166 Chapter 165 Poisoning

Somewhere inside a hotel room~

With a total of five floors, watching close up feels like returning to the ancient restaurant.

There are all kinds of fine wines.

Very common liquor, sake, wine or some very rare and precious set wines.

It is a paradise for drinkers. Those who can enter it are either rich or noble, and they are big people with good lifestyles and wealth.

On the third floor of the restaurant, a middle-aged man sits in an elegantly decorated attic. On its table, there is a pitcher with wine glasses and exquisite workmanship.

There are small and exquisite wine glasses on each side, which are carved from the finest stones, which can be described as extremely precious.

Middle-aged men look ordinary at first, and they wear simple clothes. But if you look closely, you will find that his pair of eyes is as sharp, with a light that can penetrate people's hearts.

And the whole temperament is like a tiger, about to rush to eat.


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