10 Chapter 10 Anniversary banquet

"Do you know who I am?" the young man shouted angrily; as Liam tried to go against him.

If nobody can compete with him then won't his family prestige will diminish. Here everyone fears his family and no one wants to go against him so, how can he allow Liam who dares to look him in the eyes.

"Boys, teach him a lesson for me. He should learn what are the consequences of messing with me!" he ordered his bodyguards to teach Liam his place.

"Hehe…Of course, young master!" The bodyguards started to move towards Liam's table when suddenly a shadow moved and their vision began to blurry.



Few hours before the incident;


A private jet painted in white was flying at high speed towards National airport.

In the jet there was sitting a young man in his middle twenties. Wearing casual clothes, he looks like a normal person at first glance but an experienced person could tell it was different from the aura around him.

He was smoking a cigarette with his eyes closed. As he inhales and exhales the cigarette. Creating white clouds of smoke. He was the same person who was made to leave from here... Liam Lewis.

"Sir! We are approaching the airport. We will land in around 15 minutes." Just then the pilot turns around and informs him.

Liam opened his eyes and extinguished the cigarette. Looking down on the beautiful scenery from the window, which was not beautiful for him, thinking back on what happened to him years ago.

The jet descends toward an airport runway. Preparing for landing.

Liam exits the plane carrying his travel bag behind his back. With a bunch of people following him behind escorting him and looking at him with respect and admiration.

Looking at the familiar airport, memories of the past flooded his brain. Replying to the events of the disaster he had to face.

It all seems like a nightmare, thinking that everything will be okay once you wake up and the nightmare will vanish when the sun parts the dark clouds.

But that never happens when you come to know that you were never asleep and everything was really not a dream and reality and you wish that it would be better if it was a dream.

Today was the same day when he was forced to leave The City of London 7 years ago. When the gangsters were chasing after him, he was just like a bereaved dog running with a tail between his legs.

He still remembers the day when his father was admitted to the hospital because of a car accident, and his last words before leaving the hospital and city, "Xiao Liam, just leave this city and go somewhere far away and live a happy life, don't look back or try to do anything. Just live your life in peace!"

Those were his father's last words before he died. He wouldn't have left if had known that he would never be able to meet his father again in this lifetime. There is no medicine for regrets.

He later found out who did it. But it was already very late. He wanted to assign the business work to his cousin Madeline Lewis to continue running the business of the Lewis family Group. Before something unexpected happens.

But who would have thought that Madeline Lewis would usurp Lewis family business and seize all property to take control of the business empire of their family with the help of Lewis family's competitor families, and kill his father after his departure?

They threw all the blame for his father's death, tax evasion and all the other crimes on his head. When he was thinking of returning.

Knowing that he had perished in prison or worse silently assassinated if it weren't for his fiancee Anastasia White taking him out of the hospital and helping him by sending him away.

It all happened today, 7 years ago!

In the last 7 years, everything changed a lot in the family. His mother was impelled to death because of anger and helplessness of losing her son and husband at the same time. Watching as her husband's soul left his body and she could do nothing at all just watch like a spectator.

His fiancee Anastasia White was forced by his cousin Madeline Lewis to marry her younger brother, Alex Lewis.she protested against these arrangements but wasn't listened to. So, she left on the day of their marriage without notifying anyone.

Her whereabouts of life and death are still unknown to this day.

"You never in your life have thought that I would return here again after what you made me go through living hell. But worry not I will make your life worse than living hell... Madeline Lewis."

"You with the other three families made my happy life like it was a joke."

"Morgan family group, Baker family group and The collines. Your countdown had already started when you left me alive, and that was your biggest mistake."

At that time a burly man came running toward Liam.

"Brother Liam, your drive is ready!" he answered respectfully.

"Sorry! I had to come first to make arrangements for you." the burly man apologized to Liam. His name was Samuel Wilson.

Samuel Wilson is a general of the military having the power to command hundreds of thousands of people at his voice. But he was very respectful and fearful of this young man named Liam.

Liam shakes his head indicating there wasn't any need for him to apologise. It was very rare for Samuel to leave his side.

Samuel Wilson was always with Liam following him as his bodyguard, not leaving his side. Today they are coming back to Landon, so Samuel decided to come early and check the current affairs of the city and make arrangements for Liam.

Liam followed after Samuel, as Samuel led the way outside. Coming out they moved toward the car standing at the roadside.


Samuel opened the door for Liam as Liam took a seat in the back of the car. Closing the door Samuel sat in the driving seat and started the car.

As for why Samuel was respectful of Liam even after having a high-grade military official position was because he knew the hidden identity of the young man seated in the back.

He was famous as Shroud aka Bringer of Annihilation.

As for how he got this title, it was a story of 6 years ago when he started as a solo mercenary by entering the biggest mercenary group.

Making his way towards the top by the iron blood method. His achievements are uncountable and his glory is unprecedented making him one of the most fearful people in the entire world.

All of these achievements and glory belong to the young man sitting behind him, and Samuel was proud to be able to serve him.

"Samuel, did you collect the information?" Liam asked, watching outside the window as the car passed-through the road.

"I did some study and found something you would like to hear," Samuel replied to Liam concealing the main part of the talk.

"What?" Liam asked.

"Madeline Lewis is holding a banquet for celebrating the Lewis family group's Anniversary," Samuel replied, still driving looking on the road.

A smile formed on Liam's face listening to Samuel.

To be continued...


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