1 Chapter 1 Liam Lewis



Liam Lewis was sitting in a chair in the lounge of his house, playing games while drinking coffee, enjoying his evening when suddenly the phone at the side of his chair started to ring.

Liam stretches out his hand to the side table to take the phone. And picked it up without even reading the caller's Id name.

"Hello, who is this? Liam Lewis, Here!" Liam asked after picking the phone and putting phone near his right ear calmly, And this was the blunder he made as not to check caller id the consequences of which would be very, very dire. I am telling the truth, it'd be dire. You'll see...

"Oh, So now you didn't even know me? At least check your damn phone before you pick up someone's call. You idiot." A somewhat irritated and feminine voice sounded from another side of the call.

Liam sprays the coffee he was drinking when he hears the voice before standing up and checking the display of the phone to check the identity of the caller.


Abruptly his mind goes blank after seeing the name of the caller on his phone. 'Shit, why didn't I check the phone before picking it up? Today I am absolutely dead. Oh God please save me, I will light a candle every day; And furthermore, I won't steal Jasper's food. Please, one last time. I will be in your debt lifelong.'


Liam clears his throat before answering the phone, "Hi there, Anna I didn't see your name sorry for that, I was working on a project with my father in a client meeting about future investments, etc. so yeah that happened. You know tiredness and all that. That's why I didn't look at the screen before picking it up." Liam replied after calming himself down.

"Oh, I didn't know Mr Prince charming was working so diligently to help your father and Uncle Jack in expanding your business. I ask for your forgiveness, your highness for disturbing you at working time. Maybe, your company has gone bankrupt because you picked up my call?" says Anastasia White a.k.a Anna in a sorry tone but sarcasm could be heard in that.

"No worries, I can at least manage some time for my girlfriend. Work can wait so you don't have to worry about anything." Liam answered back after wiping his sweat. He sighed that Anna didn't doubt his excuse.

"So romantic, I am so fortunate to have a boyfriend like you." Anna cutely replied hearing him.

"Haha, Thank you. I am also very lucky to have a girlfriend like you." Liam laughs at her reply, Before answering.

"So sweet, I guess you drank a lot of coffee." Anna smiles.

"What are you saying?" Liam questioned as he sweated profoundly.

"Oh, did I say anything wrong?" Anna's puzzled reply came.

"N-No, I-I…" Liam was going to answer before he was interrupted by Anna.

"BASTARD, I called you on your home landline, not on your mobile phone. You idiot." Anna screams on the other side of the phone.


Another atomic blast goes off as Liam turns to look at the phone in his hand. His forehead started to sweat again; whipping his sweat and gulping a mouthful of saliva Liam put the phone on his ear.

"A-Anna, I-I… Look…" Liam wanted to make an explanation before Anna hits him hard again where it hurts the most.

"So I presume you also forgot about our plans for dinner tonight. Right?"

'NOW NOT EVEN GOD CAN DO SOMETHING!' Lian thought to himself.

There was a long silence on the phone increasing the tension in the air making it hard for Liam to breathe. Before another missile was shot at him.

"Liam you bastard, idiot, dog… No not dogs, even dogs are better than you a million times, you, you…I am so much gonna beat the shit out of you. You dumbo..." Anna started to bombard Liam with slang one after another as it can be heard how angry she is.


At this moment footsteps could be heard from behind, Liam turned to look at the intruder before he smiled from ear to ear.

In front of him, there was standing a middle aged mature woman in a business dress with a perfect figure. Her face was gentle and motherly, blue eyes deep like the sea, her golden rose hair rested on her shoulders giving her queen-like Nobel wibes. Making peoples hearts race if they see her gentle face.

But they don't have that leverage. As she is not like that to outsiders, but that didn't stop people from admiring her in their hearts. She was Pauline Lewis, mother of Liam Lewis.

Seeing that it is her mother Liam's eyes glittered in happiness. As a plan started to take form in his mind. He called out to his mother.

"Xiao Liam, how was your day?" his mother asks gently, seeing Liam standing there before asking again, seeing him on the phone.

"Hmn? Who are you talking to? Xiao?"

"Oh, mom here. It's Anna, she wanted to talk to you." Liam gives the telephone to his mother telling her that it was Anna and dodging the bullet very closely.

"Hello! Sweetie, how are you? And how are your parents?" Pauline asks in a motherly tone to Anna after taking the phone from Liam.

"I am fine auntie and mom and dad are also good. How have you been? And how is the business going?; Don't take unnecessary stress, your health is more important than anything else auntie." Anna answered knowing that is Mrs Lewis, Liam's mother.

Greeting her teeth at Liam's shrewdness for tricking her into this. Before asking Mrs Lewis about health and whatnot; and advising her not to take the burden and relax.

"Aren't you best sweety. Don't worry I am taking good care of my fitness and I won't die before hitting 100 years of age and before seeing my great-grandchildren. Haha," Mrs Lewis chuckles as she replies to Anna making the other side blush.

"W-What are you saying? Auntie. Of course, you will live a long life and also play with your grandchildren." Anna blushes as she affirmed what auntie was saying although shyly.


"Ok ok, I won't pull your legs more. Tell me is Liam giving you any problems, sweety?" Mrs Lewis stops her joking and asks about Liam and Anna's relationship.

"Aaah, he very much does. I feel like coming there and teaching him a good lesson; he doesn't even know about our plans for today. Here I am waiting for him, and there is Mr Prince charming enjoying his coffee leisurely without any tension and when I asked him did you know what he said. He said 'I am helping my father in the company relieving his burden.' that idiot." Anna glowered and mimicked Liam pouring everything about Liam to Mrs Lewis.

"What? He did? Don't worry sweety, I will teach him a lesson on your behalf." Mrs Lewis console turned to look at Liam.


"Where did he go?"

To be continued...


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