9 Chapter 8: spoiler-free generic title

A few months have passed since the explosion of the nuclear bombs

Once the initial shock has passed, we worry about our reserves of food and drinking water.

The reserve we had on the ship will last a few more months, but it is never too late to prepare

Using my knowledge, I created some plans for a water purifier, I only need the parts

As for food, I don't think we should worry about that.

I am practically the perfect hunter, with my knowledge of hunting and survival plus my spells (invisibility, soundproofing, air control, very weak, it only serves to hide my smell), creation of bows and crossbows

There is no animal or creature that can detect me before I attack it, my low level spells only work when I am relaxed and moving very slowly, they are practically useless for combat, but perfect for hiding and hunting

Along with our ice powers that can preserve our food for weeks or months

We literally wouldn't have to worry about dying of hunger or thirst

But the parts for the watermaker were still missing

So we went back to the mainland a week after the explosions.

to make sure it was safe

Since then we have been visiting city after city following the intuition of the crown united with Simon and collecting pieces that serve me

I'm more than halfway through and I'm just missing a key piece for my baby to work

During this time we have been drinking our stored water before going out to sea, but we are running out and need to finish my machine quickly.

As we enter the city that the crown led us to, I use my haki to scan my surroundings for any enemies or survivors who might want to ambush us.

They have already ambushed us in the cities we visited (it did not end well for them), obviously they did not achieve anything

we are incredibly powerful compared to ordinary humans

So we keep looking for pieces while keeping haki on

But a few moments later an unknown entity entered my detection range, it feels like a human but not quite, it doesn't seem to be hiding and radiates emotions of loneliness and sadness

"Hey dad, there's someone up ahead, he doesn't seem to be hostile from what I feel, but you have to be careful, he doesn't feel entirely human"

"I see, well done son, stay behind me", Simon went ahead of me and put the crown that was on his waist on his head

No matter how strong I am, for Simon I will always be his baby haha

We slowly approach the unknown presence until we can finally see it clearly

She was a little girl, quite adorable

With pale slightly bluish skin, short black hair and pointed ears

She was wearing a blue overalls over a red shirt and little red shoes over striped stockings.

The girl was crying alone in the middle of the road, a very sad sight for the soul

I recognized her instantly, she was Marceline

Simon and I quickly closed in on Marceline, perhaps we were the only living human beings he had seen in a long time.

But still she couldn't stop crying (she's a 5 year old, what are you waiting for?)

Simon was looking around her for something to calm the girl down and then he saw it, a teddy bear in a destroyed toy store.

Simon took the teddy bear and handed it to the girl, who instantly calmed down thanks to the gift, calmer now she looked at me and Simon strangely, surely because of our appearances

Simon was wearing his usual suit, but with a large backpack that contained our supplies, his blue goggles, his nose was longer and his skin was bluer.

I was wearing a black hoodie, a backpack where I carry my plans and a glock that I took from a police station, white shorts and boots for a boy, a strange outfit I guess, with my white hair, pale skin and green eyes

Simon, still worried about the girl, began to ask her questions.

"Are you okay girl? Are you hurt? Where are your parents?"

The questions confused the girl for a few seconds but she answered quite quickly, she seems to have an innocent personality

"I'm fine, I'm not hurt and my parents...."

She seemed discouraged at the last question, well knowing her history it would be strange if she didn't get discouraged

So I decided to intervene

"Dad, I don't think this is the time to ask questions, we have to find the last piece and then get to safety"

"It's true, you're right, it's dangerous to be outside, why don't you follow us girl? Let's give you something to eat and then we can talk"

"Okay, thanks for the bear, sir...?"

"Ah, how could I forget to introduce ourselves, my name is Simon petrikov and this is my snowflake, my son Blanche Petrikov"

"Dad! Now is not the time" I couldn't help but blush a little

It seems that our interaction amused Marceline

"Haha you guys are funny, my name is Marceline, Marceline Abadeer"

"Abadeer?" The name seemed to surprise Simon, although it is normal, there is a record of Hunson Abadeer in the Enchiridion and how to make a portal to the Nightosphere

With our introductions over, we headed out of town to the edge of a forest.

Where Simon and I built a little camp

Once we made ourselves comfortable in the camp around the campfire that I put together with my knowledge of survival and a small fire spell, I had no need to hide anything in this world, besides she was half demon

The spell seemed to surprise Marceline so much that she stared at me for a long time before asking me something.

"Are you a kind of magician like the ones at parties? I saw one once but he wasn't that good, his rabbit died in her hat"

Her little story got a few laughs out of me and Simon.

"Haha, no I'm not a party magician, I'm a real one with many different spells and powers, do you want to see one?"

