I am Vardy

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Chapter 6: Like an assassin

The whole stadium was silent for three seconds, and then an incredible cry of exclamation sounded as if they saw God coming to earth.

Although Vardy did not celebrate, it did not mean that his teammates wouldn't be excited and not celebrate.

Several teammates screamed from the backcourt like beasts and rushed Vardy to the ground. Even David who was sitting on the bench, came onto the court while waving his jersey and plowed Vardy.

"Asshole, did you know you scored?"

"It's so exciting, I feel like I'm going to explode!"

"Quick, let me see if you have an engine on your lap!"


Teammates pressed on Vardy, and they were so excited that they didn't even know what to yell.

These words didn't have any practical meaning, just emotional vents!

Vardi felt like he was pressed out of breath; he didn't understand how these teammates could be this excited as they didn't even remember his name.

He feels that this amateur warm-up game is not worthy of too much attention. He is a man destined to reach the peak.

The Premier League and the Champions League are his stages.

But what he didn't know was that for his unnamed teammates, such amateur games were their stage of life. They may also hope to play in the top league, but if they return to reality, they still have to play at this amateur club.

Opponents were stronger than them; they were overwhelmed in the first half, and the score was still behind.

Now that Vardy has scored such an explosive goal, how could they not be excited!

"Cough, cough, guys, if you still don't let me get up, I think you will have to ask the boss to leave for my funeral tomorrow!" Vardy said it with difficulty under pressure.

And at this time, the coach of the Stocksbridge team on the sidelines gave a thumbs up to Vardy.

At the same time, he was also very happy in his heart.

It was really his wise move to put Vardy on the court!

Langley also smiled, and in this goal, he saw a lot of things, whether it is Vardy's speed or explosiveness, it must be the top level in the same age group; in dealing with the ball, it is also very reasonable, At the time he can also make the right choice between whether to shoot or break into the goal, indicating that this is not a reckless man.

At least he will not be dazed at the critical moment. In addition, the most important is the technical aspect; although he only sees his kick, there is no doubt.

In such a high-speed sprint, he can still control the ball under his feet, indicating that he has a good foundation.

He really picked up a treasure. He has repeatedly raised the potential value of Vardy in his mind, but now he has suddenly found that he seems to have no way to judge the extent to which Vardy will reach in the future?

Golden Boy Irving?

or the super killer Henry?

Even Ronaldo, who is known as an alien?

Langley didn't know, and also didn't want to know, he had only one thought left in his mind now, and that was to bring Vardy back to the Carrington training base at all costs.

He should belong there!

Opponent players' expression toward Vardy was no longer full of jokes, as this little kid who they thought to be a baby had scored such a wonderful goal, especially that terrible speed.

Everyone felt as if they had been deceived by Vardy's harmless appearance.

The game restarted quickly. After all, it was just a warm-up game, and there was no professional referee.

Even David, a substitute player, rushed onto the court to celebrate and was not warned by a yellow card.

Although they were still leading, the Stocksbridge team's opponents have become cautious.

Obviously, Vardy's goal just made their hearts tremble.

If the Stocksbridge team fights back, I am afraid that it will make these people unable to bear the long-distance attack.

The Stocksbridge team will naturally not miss this opportunity; they have already burst into momentum; they started their counterattack, and with the bonus of the momentum, they started to fight with the opponent in the midfield, and even prevail at some point. Such a scene is definitely rare in this game.

The coach of the Stocksbridge team turned on his roar mode again on the sidelines, telling the players how to play, and even Vardy was asked to rush forward!

Rolling his eyes helplessly. Vardy would like to ask the head coach, do you know a term called offside?

And Langley also sat back on the sidelines. Now that he has set his goal, there is no need to hesitate.

Then he just had to sit down and enjoy the game.

Although the Stocksbridge team has some advantages in the midfield, the opponent's strength is far stronger than the Stocksbridge team, after all, so the Stocksbridge team's offense was having difficulty hitting the opponent's hinterland.

Vardy wanted to retreat to take the ball, but the opponent didn't give him this opportunity at all.

No matter where he goes, there will always be two players in front of or behind him to trap him, even using their bodies to shock him, not letting him take the ball.

"Damn, these guys' muscles are harder than wood. arent they here to play amateur football!" The Vardy could not help but secretly slander while clutching his painful shoulder.

Slowly, the opponent found that the Stocksbridge team seemed unable to play any decent offense, so finally could not help but strengthen their offense in the midfield, and as a result, the Stocksbridge team was beaten back to its original form, as the midfield was again pressed back into their half.

It seemed that the scene was rewound back before Vardy played, and some people couldn't help but think of the eye-stimulating goal just now.

Vardy did not play as aggressively as he did when he entered.

But was silently accumulated energy. trying to make everyone forget himself, just like an assassin, hidden in the dark, unobtrusive, preparing for the crucial moment, when he would appear in front of everyone and would deliver a cold yet fatal blow...

Although Vardy seems to disappear from the field, Langley's eyes appreciate him more.

Presently Vardy reminds him of Inzaghi and Rossi...

In fact, sometimes football is really unreasonable, for example in a game, if a forward is like a sleepwalker, then after the game he will be scolded by everyone;

But in the same situation, although the striker still sleepwalked the whole game, yet if he suddenly came forward and scored a goal when no one could see him, he would become the team's hero.

It's hard to explain, as if you can't boo Inzaghi because he didn't touch the ball for most of the game. After all, you didn't know when he would appear in the most dangerous position and send the ball into the opponent's goal.

In Langley's eyes, Vardy is now hiding and waiting for the moment of the outbreak!