I Am Uchiha With A Son System

He thought he could prevent madara from leaving the village, but even after he manage to save Izuna they still defect from Konoha. So Setsuna (MC) ran away from Konoha after his system was activated. Living with Uzumaki members. He then married wives and after a few years, he return back with his family. How could Sharingan red eyes colour turn into white? Hyuga Clan tried to seal birdcage on my son, they ultimately failed.  My red-haired son has awoken Rinnegan and Mangekyou Sharingan.  Other villages tried to destroy Uzumaki, but Uchiha Setsuna launched his GUNDAM SUSANOO.  Madara and Black Zetsu tried to find nine tails but didn't find them until they were actually sealed inside Uchiha Setsuna. This novel is not chinese fanfic, but inspired by their genre. 

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Chapter 69: Didn't You Recognize Mount Tai?

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"What? Hyuga Miho and several Hyuga clansmen have gone missing?" shouted the Hyuga Patriarch.

"Yes, clan leader," replied the Hyuga guard.

He suddenly remembered the confrontation between him and Setsuna a few days ago.

"Setsuna, return Haruko," warned the Hyuga Patriarch.

"Why should I listen to you?" replied Setsuna with a mocking face.

"I will only say it once, return her or the consequences will be devastating," the Hyuga Patriarch gave a final warning.

"Hahahahahaha, even Senju Hashirama met me and didn't force me to return her. What qualifications do you have to threaten me?" said Setsuna.

'Doesn't he know about the phrase 'crouching tiger, hidden dragon' or Mount Tai? Oh, I forgot, this is Japanese manga, not some Chinese fiction,' thought Setsuna.

Suddenly, a figure attacked from behind. "Baam!" The hand attacking him was held by Setsuna.

"Hahahaha, brat, you are 100 years too early to fight with me," mocked Setsuna. With ease, he used jiu-jitsu to strangle Hiro Hyuga.

How did he learn jiu-jitsu? It was all thanks to Jarvis, who kept all the information about Earth.

"Young Patriarch!" shouted several Hyuga. They didn't want to join the ambush because they knew well how strong Setsuna was. But for the sake of not being targeted by the main family, they needed to act like loyal dogs.

"YOU," said the Hyuga Patriarch. "Attack him!"

About 20 elite Hyuga tried to attack him, but with ease, he evaded, punched, and kicked them.





After a minute, they were all lying on the ground. Setsuna didn't hit their vital parts, only making them unable to attack him. He knew well that these elite Hyuga just wanted to save themselves from the Birdcage Sealing Jutsu.

"How weak. I thought the Byakugan was powerful, but now I feel bored," said Setsuna out loud.

"You," the Patriarch suddenly attacked him. For other Hyuga, he might restrain his attack, but not for this Patriarch. He then used his ultimate move.



The Hyuga Patriarch wailed like a little girl, attracting countless civilians and shinobi. But Setsuna didn't want to let this opportunity escape. He increased the intensity of his beating, and for the final coffin, he cut off the Kintama/Jewel/Made the Hyuga Patriarch a eunuch.

"NOOOO," shouted the Hyuga Patriarch, but it was too late. It had been cut off.

== Time Skip 1 Minute ==

"What happened here?" Several shinobi came and saw the aftermath of the battle.

"Setsuna, why did you beat them?" asked Senju Hashirama with a serious expression.

"Brother, I told you Uchiha is an evil clan," taunted Senju Tobirama.

"Enough, Tobirama," Senju Hashirama gave a warning gaze to Tobirama.

"Hashirama, your brother still hasn't cut off his hatred for the Uchiha," spoke Madara, arriving with several Uchiha clansmen.

"With one look, you can deduce what really happened here," said Izuna. "Didn't the Hyuga force Setsuna to return his wife to the Hyuga clan?"

When Hashirama saw the beaten Hyuga while he was in the village, he was furious. But after seeing it was done by Setsuna, he felt it was related to Haruko Hyuga. Tobirama, on the other hand, just wanted to make people hate the Uchiha like he always did, which is why he immediately blamed Setsuna.

"It is indeed as Izuna said. They wanted to force me to divorce my wife," said Setsuna. "Of course, that was impossible. I already have two children with her. So you can see, they tried to force and beat me into submission, but they were all too weak, especially this man."

Setsuna pointed his finger at the Hyuga Patriarch. "I didn't know he had a hidden talent for wailing like a little girl."

Several Hyuga clansmen's faces changed upon hearing Setsuna's comment. They felt gloating, happiness, and shame because their patriarch was introduced as a little girl.

"It is indeed as I thought," said Senju Hashirama. "Bring the fainted Hyuga to the hospital. Setsuna, follow me to the Hokage building. The rest of you can dismiss."

== Hokage Building ==

There were several people inside the building: Hashirama, Tobirama, Uzumaki Mito, Madara, Izuna, and several others.

Because of the silent atmosphere, Setsuna decided to speak first.

"This is why I decided to bring my wife to Uzushiogakure. Today, the Hyuga forced me to divorce my wife and return her to Konoha. If we stayed in Konoha, this situation might happen every day, and eventually, both clans would go to war."

"You are indeed wise, Setsuna," commented Uzumaki Mito. "At first, when I heard the reason from you, I felt skeptical, but today shows the reality that it is not easy to unite all the clans."

"Why can't we unite?" spoke Hashirama with a sad expression.

"You are too naive, Hashirama. For more than a hundred years, clans have been fighting each other. Do you think it will be easy to unite them? It was because of my Susanoo and your Wood Style flattening most of the clan egos," replied Madara.

"It might not be easy for 10-20 years, but when new babies are born, they will introduce themselves as Konoha shinobi instead of clan shinobi. I see a future where clans don't need to worry about marrying outsiders," said Setsuna. At first, he wanted to force Senju Hashirama to block the Hyuga Patriarch from birdcaging their own members, but then he remembered his promise to Haruko.

Haruko will come to Konoha in 2 to 5 years and take revenge against Hiro Hyuga, so he will let Hiro be happy for now.

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