525 Transition

Upon Tsareena's entrance, it immediately closed the distance to Ninetales at a rapid pace. Ninetales remained still, watching Tsareena's swift movements with a cold gaze.

As Tsareena drew closer to Ninetales, Flamethrower were unleashed towards Tsareena under Ninetales' control.

The quality of this particular Tsareena was indeed exceptional. With its exceptional speed and those long legs, brimming with incredible springiness, it easily evaded the fiery onslaught.

It's important to note that this Ninetales' attack speed was not slow, and its rate of fire was high, with one Flamethrower following another.

Given the substantial power difference, the fact that Tsareena could calmly evade Ninetales' attacks was quite remarkable.

Observing Tsareena effortlessly dodging so many of her attacks, Ninetales snorted in dissatisfaction. It vigorously swept all nine of its tails, causing a Heat Wave to fill the area.

Heat Wave was an area-of-effect attack, unlike the concentrated Flamethrower. Even with Tsareena's incredible speed, she couldn't avoid such an attack.

Caught in the fiery gusts produced by the Heat Wave, Tsareena was forced to halt her steps and knelt on the ground in pain.

Seeing Tsareena in distress, this Ninetales raised its head in satisfaction. With its proud gaze, its imposing demeanor, and its flawless white fur, it exuded an air of beauty.

Clearly, this Ninetales possessed a highly arrogant disposition. However, its strength undeniably justified that arrogance.

Observing Ninetales' expression, which conveyed disdain for Tsareena, Sora could only shake his head in resignation. Evidently, he was well aware of his Ninetales' temperamental nature.

Nevertheless, despite its arrogance, this Ninetales took battles seriously. It belonged to the category of Pokémon that despised opponents tactically but took their personalities into account strategically.

After Tsareena was hit by the Heat Wave, Ninetales promptly directed another Flamethrower toward her.

Tsareena gracefully leaped to the side, avoiding Ninetales' Flamethrower, and then launched a long-range magical leaf attack at Ninetales.

Forced by Ninetales' fiery breath not to approach closely, Tsareena had no choice but to employ a special attack it wasn't particularly skilled in to deal with Ninetales.

However, this less intense magical leaf attack wouldn't cause significant damage to Ninetales. It simply caused Ninetales to lift its nine tailed like fans and use its Steel-type move, Iron Tail, to swat away all the magical leaves that came its way.

Seeing Tsareena struggling on the field, frustration built up between Christine's eyebrows like a small mountain.

"Tsareena, Leaf Storm!"

Upon Christine's command, Tsareena raised her hands, and countless green leaves gathered around her, quickly forming into a swirling tornado of foliage.

Under Tsareena's control, the Leaf Storm rushed aggressively towards Ninetales.

As a Grass-type move, even though Tsareena's special attack power wasn't exceptionally high, using this move still inflicted substantial damage.

However, after using it, due to the side effects of Leaf Storm, Tsareena, whose special attack wasn't strong to begin with, would now face even more worse.

"Ninetales, Fire Blast!" Sora promptly ordered Ninetales to counter the strong gusts from Tsareena's magical leaf attack with a powerful Fire Blast.

When the flames collided with the green leaves, numerous charred leaf fragments scattered across the battlefield, accompanied by black ashes drifting down from the sky.

When all the green leaves had fallen to the ground, Ninetales was astonished to find that Tsareena had disappeared into the distance.

"Ninetales, behind you!" Sora shouted loudly behind Ninetales.

Ninetales quickly turned around but it was already too late. All it saw was Tsareena's long, slender leg.

Unbeknownst to Ninetales, Tsareena had silently approached its rear during the chaos caused by the magical leaf attack, as Ninetales had been completely focused on the swirling leaves.

Tsareena's long leg delivered a Trop Kick to Ninetales' chin, sending Ninetales tumbling and rolling. Its pristine white fur was now covered in the black ash left behind by the scorched leaves.

Due to the chin hit, Ninetales' throat was damaged, causing it to emit a wheezing, snoring sound of discomfort.

Tsareena's Trop Kick was their signature move. Despite being an intermediate skill, due to the perfect synergy with their species, Trop Kick could unleash extraordinary power when used by Tsareena.

Ninetales, rising from the ground, shook off the dust on its body. It was filled with anger. Ninetales detested getting its pristine white fur dirty; it was a source of pride.

Ninetales opened its mouth and launched a beam of light into the sky, using the weather skill Sunny Day. At this time, the sunny weather caused by its ability Drought had already dissipated.

After using Sunny Day, Ninetales vigorously swayed its Ninetales. Streams of flames surged from its body, forming waves of scorching heat that swept towards Tsareena not far away.

The fury within Ninetales allowed it to seamlessly transition between Sunny Day and Heat Wave without pause. Tsareena had no chance to react and was submerged in an endless sea of heatwaves.

Once the heatwaves receded, Tsareena lay on the ground, completely red from the intense heat. Ninetales, too, was breathing heavily. The surging heatwaves had consumed a significant amount of its energy.

Seeing the heavily injured Tsareena, Christine couldn't help but feel pity as she recalled it.

Observing Ninetales on the battlefield, Christine contemplated silently and then quietly took out a special Poké Ball she had never showcased before.

It was a Luxury Ball.

As a flash of red light burst forth, a green, humanoid Pokémon appeared on the battlefield.

It was a Cacturne.

Upon the arrival of Cacturne, whether it was Yuga or the judges in the referee's box, they all widened their eyes.

Yuga possessed a Insight ability, and the six judges were all seasoned individuals. They instantly recognized that this Cacturne was a pseudo-Elite level Pokémon.



Type: Grass/Dark

Ability: Sand Veil

Gender: Male

Potential: Blue

Level: 63

Moves: Poison Sting, Growth, Leech Seed, Needle Arm, Ingrain, Sucker Punch, Pin Missile, Energy Ball, Sandstorm, Spiky Shield, Brick Break, Dark Pulse, Drain Punch.


Pokémon had much stronger perception abilities than humans. The mere presence of Cacturne exerted immense pressure on Ninetales. Despite its face being covered in dust but still maintaining its prideful expression, Ninetales displayed a sense of solemnity.

Under this enormous pressure, Ninetales decided to take the initiative. It unleashed a powerful Fire Blast aimed at Cacturne.

Facing such a fierce attack, Cacturne casually flung a Dark Pulse, effortlessly shattering the incoming fire.

Cacturne was the kind of Pokémon with strong physical and special attack capabilities. Therefore, when confronted with Ninetales' ranged assault, it remained undaunted. It wouldn't find itself in the awkward situation that Abomasnow and Tsareena faced.

The Pokémon at the pseudo-Elite level are no longer on the same level as the ordinary Pokémon. Even if the Shiny Ninetales is very good, he can only bow his head obediently when facing Cacturne at the pseudo-Elite level.

Pokémon have varying degrees of racial advantages and disadvantages, but once they reach the Elite level, their life levels undergo evolution, and this kind of racial advantages or disadvantages is to some extent greatly diminished.

And the pseudo-Elite level represents the transition before this life level evolution, symbolizing that they are about to become powerful beings in another life level.

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