to enter a good college to graduate.

He is also Liam's best friend; they both treat each other like brothers. When Liam's parents found out about Leo, they decided to adopt him; they also treated him as their son. He likes to joke around a lot.

"Haha… Honey, you need more than that if you want to catch me." Leo laughs watching Liam running after him.

Liam's eyes landed on a water bottle placed on one of the cars before he picked it up. Opening the cap he sprays water on Leo.

"Aah, you wet my entire dress; Do you like to see me wet?" Leo asked seductively.

"Tsk, idiot." Liam clicks his tongue, turns around and walks toward the bathroom to wash his face. Not listening to the latter.

Coming out of the bathroom, Liam opens the car door and enters it as the other side's door also opens before Leo sits beside him.

"So Honey, Where are we going for our honeymoon?" Leo asks, noticing Liam's not so good face as his eyes were a little bit red due to colours.

To be continued...


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