34 Chapter 29: islands

In one of the 4 islands forgotten by the old civilization there is an immense ecosystem full of enormous trees and wild animals, only predators that were in their most primitive state, true beasts that were governed by the law of the strongest and did not hesitate to end the life of any potential threat

Bears, wolves, crocodiles, sharks and many more predators inhabited this island and reigned at the top of the food chain. Each animal that inhabited this island was its most dangerous version. Since there were no herbivores or smaller animals, every day was a bloody fight. among beasts

-2025, 3 years since the arrival of humans-

The sun was already at its highest point illuminating everything and in the deepest part of a forest full of large predators and giant trees two creatures were moving quickly zigzagging between the trees at full speed, the creature that was in the lead and that seemed fleeing was a large brown wolf with long, dirty fur partially covered in blood.

The wolf covered in what seemed to be his own blood flowing from what appeared to be arrow wounds was trying to lose his pursuer with all his might but his speed was constantly reducing due to the bleeding and accumulated fatigue.

It seems that his pursuer noticed that the wolf could no longer continue running for long so he slowly slowed down and slowly followed the trails of blood left by the wolf on the ground until he reached a small natural cave where the blood ended.

The pursuer walked slowly into the cave in search of his prey with his bow already ready to shoot, until he finally saw it, a huge wolf was waiting at the end of the cave.

The wolf growled at him with the little strength he had left, trying to look threatening but it had no effect on the hunter, the only thing that separated them was a ray of light that came through an opening in the ceiling of the cave.

The prey and the hunter stared at each other for a few seconds in silence.

until the hunter decided to take the first step towards the light, revealing his appearance

It was a small teenage girl dressed in clearly worn light blue pants and shirt, with her feet protected by a pair of sturdy brown boots, but the most striking thing was that white rabbit hat that was attached to a small white cape to protect her shoulders. and let a few strands of her brown hair fall across her face.

The girl pointed her already drawn bow at the wolf to finish the job.

"end of the game"

Her high-pitched and still somewhat childish voice resonated in the cave, causing the awakening of a pair of wild eyes that were previously hidden by the darkness, but the girl was unaware of the pair of eyes that were watching her.

She relaxed her grip on the arrow and it shot out of the bow landing directly in the animal's heart.

With one last miserable moan the wolf fell inert on the ground, he had no strength left to fight and the blood was escaping from his body at high speed.

"Yes! *giggles* they will be so surprised when I come back carrying this, also that phrase sounded incredible, I need to use it more often"

Already certain that she had triumphed, she carelessly approached the fallen wolf and took out a dagger that emitted a vague light in the darkness. Although the wolf would die in a short time, it was better to end the suffering quickly.

The girl knelt on one knee before the fallen wolf and brought the shiny, sharp dagger to the wolf who was looking at her with his cloudy eyes, but the girl ended the wolf's life without a second's hesitation (a girl who was born at the beginning of the apocalypse)

While the girl was taking care of the wolf, she remained ignorant of the enormous silhouette that stood up in silence and walked slowly towards her, both separated by the ray of light that entered through the opening in the ceiling of the cave.

The enormous silhouette continued walking towards the girl whose back was turned and finally its appearance was revealed under the light, it was a huge black bear 5 meters high, with messy and dirty fur covered with traces of blood from its previous preys, it was the biggest bear in this forest, the king of this forest

And the unfortunate girl chased a wolf directly to his house, although perhaps it was not bad luck, perhaps the wolf knowing that he was going to die set this trap for her at the cost of his life.

The girl had underestimated the cunning of her prey and now she was going to pay with her life.

2 measly meters was the only thing that separated the girl from the huge bear. When she noticed the enormous shadow approaching behind her, it was already too late. Her eyes opened and her breath caught in fear when the bear finally attacked. emitting a roar that made the entire cave shake

deafening and paralyzing the girl

The bear stood on his two hind legs and prepared his claws to end the life of the paralyzed hunter with a single blow.

The girl, paralyzed by fear, did not hear the hissing sound of something sharp traveling at high speed through the cave and only closed her eyes waiting to feel the pain of her flesh being torn.

But all she felt was the sensation of warm blood splashing across her face and the huge body of the bear falling limp next to her.

He opened his eyes in surprise only to see the enormous head of the bear with its eyes still open rolling at his feet and a beautifully crafted single-edged ax stuck deep into the solid rock wall of the cave (leviathan ax from God of War, just the design, not the powers)

The ax gave off a light icy breeze that was noticeable to the naked eye, as if it had been recently taken out of a freezer.

She knew who that ax belonged to.

"Oh shi-"

"language, girl"

After a young man's voice echoed through the cave, the ax flew out of the wall as if it had a mind of its own toward the cave's exit and finally landed firmly in an outstretched pale hand that seemed to be awaiting its arrival.

A young man who looked to be in his twenties caught the axe, he had skin as pale as paper and hair white as snow, dressed in a white shirt, a dress vest, black pants and boots.

His expression was hidden by his circular blue glasses also hiding the color of his eyes.

the vampire hunter, hero of the mushroom war and current King of the vampires

Blanche Petrikov

The young man waited outside the cave in silence.

Finally the girl covered in bear blood came out of the cave with her head down, not wanting to look him in the eyes.

"You look like a tomato, I told you you weren't ready Chemy"


"No buts, girl, let's go, you're grounded"

His tone, although calm, left no room for any discussion.

