3 A prayer in the morning saves nine

No way.

Ravi had a plan. Well, he had several plans but none of them included him getting his face all over social media and he had no doubt that he would go viral. His face was at times a good luck charm and at times, a bane. When he was much weaker, he had suffered so much because of his face. So much so that he began to change his face, change his height, change his build, he changed everything about himself that he actually forgot what he initially looked like.

Luxor. It had reminded him who he had been initially. Luxor had changed everything. 

"Please, Ravi. I would gain thousands of followers if you joined me for just one dance. In front of the Bureau." She thought about it for a few seconds, "I will pay you." She took out some 20 dollar bills from her purse and she placed them on the table, "100 dollars for five minutes."

Ravi stretched his hand as if to take the money and Lisa hurriedly took it back. He looked at her sheepish look.

"I will pay you after the dance."

She wouldn't. Lisa's mother had been caught in a villain's raid at the bank and she was heavily injured. Lisa was still paying off the medical debt, that was the reason that she became an influencer, she hoped for extra income by the side.

"She won't. That's what she said to me last week." Draco complained as he came in with his hand filled with papers, "I am not going back there, Sergeant. She asked me what cases we have that we finished the papers that she gave us last month?" Draco rolled his eyes and Sarah laughed.

"She is mocking our team. Don't worry, we are getting a new Captain. We would show everyone." Tom's encouragement would have been better if he had not arranging a game of cards that he would play with everyone except Ravi.

Lisa sighed, knowing that she would not be able to convince Ravi so she shuffled herself in the booth next to his. After setting up her workstation, she passed Riva a plate.

Riva looked at her, not attempting to touch it, "What is that for?"

Lisa was speechless, "The strawberries you brought. You brought the strawberries, right? I called you to remind you."

His strawberry bush had produced red, mouth-watering strawberries this year, lots of strawberries but Ravi was not a generous person. He was stingy, it was a trait that the years as a Sentinel had forced him to shed but his return to Earth seemed to be like putting on a comfortable, familiar cloth. Even if this Earth is different, and has superpowers, heroes, villains, and nests.

"I did not bring any. If you follow me back, I will let you fill your plate."

Lisa's face instantly went pale. She had grown up in Davenport, Harlan was a forbidden place to her.

"Give up! I wanted to take a piece of chicken from his plate last week and he almost stared me to death." Draco said, from where he reclined on his seat, a game console in his hand.

"He has not yet given me the wine that he promised to give me," Tom mentioned, trying to use public pressure on Ravi.

"I never made such a promise." Ravi said calmly and stood up, "Crosscheck and file in." He submitted the file to Sarah who would upload it into the Bureau data files.

"What about the file on the man who was drunk driving yesterday? He claimed that his wife was in the hospital and needed his blood?" Draco asked.

"It is not my file," Ravi said and he went back.

"Lisa, it is your file," Tom said and Lisa sighed out loud.

"I have a load of work. Draco you do not have any work, Please write a report for me. I will owe you one." Lisa placed the two of her hands together and bowed her head.

"You already owe me three. I did three reports for you just this week, Ask Ravi."

Just one look from Ravi was enough for Lisa to swallow her budding question and bend her head focusing on the files in front of her. She looked like a depressed rabbit, long ears falling down in a sad picture.

But Lisa was not the kind that would be sad for long. In about an hour. She had already gone to four offices and was already back with gossip from all of them.

"He is here! He is here! He is speaking with the Chief. I saw his back. He is tall, so fucking tall." Lisa ran back to the entrance, raising her hand to show how tall he was.

Ravi looked at her and then at the man in front of him, "Mr Clark. Please do not waste my time. You said that your neighbor attacked you and now you claim that it was your neighbor's brother. Do you need to check your brain before you come back and give a statement?"

Ravi did not hide how irritable he was and the man coughed, "It was his brother they look alike so I could not tell in the beginning, but now, I am sure it is his brother, Dave. Dave was the one to hit me."

"Okay." Ravi typed it down, "Anything else?"

"When will you come to arrest him?" The man asked, his excitement was evident.

"The moment you leave, we will dispatch the entire police force to hunt him down."

There was a snicker and Ravi turned to Tom who looked like he was trying very hard to fight his laughter. 

The man did not hear the sarcasm and nodded, "That would teach him, alright police officer, I will be off." He said, standing up and leaving.

"I will not send you off then."

"You are really coming to arrest him, right."

"Goodbye, Mr Sanders. What!" His irritability always came quickly and it lingered, he turned his sharp eyes at the Sergeant who kept on snickering.

Tom Smith chuckled, "I was just thinking that you would not be able to work in customer service."

Ravi wanted to say something in return, probably about how Tom could not work in customer service due to his drinking problem but before he could speak, the pot-bellied middle-aged Police Chief walked in, he was accompanied by a tall man in a dark blue police uniform, his golden hair cascaded down in waves and his blue eyes surveyed the room with a friendly smile which disappeared when it rested on hazel eyes.


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