I am Uchiha Sasuke Uncle

On his way fleeing from Konoha, Uchiha Sasuke encounters a man named Uchiha Kaito. "Call me uncle, oh! Little Sasuke," the man said. Following this uncle, Sasuke witnesses the truths hidden beneath the mist of the ninja world. You can read more chapters ahead of everyone on p@treon. P@TREON - p@treon.com/lessaservantofcosmos (just replace the "@" with "a") Disclaimer : I don't own Naruto or it's characters neither this fanfic. The image used in the cover isn't mine. This is Chinese fanfiction. I'm just translating it. I'm just changing the name and some grammar. I'm trying to make it more understandable. All right reserved to the author 破碎泰迪 (for the fanfic) and Masashi Kishimoto (for Naruto)

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11.Brothers Meet

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Facing Kaito, Kakashi chose not to engage in combat.

Although he couldn't gauge Kaito's strength, the fact that this person dared to appear before him with Sasuke suggested that he was confident in his abilities, making the outcome of any fight uncertain.

Additionally, without the ability to fly, Kakashi found it difficult to detain the two individuals.

Another factor was Sasuke's attitude; it was clear that forcibly taking him back would only lead to further troubles.

After understanding the situation, the three peacefully said their farewells and went their separate ways.

However, after their figures had disappeared, several pure white silhouettes slowly emerged on a nearby large tree.

"Hey, hey, hey, this is bad, that owl carries the aura of a yokai."

"I didn't expect yokai to still exist in this world."

"Hehe, we better quickly inform Black Zetsu about this."

"I wonder what expression Black Zetsu will have when he hears this news."

"Eh? Can that dark thing even have an expression?"

The white figures bickered among themselves for a while before slowly merging back into the trees.

Time passed, and a small paper figure appeared silently among the green leaves at the top of the tree.

The paper figure, lacking facial features but with defined limbs, moved with remarkable agility.

It seemed to survey its surroundings before leaping into the air, then automatically folded itself several times, transforming into a small origami crane. Flapping its tiny wings, it quickly vanished.

Above the territory of the Land of Fields, a giant owl yokai named Gurē was flying at high speed.

On its back, Kaito had just finished inspecting the curse mark left by Orochimaru on Sasuke's neck.

"It's undeniable, Orochimaru is a genius for figuring out a way to use natural energy like this," Kaito remarked, "Unfortunately, it's too rough and even contains fragments of his own soul."

"I'll help you remove this curse mark once we settle down," he added to Sasuke.

Seeing Sasuke frown, seemingly reluctant, he soothed, "Although the curse mark temporarily boosts your strength, it comes with too many risks. Don't worry, you'll find better ways to grow stronger..."

Suddenly, with a slight spatial fluctuation, a small origami crane appeared in front of them.

Kaito extended his hand, and the crane landed on his palm. It then self-ignited without flame, turning into ashes that disappeared with the wind.

"Your identity has been discovered," Kaito chuckled, "It seems they are remnants of humanity assimilated by the so-called Divine Tree in ancient times. Indeed, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki still has some lingering measures in this world."

"Those remnants absorbed by the chakra tree, huh? No need to worry, they can't enter Ōeyama," Gurē said nonchalantly.

"However, they mentioned a name that caught my attention," Kaito frowned slightly. When he heard the name Black Zetsu, he sensed something.

"Have you heard of Black Zetsu before? It feels like these people are up to something big."

"Hmm, I haven't heard of it, but since that's the case, let's hurry back and consult with those old guys."

Seeing Sasuke's curious gaze, Kaito explained, "When I met with Kakashi, I sensed someone was secretly observing us. I left a little creature behind, and as expected, it found something. These remnants of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki ultimately aim to free Kaguya, who is sealed away."

"Since they've taken an interest in us, they might try something soon. But it's perfect; I want to test their true strength," he told Gurē, "Lower our flight altitude later; we wouldn't want to miss them."

"Got it!"

At this moment, deep within the shadowy underground of the Frost Country, Black Zetsu had already received the information provided by the white figure's original form, White Zetsu.

"Hehehe, yokai, huh? It's been a while since yokai have appeared. How nostalgic," White Zetsu chuckled.

"Hmph, just some weak remnants left behind. Those formidable yokai have all been eradicated by Mother," Black Zetsu said ominously, "But since Kaito is mingling with the yokai, he might have learned some secrets not meant for humans. This could affect our plans."

"Since they are heading to the Frost Country, shall we send Obito to kill him?" White Zetsu suggested.

"No, we can't gauge Kaito's strength yet," Black Zetsu rejected the idea, "Those who opposed Mother in the past had peculiar abilities. If Obito is captured by him, we'd be at a disadvantage."

After a moment of thought, he commanded, "It's just as well. Uchiha Itachi and Kisame are currently within the borders of the Frost Country. Leak Sasuke's whereabouts to Itachi; he's bound to go. This way, we can gather more information about Uchiha Kaito."

"No problem, let's set off," White Zetsu agreed, "Heh, such a good brother, Itachi."

Itachi and Kisame were walking slowly across a meadow in the Frost Country.

"Mission accomplished. Let's rest in the town, Mr. Itachi," Kisame, carrying his large sword, lazily suggested.

Itachi nodded silently.

Kisame then asked, "Still worried about your brother, Mr. Itachi?"

"Don't worry. I've already found Sasuke's whereabouts."

An unexpected voice appeared. As these words were spoken, the top half of a Venus flytrap creature suddenly emerged from the ground in front of them.

"Always appearing out of nowhere, quite frightening," Kisame remarked emotionlessly.

He then asked Itachi, "Since we've found him, shall we go see? The sudden appearance of Uchiha Kaito intrigues me too."

Itachi looked at them coldly for a long while before nodding, saying, "That might be good."

After entering the Frost Country, Gurē descended to an altitude visible to those on the ground.

Eventually, the two groups met near the northern sea of the Frost Country.

"That's... Uchiha Itachi!"

Seeing the two figures standing on the ground, Sasuke's voice trembled with excitement as he firmly focused on one of the men.

Itachi also looked up at Sasuke and said, "It's been a while, Sasuke. You're still as weak as ever."

Sasuke immediately activated his Sharingan, his fists clenched and slightly trembling.

"Calm down, Sasuke."

Kaito advised, placing his hand on Sasuke's shoulder.

Having heard about Itachi joining the Akatsuki organization, which has been capturing tailed beasts, Kaito had suspicions. Now, encountering them here was quite unexpected.

"Are the tailed beasts the target? It seems very likely that the Akatsuki organization is working with the remnants of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki," Kaito thought.

With a cold gaze fixed on Itachi, Kaito casually remarked, "Not even a greeting for your uncle, Itachi?"

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