*sigh* "fine"

If it weren't for the fact that the young girl was covered in blood, this would seem like a typical father-daughter scene.

They both walked away and entered the forest, walking all the way to the village that has been under construction for 3 years.

-founders' village-

The duo arrived at the entrance of a proper village when the sun was already approaching the horizon, dyeing the entire sky an orange tone. There were many houses, food or trinket stalls and several buildings such as pharmacies, gun shops, butcher shops, etc., occupying a large space on this island, the whole place was full of life and humans working hard to rebuild what they lost in the past

People busy with their tasks on foot or in wooden carts and horses passed through the streets that were formed in the construction, it seemed like an old west city, only with happier, cleaner, more civilized people and plenty of vegetation adorning the entire place.

but everyone no matter how busy they were took a moment to greet or nod to the white haired man, he tried to return the greeting but there were too many of them.

He accelerated his pace towards the center of the city to one of the neighborhoods that were built shortly after the arrival of humans.

The neighborhood, which consisted of many similar houses built next to each other, was where the most important people on the islands lived, the founders or leaders, human experts in various professions, soldiers, doctors, teachers, etc.

Blanche entered the neighborhood returning the greetings of the residents who were the closest humans to him, it seems that none of them were surprised to see him carrying a young woman in a bad mood, as if they were already used to it.

He finally ended up taking Chemy to a two-floors house that was different from all the others, it seemed much more luxurious and was separated from all the others, not too much but enough to be noticed.

Opening the front door of the house revealed an interior with a warm temperature and a homely atmosphere, the first floor consisted of a small living room with a fireplace with armchairs, a kitchen and a dining room for 3 people, going up to the second floor there were 3 bedrooms. and a small bathroom

One of the doors had Chemy's name stuck on it, it was obviously Chemy's room, the next one had the letters B and M scratched into the wood and the last room was full of a variety of things that were collected throughout the years by the owners of the house

Blanche walked in and headed directly to the living room with the fireplace, knowing that his partner was there almost all the time.

There she was sleeping on the couch snoring and drooling a little, a beautiful woman in her twenties with waist-length black hair and gray skin, dressed in black jeans, a white shirt, and a dark hoodie.

Marceline the Vampire Queen

The noise of the door woke up a sleepy Marceline who fixed her gaze on Blanche and Chemy covered in blood.

"Ohh, great, you brought the snack, come here little one"

Still half asleep, Marcy floated towards Chemy and sucked with her fangs all the red of the blood that covered her, dyeing the now expressionless Chemy a dull gray.

*yawn* "thanks for the food, now you stink, go take a bath girl"

Marceline, already satisfied, floated back to the sofa and lazily lay down.

*inhale* *exhale* "you know what, I'm going to my room to stay punished"

Chemy took a deep breath and walked away, exasperated, towards the second floor.

"Wow, what happened this time? Did she set part of the forest on fire again? If so, I'm kind of proud."

Blanche took the ax and hung it on the wall next to the fireplace before sitting next to Marceline on the couch, she took the opportunity to rest her head on his lap.

"No, it's not that, today she was almost eaten by a "little" bear while she was secretly hunting again, I know she wants to test herself and show that she is ready to face the dangers that come with being a protector of the islands."

"But she's not ready yet."

"ahh come on Blanchie, we faced worse things much younger than her and we came out fine, you have to give her the chance, I know she can't freeze things or regenerate her head if they cut it off, but trust me, she will be fine"

*sigh* "I know, you're right, but I can't help but worry, I guess it's time to get serious about the training, she might secretly try again anyway, I better make sure she does it right."

*kiss* Marceline kissed him on the cheek

"I knew you would listen to me, now go get dinner, I'm still hungry."

-later that night-

The three members of the house were sitting at the table eating dinner in silence, the dinner consisted of two plates full of blood for Blanche and Marceline with two glasses also full of blood and a plate of bear stew with vegetables for Chemy along with a glass of juice

Marceline as usual sucked only the color of the food, but Blanche had to drink the animal blood directly, it seems that Marceline can choose to eat only the color red because of the demon part of her, but Blanche did not have that luck.

Blanche looked from her to Chemy who was playing with her stew with his head down and let out a short sigh knowing that he was going to be busy for the next period of time.

"chemy, you better finish that stew."

Chemy looked at him but did not start eating and spoke in a sharp tone.

"I'm not hungry"

"Well, if that's what you want, then I guess you'll go hunting tomorrow on an empty stomach, give me your plate."

Blanche reached for the plate of stew but was stopped by an excited Chemy who held her plate closer to her body.

"Seriously!? We're going hunting!? You're finally going to train me to be a protector!?"

This time it was Marceline's turn to speak.

"That's right, so swallow that stew and go to bed, you can thank me later."

"Yes ma'am!"

Chemy buried her face in her plate like a wild animal devouring her stew in a few seconds and got up from the table to run towards her room excitedly.

"I'll see you tomorrow! bye" *door slam*

*sigh* "this is going to be a problem"

"Oh don't be a crybaby, let's go to sleep"

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PS: this episode is not very long but it serves as an introduction to the setting of this part of the story and the plot has not completely begun yet.

but in the following episodes I will answer several questions that remained from the end of the first season, what powers did Blanche get, why did he not cover herself from the sun in the forest or why there are so many humans and how the construction of the village began, thank you for reading and wait for updates

Chemy is 17 years old

Blanche is 23 years old

Marceline 22 years old