10 What would you do for a bargain?

Ravi chatted with the owner immediately, "Could you sell it for 200 dollars?"

Silence. Ravi looked at his phone for a few seconds before he put it The moment he put it down, the user, 10 grams of sugar, replied, "Isn't 200 dollars too cheap?"

He was still asking. There was a lack of confidence in his words that made Ravi smile, "I think that it is just right. It is a used product, it can not be the same price as the brand new goods." Ravi typed and waited, but there was no reply

He tapped his hands on the table as he waited patiently.

Was he too impatient with the 200 dollars, maybe he should have settled for a 250-dollar bargain. 1 minute. 5 minutes. He bit his lower lip, a little frustrated.

Ding! His phone vibrated.

"I am sorry the person that wants to buy the refrigerator came so I helped him carry it to his trunk."

Ravi wanted to go back to the main topic of the gas grill but by watching those market traders, he had learned that those who spent a little more time chatting with the traders would get a better deal and even some extra vegetables.

"You are moving out?" It would make sense why he was selling essentials in the house.

"Wrong guess. Try again" There was a laughing emoji that made Ravi's brow tick, Lisa loved to send such nonsense to him. Besides, he never said that he wanted to play a guessing game with this person, look at his user name, 10 grams of sugar. What kind of username is that? But he was a little curious, why would someone sell off his property when he was not moving in?

"You got a new refrigerator."

There was a short pause and the other person sent, this time a meme with a signboard of C.

"Passing mark. I am moving in."

So he came to the place with all his belongings but the place was already stocked with appliances. Not willing to throw away his stuff, he could only sell the other appliances and equipment.

"I won. You have a refrigerator. That is an A."

"It is not a new one though?"

It was weird that Ravi could find amusement in that sentence. He rolled his eyes, turning around on the couch, "It is just a one-word difference."

"Okay, I will give you a B for Effort."

Ravi's lips twitched, "B+"

"You are greedy. Which means that 200 dollars can not be the market price."

Ravi sat up. WTF! "I am not. It is. Ask your neighbors."

"I just moved it and all my neighbors are avoiding me."

"Okay. It is the price."

"You are not going to ask me why they are avoiding me?"

Who cares? "I do not like poking my nose in other people's business."

"That is a good habit. Me, I can't help it."

"Can't help what?"

"Poking my nose. Get it."

"I don't get it." Those words were from gritted teeth or thumbs. "When do you think that I should pick the gas grill? Text me your address. Or we can meet in a public area."

Another emoji, this time of someone shivering, "I do not think that you should come here. There's a reason my neighbors are not talking to me. The flat, I am staying in, someone committed suicide here. There are rumors of haunting."

"Why did you move there then?" When he typed it, Ravi only realized that he had been caught in this person's tale and dragged in but his fingers had already pressed send.

"It is cheap. Haunted houses sell for half the price. Plus I am not completely superstitious, as long as you sell all the properties and clean the house from top to bottom, then ask a priest to bless it, all will be fine, right?"

Why was he asking him? Ravi had no problem with Haunted Houses, looking at where he was living. This person's behavior almost made him want to scare him a bit. No, for his gas grill, Riva decided to restrain himself. "Probably. Since the gas grill was used by a dead person, it might be haunted. Can I get it for 100 dollars?"

There was silence and the other party sent a meme of someone who looked so speechless and fainted right after.

"Retired River, do you want my bank account info as well?"

Ravi chuckled, the low laugh echoing in the empty house, "See, my charcoal grill was stolen."

"Stolen. Have you reported it to the police?"

Police. If the incident really happened, how could the police find it? Would they go through all the houses, checking their backyard until they find it? But the average citizen had a deep trust in police officers. "I have. The gas grill is really important for my business. I sell Peppered noodles with grilled fish or chicken and I can't do anything since then. Can I get the gas grill for 100 dollars?"

"Peppered noodles and grilled fish sound so good together. Okay, If I sell it for you, you owe me three plates of peppered noodles and grilled fish, I would come over to your store to eat it, Is that a deal?"

Ravi smirked, there was no way they would meet again after the trade. If he tells the other to come to Harlan, he is sure that this ten grams of sugar would faint from fear. He chuckled, if other Sentinels could see him now, lying and deceiving innocents, maybe they too would faint, the thought made the curve of his lips move even higher.

"3 plates of peppered noodles and grilled fish and 100 dollars for a gas grill. Deal. Where should we meet and when?"

"I am still moving my things and I am a little tired. How about Monday, after work, say 4;30 pm, is that still good for you?"

Good for him. It was perfect, he was getting a gas grill for a hundred bucks. What could go wrong?

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