"Really? Yes, please"

I proceeded to create a replica made out of ice of Hambo Marceline's teddy bear that began to dance and jump around the place before disappearing in snowflakes

"Wooow, that was amazing and what else can you do? I have a power too...but it's not very pretty"

That last seemed to discourage her a bit, then Simon who was observing everything to one side of her spoke

"You know Marcy, I also have a power, very similar to Blanche's, but whenever I use it... let's just say it's not pretty either, but it's not what your power looks like or what your power does that defines it Marcy, it's so that you use it, what defines it" (I'm a poet, I know)

This advice seemed to make Marceline happy again.

"I see…thanks Simon, so you want to see it?" she asked very innocently

"Haha sure, of course Marcy, how bad can it be?"

"You can show your power whenever you want Marceline, there is no need to rush" I knew what she could do

I didn't want (or did) Simon to get scared before I could explain to him that he would do marceline

"Okay guys, here I come"

As Simon watched confidently, he sure believed that nothing a little girl could do could be very scary.

Marceline picked up an insect from the ground and put it in front of her face

Simon looked confused and then pale as he watched what Marceline did.

Marcy opened her mouth to an unnatural size, strange fangs appeared all over her mouth and her eyes turned red on a black background as he began to suck in the air in front of her.

We both witnessed how a strange smoke came out of the body of the insect, surely its soul, and was sucked by Marceline, finally the inert body of the insect fell to the ground and Marceline whose appearance returned to that of an innocent and adorable girl, she asked us

"And....what did you think?"

Simon was in a cold sweat standing still in his place, an image that put a smile on my face.

"Marceline was incredible, a great power without a doubt, you looked very cool, not at all scary, right dad?" I turned to pale Simon and winked at him.

"I, oh yes, I've seen much scarier things in my cereal boxes, you actually looked very cool Marcy" Simon stammered a bit at his lie but in the end managed to come up with an answer

"Wow really? I thought it was scary, I even thought my mom was scared of me"

Marceline seemed very happy, I guess she was worth it

After laughing for a while by the campfire, we noticed that the sky was darkening and that it was time to rest, tomorrow we can talk better with Marceline

And keep looking for that missing piece

While Simon was putting out the fire I took Marceline to one of the two camping tents we had, one for me and one for Simon.

but now that marceline is here i guess me and simon will have to share

"Hey marceline, this will be your tent from today, me and Simon will sleep in the other and we will be close in case you need us, rest well"

Saying goodbye to Marceline I was about to leave the tent, she must be very tired and I need to talk to Simon about Hunson Abadeer

"Hey blanche I... I'm a little scared, can you stay with me until I fall asleep? It will be just this once, I promise"

Stopping at the exit, I turn to look at Marceline, a 5-year-old girl who lost everything she loved and was left alone in this world.

She is not like me, I have Simon and I am a reincarnated with different abilities, she is just a lonely girl, who is very scared by the world around her

"Of course if Marcy, whenever you need it, I'll be by your side no matter what" uses his nickname for the first time

My positive response brought a smile to her face and she snuggled under the covers on the floor waiting for her to seat me next to her.

Sitting next to him we watched together as the sun went down and the sky darkened through the opening of the tent.

"Hey Blanche, can you sing me a song to sleep? My mom always did"

"Of course, Marcy, what song did your mother use? If you show it to me I can sing it for you whenever you want"

I already knew what song she was talking about, I cried many times listening to it after all, but it would be strange to know it without her showing it to me

Marceline rested her head on my lap and she began to sing Slowly

(highly recommended to look it up and listen to it)

"Everything Stays"

(from "Adventure Time")

Let's go in the garden

You'll find something waiting

Right there where you left it

lying upside down

When you finally find it

You'll see how it's faded

The underside is lighter

When you turn it around

Everything stays

Right where you left it

Everything stays

But it still changes

ever so slightly

daily and nightly

in little ways

When everything stays

Go down to the ocean

The crystal tide is rising

Water's gotten higher

As the shore washes out

Keep your eyes wide open

Even when the sun is blazing

The moon controls the tide

It could cause you to drown

Everything stays

Right where you left it

Everything stays

But it still changes

ever so slightly

daily and nightly

in little ways

When everything stays

Once she finished singing she fell asleep with her head in my lap, but I continued to sing softly until I slowly lost consciousness and fell asleep with her by my side.

Simon, who arrived a few minutes later to see why Blanche did not go to sleep in the store, found this image in the store

A soft smile spread across his face, now he knows that if one day he can't be with them, they will still have each other.

His smile turned into a mischievous one as he took out a camera from his pocket and took several photos which he would later show his son to embarrass him haha.

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